Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Susan Speaks: Lead-in to Hanukkah Thursday Thirteen

To help you feel more comfortable with some of what's going on around here, today I'm introducing a new series where I get to talk to you about the background of the fiction you're either about to read, or should have already enjoyed. Consider it a look inside an author's mind.

Today, I need to set you up for this week's Thursday Thirteen.

Thursday Thirteen #8, the Hanukkah Edition, brings together Kerri Voss, Amy London, and Chelle LaFleur. The one thing these women have in common is, of course, the fictional band ShapeShifter. Most specifically, ShapeShifter's singer and rhythm guitarist, Mitchell Voss.

Kerri is Mitchell's wife. Amy is Mitchell's older sister. And Chelle is Mitchell's friend. While Kerri and Amy see each other often, both living in the fictional city of Riverview, Chelle's the outsider here. Still, these are the three women you guys know the best, although there are others floating around, who you'll meet later on.

Together, these three women have a synergy about them that I'm sure you'll enjoy. That's why I sat them down and asked them to talk about the holiday of Hanukkah. Given that these three women all have a certain similar sensibility, the results are probably not what you'd expect from one of the usual Thursday Thirteens that we do here at West of Mars. Or a Thursday Thirteen you might see elsewhere.

See you for this week's Thursday Thirteen.

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Very cool... can't wait till tomorrow. :)
Tomorrow? Tomorrow's Wednesday!

(heh heh Het)
Yeah... but you know you'll be posting it tomorrow evening! :)
I'll be back to check you out Thurs.
A-ha! Someone who understands the idea of THURSDAY. *grin*
I'm ready for tomorrow!
It's Wednesday now. I can't wait for TOMORROW! :P
it's wed where i live too..LOL so umm how many hours?? you've got my curriousity piqued. man..today needs to be thursday..hey susan it's thursday in europe..so i say to be friendly to your european groupies you should post now!
It's Thursday and I'm still waiting ... :D
Geez. How'd I get such impatient groupies?

Well, I love you guys anyway. I'll post soon, I promise.
you write well..that's how
Ah. Well, that's a darn good reason to have impatient groupies, then. Thanks!
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