Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I got tagged!

That evil Scooper, with whom I haven't even exchanged links yet (hint!) tagged me for a meme. I'm honored -- and I'm going to obey. (usually, I look at who people are tagging and think, "Oh, you mean that other Susan. Why on earth would you mean ME?")

So... here we go:
Four Jobs That I've had
1. Record store employee
2. Stage crew
3. college radio DJ (and everything associated with being a department head)
4. freelance copy editor

(methinks I see a theme...)

Four Favorite Foods
1. Chocolate
2. lobster
3. brownies
4. chocolate chip cookies

(methinks I still see a theme in this meme...)

Four Movies I can Watch Over and Over
1. Slapshot
2. This is Spinal Tap
3. Heavy Metal (one day, I'll figure out what the hell is happening)
4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

(nope, no theme this time. Anyone know how long it took me to think of four movies, let alone four I like???? HUH????)

Four Favorite TV shows
(I had to change the title because the way it WAS worded reminded me of ... oh, nevermind. Someone I don't particularly like)

1. Dog the Bounty Hunter
2. Metalocalypse
3. The Amazing Race
4. Farscape (you never said it had to still be running!)

Four Places I've travelled
1. Mars
2. Moon

Oh, wait. You mean like overnight and stuff. Well.

1. San Francisco
2. Yellowstone
3. San Rafael
4. San Jose

(yep. Theme. I did that on purpose 'cause they were cool trips)

Four Websites I go to daily
1. My own blog
2. My stat counter page
3. Rashenbo's joint
4. Karen!'s joint

Four people I'm now torturing uhh... tagging
1. Rashenbo
2. Karen!
3. ls
4. Janet

Now, let's see if any of them will behave...

See you later for this week's Thursday Thirteen...

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I guess I should consider myself lucky :)

and don't get some weird inspiration (like that could happen - to not get)
Heheheh, here I was expecting an early sneak peek at the TT :) I'm definitely going to use this for tomorrow's content! But not tonight. I'm high on Nyquil right now!!!! WOOOOO that's some potent stuff. :D Yeah... I could totally see myself doing this meme in persona of one of my characters... or maybe a new one. Maybe I should answer it as if I was a little green martian! :D
Rash, THIS is why I don't touch Nyquil... I'm scary enough without it...

And where IS Thursday Thirteen anyway, huh?? Comments aren't open yet!
And where IS Thursday Thirteen??

Well I deeply believe THAT has something with me! My friend Murphy just playing one of his laws again...
A good job on the meme. I like spinal tap too.
How can anyone NOT like Spinal Tap?
aw, shucks! you visit me every day... *blush*

I'll see if I can handle the meme after I finish recovering from the holidays ;)
Good job with the meme. I had to do it and you have to admit that it feels good to ambush people with it.
Yeah, the ambushing people is fun. But does the world want to know about me? I thought this was all about my fiction! *grin*
I'm posting my stuff here in your comments, cause I already posted it (plus more!) in my blog (

Four jobs I've had in my life: A dog & cat groomer, cashier at an AF base commissary, secretary to a 3-star general, helper in a bagel shop

Four of my favorite foods: Macaroni & cheese, fresh salad with lots of ingredients, pizza, salt & vinegar chips

Four movies I could watch over and over: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, Pirates of the Caribbean

Four favorite TV shows: Lost certainly leads the pack, 24 is back on 1/15 and I'm looking forward to it, I also like Supernatural (nice eye candy AND scary stuff) & Medium.

Four places I've travelled: Paris, which I expected to not like at all and fell in love with; Edinburgh, which I expected to fall in love with and did; Oahu>, where I got to see an old friend from Japan AND each morning, walk across the street from my hotel to a walkway that jutted out into the ocean, sipping my coffee and having my morning spam musubi; and Otaru in Hokkaido, which reminded me of Boston at a time when I was extremely homesick.

Four websites I visit daily: FLickr; MoveableType; Google; Gmail.
I am a huge The Amazing Race fun -- love love love it! I applied with a friend to be on the show... never heard back from them, can you believe it? What, were we supposed to just show up at the starting line? I thought there was a blank space where another team was supposed to be. Dang, why did I let him convince me that we were supposed to wait for instructions from the producers? Why? Why?
That's really rude of them to not respond.

The Tour Manager and I talked about it, but my heart often steps in where my body fails, and so we didn't think it'd be wise to go for. :(
Gee, thanks Susan. :S

I stole half your food list. :p
Hey, no problem.

I promise to eat better so that next time, you can steal the whole thing.
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