Monday, December 11, 2006


Green Hair Week Flashback

We'd meant to post this picture during the week, but it turned into a crazy week over here, so here you go. A little bit late, but every bit as funny.

Even though Mitchell is much better looking than this kid (and older, too), The Tour Manager and I thought it fit.

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I know that poster :). There's also a book by Peter Dickison about Celts with green skin. And in my mind Kermit the Frog sings "It's not easy being green." (sorry, summer just melted my brain)
Yeah, it looked familiar to me, too, but I can't place it, exactly.

And sadly, the Tour Manager already sang Kermie. However, it's a song I love, so sing louder! (drown him out! Please!)
Lol! :) Yeah, it is a cool little image.
That looks like algae on that child's head. LOL Maybe that's Mitchell as a young boy. Hmmmm.... *G*
WHAT??? You mean he was originally a green-head and that gorgeous Nordic blonde color he's got is really a totally masterful DYE JOB????
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