Sunday, December 10, 2006


Working Stiffly, Again

Yep, it's that time of the month again, folks. As Green Hair Week ends, I'm morphing into a Working Stiff.

Read it, let me know what you think, and stop back here often. More fun awaits!

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I read, I commented :)
Cool! Thanks; I know a lot of the Stiffs aren't going to be big fans of this, since many of them are published. But HOW many new authors have you and I both encountered due to our online book sharing activities? Personally, I can't count that high...
I read and commented too. I agree that some won't like the idea of book trading online but how else are some of us going to find out about great authors. What about libraries?
Libraries are good, sure -- IF you can get to them. Mine's 10 miles away and it takes half an hour to get there. Whereas my computer's right here, it's always on, and there are discussion forums and such where people talk up books they really like.

Plus, the post office is on my way home from the gym. Again, MUCH closer.
I read and I commented! I haven't been on book crossing since 2002!!! I friended you over there!
I saw! I'm a bit worried that none of the other stiffs have commented; I hope I haven't offended (again. For a change).

E-mail me your BC username, woman! And you might want to get active again... register at and build a wish list at Cliff1976's... No particular reason, mind you, except it's fun to share books that way!
Liked the article :) I go and buy all my bridge partners my favourite read of the year.
Thanks! And ... that was going to be my idea for BAFAB this January. Hmm. Guess I need a new one (but man, it's a darn good idea! Giving your friends your favorite read of the year, that is)
I like the linked blog - and I've commented over there too! :)
Hey, thanks!
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