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Thursday Thirteen #6 -- Green Hair Week: The List

Thirteen Things Mitchell Used to Get the Green Out of His Hair

(if you feel lost, scroll down the page, or click on the Green Hair Week label)

1. Lemon juice (Not only didn't it work, it made his hair so dry, it stood out from his head like he was plugged directly into an electrical outlet. You could smell it from the audience, too.)

2. Mountain Dew (Hey, it's the same color as lemon juice. Sort of. Mostly.)

3. Coffee (Brown and green make... green.)

4. Milk (Gotta make the coffee less bitter, I suppose.)

5. Tea (Might have worked better had they brewed it instead of rubbing wet tea bags on Mitchell's head.)

6. Toothpaste (Mitchell smelled minty fresh!)

7. Beer (Made it shiny. Trevor said the shine made it look like pond scum. Mitchell promptly beat him almost senseless.)

8. Honey (Don't call Mitchell honey. Ever.)

9. Mayonnaise (Didn't do a thing for the color, but it gave his poor hair a good conditioning after all this stuff he's used so far.)

10. Mustard (What's one more condiment? And no, ketchup wasn't next, for fear of going from green to pink.)

11. Orange juice (Mitchell's always drinking it; maybe it'll help if he wears it, too.)

12. Vodka (Screwdriver, anyone?)

13. Corned Beef (This was Trevor's half-joking solution. At this point, Mitchell figured he had nothing to lose. Including, it turned out, the green.)

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Oh god... mayonaise hair... don't remind me... ick ick ick puke puke puke
Don't remind you????? I smell a story!
And... I didn't even have a reason why... I "heard" that it did cool things to your hair... what it does is create a disgusting stinkly slime pile on your head that doesn't go away... I have this thing about slime... I don't want to touch it... I certainly don't want it dripping down hair and dribbling on to my back.

I've also done the beer on hair trick... I was surprisingly sober when I did it as well... I would never waste vodka on my hair *hiccup* there's something better to use it for!
Isn't green "in"? Or is that just in March and/or Ireland...I get so confused.

Happy TT!
Now that's lots of drinks!

Scary thing...I've heard of most of these.
Well, drinks ARE the easiest thing to wash your hair with...
Hahah those are some interesting solutions!! Thanks for visiting me :)
I hate to admit this but I have had a lot of those things on my head in my earlier days trying to either lighten it or straighten it
That's part of the beauty of the list! (and the fact that most of these things are common in a backstage tour rider!)

Did any of them take the green out of YOUR hair? *grin*
Oh, dear. Well, at least he was inventive. Creative. Smelly. ;-)

Mine's up--Thirteen Ways you can Pay it Forward--and it's got a contest to go along with it; come on over and check it out.
LOL!! My DH dyed his hair green once and he shall forever be remembered as the dead plant.... ;) I prefer blue, myself.
LOL.. great TT
Eeew, corned beef. I guess it couldn't hurt his hair, just funk it up a little more.
hihi, funny list!

Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,
I think you could write a book on how to get things out of your hair or anywhere.
Holy moly! It's like having a supermarket on poor Mitchell's head! I can only imagine the photographic evidence you have thanks to this!

Thanks for visiting my TT this morning! Happy Thursday to you as well!
Parson me while I LMAO!! :)
I tried the mayo in my hair as a teen. I worked pretty good as a conditioner. I also tried egg, vinegar and rain water. No corn beef in my hair though. :P
Happy Thursday...
Did you thing about publishing this??? Might be a great book... (Un-)Helpful Things To Get Colour Out Of (Your) Hair" LOL

Happy TT from Germany,
ROFLMAO! Maybe he should've tried tomato juice...oh wait, that's for odors ;-)
Hey, Susan, another "green", I mean great list. My muse is still missing *sniff*. Take care!
Absolutely hysterical! Great TT!!!
look like I have some catching up to do
ha ha ha ha... jAlthough I have also been down the lemon juice route.

Happy TT!
Wow...I realize he was half-joking...but corned beef in hair. Yuck.

I don't think green hair would have been a problem after that. I believe the smell from the other 12 attempts to remove the green would prevent anyone from approaching close enough from noticing he had hair at all.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy TT!
But my hair is red with just a little gray...

Thanks for the Read

hehehe Happy TT!
Sooo.. is corned beef the magic ingredient?
Thanks for visiting The Ice Box. I'll check out your site more later, but wanted to know if you'd ever stopped by here:

Some funny and useful stuff.
Thankfully I have never put nor had to put anything in my hair even at the height of the Jeri Curl craze. My hair was long and wavy with a natural curl. Now its just gone.

Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #22 Hat Tip Edition
Mountain Dew?!?! That is a new one on me. Thanks for stoping by my site and I will be nosing around over here!
Hey, it was in their tour rider, easy to get their hands on... why NOT?

I hope everyone's had as good a time with this list as I did making it. The Tour Manager and I were howling as we thought all this up. Even if you don't know Mitchell or haven't read all the other Green Hair Week entries, I think this TT stands on its own for pure, unadulterated silliness.

(and Dane, I want to see a picture of that hair!)
Happy TT (and thanks for turning me on to it). As requested, my favorite music sites - (I'm a LAUNCHcast+ subscriber) (also a paid subscriber) (let the sub lapse) (my latest addiction)
lol! what a funny list, and a funny story to go with it :)

the solution is easy really, just douse his hair with paint thinner...just tell his buddies not to light up. hehe! or, like trevor said, just cut it off!
Paint thinner? Are you serious?
Wow, comments have gone insane around here ...

Hilarious list. I should have put the drink down before reading. *Wipes smudges off screen*

If they need to make Mitchell cut his hair, have them put chewing gum in it. Hey, he's had everything else ... :D
Chewing gum???? How would THAT remove the green? (then again, how would corned beef, except desperation had set in)

Resolution to this problem begins tomorrow. It's not what you're thinking...

(and yeah, comments go nuts on Thursday Thirteen days. I'll come out and be so bold as to say I wish it was like this every day, though!)
remember the movie "the boy with green hair' - I've used lemon juice and the mayo before but not for green hair - lemon juice to lighten and mayo as a conditioner (gross - what was I thinking I don't even like mayo).
It wouldn't get the green out, but it'd sure make him cut his hair off. :D
all nothing worked? Thanks for the giggle.
I have no idea what's going on but now I'm curious. I have to find out!
those are some interesting things to be puttin' in your hair!

Thanks for stopping by.
Let's hold back on using beer to solve this problem.
What, no peanut butter?

Green hair huh? I can imagine worse, not that I'd want green hair. ;)
Hey, I know what would have worked! COCONUT OIL! Coconut oil gets most anything out of most anything,. Guaranteed!
Yep, seriously. It's prettay amazing stuff- yet mild enough for a baby's tummy.
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