Tuesday, December 26, 2006


A Moment with Trevor

Trevor crossed his legs at the ankle, loving the way his motorcycle boots thunked. He took a minute to light a cigarette; his audience would still be there. Right then, he had them hanging on his every word.

"Don't you idiots know when you've been fucked with," he drawled, inspecting the tip of his cigarette to see if any ash had formed yet. "Someone that camera shy just isn't going to let you see her face so fast."

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I love the first line.
I don't get who he is talking about but I guess we will find out soon enough.
Scroll down an entry. Don't you know someone who was recently "on camera"? *grin*
LMAO Well doh cheesy!
Lol..... :D Lovely little bit of character there. Trevor's awesome.
Again: Hahahahahahaha!

sorry for not posting yesterday... I was lurking though...
hahahahahaaha. Had to read it twice and then the light bulb went on. :)
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