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Just wanted to say a public thanks to you guys, steady readers, first-time visitors, and groupies. My stat counter was in heaven yesterday thanks to you -- I had more than double my record number of hits.

Two more days to the start of Green Hair Week. Can you stand it?

Since it's hard, let me ask you this:

If YOUR hair could be any color (complete, highlights, splotches, whatever), what color would you go for?

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I'd have to leave my natural brown and then go for bright red high lights :) I love red... it's the bestest color - EVER!!
I love red, too, but if I go red around here, I get accused of copying the Tour Manager's sisters. I'm not the copying sort, so...
I always wanted to be a redhead or at least a strawberry blonde. But if I wanted to go truly wild... I'd wanted something dark with something bright. Like black and purple or black and true red.
I'm wishing I was brave enough to have purple hair. Bum-length purple hair would be so cool ...
LOL. :)
Nice question! I'd have to go with blonde or red, with very slow waves.

And no, I can't stand the wait until undyed green hair! It's too unnatural. On that topic, what do you think about transparent hair? :)
I tried purple, but it washed out. Won't take with my hair, for some reason.

Cheesy, I thought you *were* once Strawberry blonde!

Andrew, Mitchell's hair is usually that Nordic blonde -- almost white, almost transparent, and shot through with golds and silvers. So the green's ...

Well. Wait and see. Tomorrow.

heh heh Het.
Definitely red. Straight,long and lots of it
I have really long and nasty roots right now but hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll be back to a complete auburn colour!
Oh, Lauren, how can you stand the roots?

(then again, mine are shot through with -- ulp! -- grey, so I REALLY can't stand them!)
It wasn't really stawberry blonde but more of a coppery dark blonde.
I can't remember; that picture you sent was dark.

Only a few more hours (assuming I can figure out how to do links now that Blogger Beta isn't kind enough to give me that cool button to push)... CAN YOU STAND IT?
Green? Probably make my skin reflect more olive than it already is. I'll go with coppery gold/red.
I did green a little over a year ago. It faded to blonde pretty fast, but there were a few days when, if the sun caught it just right, it'd turn sparkly green -- like algae.

REALLY cool. :D
In my wild years I had all sorts of colors: pink (magenta really), turquoise, teal, dark blue, and purple (my dad's favorite, he called me Princess Grape), along with platinum blond (ugh!), which is what I needed for a base for all these fabulous colors (all that bleaching in hard on the hair though), and black.
I should see if I can find some pcitures.
At the moment, I'd really like to look like a natural redhead, not sure if I could make that happen though.
I had a weird mishap with my hair when I was putting the purple streaks in (black hair with purple streaks in the front). The root area turned neon pink when the dye was being heat set, and instead of washing out and being the purple color of the dye (like everyone else I knew who had their dye oxidize in the heat) I ended up with about an inch and a half of neon pink shading down to purple.

I covered it up with more purple dye, but the purple faded fast, and that pink? It stayed a long long time. In fact I dyed my hair red when I started a new job (they were against the purple), and that darn pink managed to show through the new dye in like a week and a half.

I loved how the red looked (Like an autumn leaf all coppery and bright), but it was so hard to maintain.

Plus now that I have weird reactions to so many chemicals I've been loathe to try dying my hair again. Hives on the scalp are not fun (as I found out with some shampoo not so long ago). Luckily my hair has ended up a dark brown with threads of red, blonde and silver that looks amazing in sunlight.
I went pink last year, so I know whereof you speak, Nim. But I have to giggle at the thought of it happening (let alone peeking back out through the red).

Now I need to meet you to see your hair! (warning: I may play with it!)
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