Sunday, December 24, 2006


Susan's Snarkling Debut

Ever wondered what I really look like, since that picture on the website is horrid?

Well, Southern Writer made a cool YouTube vid, and I'm in it. Check it out.

Back later with a Christmas entry. Or maybe not.

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Blatant advertising there, Susan! :D

That was such a great thing for everyone to do. I imagine it must be one of the best Christmas presents you can get.
Advertising for WHO???

I know a lot of my groupies want to know what I look like. Here's a chance.
You're picture is in there? All I saw was the ShapeShifter logo. :o
You do look fabulous, darling, if I may say so. It's your eyes, I think. Thanks for the link love.
I never did get to see this. It sucks having dialup. Took me forever to load the first minute. I gave up after that.
Was that your grad pic? Only person I seen. Not that I seen a lot....
Nope, the grad picture is Barbara Bauer, who isn't the most reputable of literary agents out there on the planet...

I'm around the 8-minute mark, and I'll e-mail you the picture so you can see it.
I looked twice but I still didn't see you, just the logo. It's still a great idea.
That really was a good little video going on :) I thought it was quite clever and I watched it... well... like 90% of it! :)
I noticed I was following you yet AGAIN, woman. *sigh*

Always the bridesmaid...
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