Thursday, December 28, 2006


Thursday Thirteen #9 -- Looking Ahead

If you haven't been here in a few days -- or since last week -- be sure you scroll down a few posts and catch up. You've missed some fun stuff -- including me being tagged for a meme! (shocking!)

So when you're done Thirteening this week, be sure to check out what you've missed. Dethklok, Miss Snark, and a few words of wisdom from Trevor himself.

What'll this week hold?

I'm still figuring that out.

Now, on to the business at hand:

Thirteen Things I want to bring to the blog in 2007

1. More of the new Susan Speaks commentaries (the link will bring you to an example of a past one)

2. Pam Derbish

3. more story arcs like Green Hair Week

4. merchandise!

5. Podcasts devoted to the outtakes

6. a Myspace page that'll feature music

7. new West of Mars graphics and art (got ideas? Know anyone who does? Speak up!) -- possibly related to the aforementioned merch

8. hopefully a new look to the old meet-and-greet here

9. contests! Contests! (look for the first one soon)

10. a reputable agent, publisher, and agent who love Trevor and everyone else as much as we do (from my typing fingers to God's eyes, huh?)

11. more of you groupies to entertain on a semi-daily basis

12. A listing in my sidebar of books I've loved, so you can read and love them, too

13. Charity -- like this one, or not.

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HUGE thanks to laughing muse for today's TT header. Isn't it incredible?

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Good luck with your plans! :)

And when you found someone who could help with graphic and stuff can you share him/her pretty please.

Can’t wait contest ... I’m very curious how they are doing it on Mars :whistle:
(hopefully they’re using whips)
Oh yes my TT #2 is up :)
We use little green men, of course, Milan! *grin*

We shall see how all of this unfolds, and I'll tell any graphics people I meet to turn your way.
A good list of things to add. Good luck with it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy TT.
Good luck with your blog plans for 2007. :)

Thanks for stopping by and happy TT. :)
Great idea! Happy TT and thanks for dropping by mine :)
Great list and wishing you the best accomplishing these plans. Happy New Year.
Those sound like great ideas! Hey have you thought about starting a Squidoo lens? I just started one on Romance publishing yesterday! The best thing about it is that you can donate some of the proceeds to your favorite charity!

Happy New Year!
It's ironic that I'm such a person that loves making plans, but I dare not to make any new year resolution LOL Thanks for stopping by!
Oh, speaking of merchandise... did you send me the link to SpreadShirt? I am still investigating, but looks very interesting!

Maybe I should add a virtual whip to my wishlist so I can help you keep to the resolutions in this list ;-)
The header is broken at the moment :o
Great ideas!! I'm looking forward to seeing them around here.

BTW - the link for #13 doesn't work.
Oooh, best of luck, especially with #10!!! Happy TT and Happy New Year!

I love the groupies too. Unfortunately I have no tech no logic. My goal is to start posting videos this year. That's as far as I've got.

My 13 are spilling crumbs on the keyboard.
Good luck and have fun with it!
Great list! I can't wait to see your changes to 2007... course... I'll have to friend you on myspace so lemme know when you get that up :D

I know you will get an agent in 2007... I just KNOW it!
I've been thinking of switching over to my blogger account. If you find ways to change the blogger beta html, please let me know! I think you have a very positive list! Hope you get all of the accomplished!!

Happy TT and Happy New Year!
I for one would love it if you worked on #12 right away ;) Books, books and more books.
Good luck on accomplishing these goals for you blog. I would love to see more of #3. #10 is the most important goal. We all want to see you achieve this. :)
I put up for New Year's Resolutions pertaining to books on my Live Journal page. ;)
i want to see #12. i love seeing other's book lists.
my tt is up.
Nice to have plans :)

My TT13 is up too :)
Contests...I really love contests.
I looooove the TT header! Good luck with the blog plans, I'm looking forward to it!
All the best to all of you for the new year!
Good Luck on all those attainable goals especially #10.
*sigh* Yeah, number ten's the brass ring, that's for sure. BUT you guys can all make that happen, by supporting all the other ideas as I introduce them, and bringing your friends around and helping me spread the word.

My success depends on yours -- just like ShapeShifter's depends on their fans. Symbiosis, ya know?
Good luck with your blog plans. I look forward to seeing #12

Happy TT
My my, aren't you the ambitious one? I haven't told anyone yet, but I plan to slack off on my blog in the coming year and focus more on real writing. Shhhh.
Yay! More green hair week-type things!

Will chocolate be a prize in any of the contests? :D
So long as you don't try to wash my hair with it, sure, chocolate can be a prize along the way! :D
I'm looking forward to the music, merchandise and the podcasts. Seriously. ;)
Then I shall make them a higher priority. Although the merch is a pretty high priority to begin with, to be honest. It's been a dream of mine, so that one NEEDS to happen.
you know i go to a school that has a graphics design dept..i bet they might need projects to do this upcoming quarter..i should get the email for that for you or talk to them about it..that way it helps them and you at the same time!

This will be the year that the guys get published..or at least the book deal in the works! I will have to tell the Dean of Students, who is starting a book club to get this as a reading assignment. =)
More Groupies!!!
We'll keep on rockin' & reading =)
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