Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Susan's Reviewed a Book!

Check out my review of LL Cool J's Platinum Workout, now posted at Front Street Reviews.

Best line in the book? Near the end, when LL is telling the ladies not to worry about bulking up too much. "Believe me, ladies, I want to be the hardest thing in the bed."

You've got to love a man who can slip a line like that into an exercise book.

And in Debut a Debut news...

Karen has featured one of our debut authors (and prize contributors). Make sure you stop in if you like historical fiction.

Looking to start a new series? Try Heather Hayashi's To Save the World. I don't know much about Hayashi (yet), but it seems that her series is directed at gamers. The Tour Manager will be pleased.

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Love LL's line. Oooh, baby! He does look hard, too, doesn't he? I'd love to drool over your review, too - if I could find it! Ya got a better link?
Interesting book. He does have a nice physique.
I don't know about you but that LL Cool J is a sexy hunk of man meat :) *yum*
SW, the link didn't work? The picture should have popped up as soon as you clicked on the Front Street main page; it's staring right at me.

And yes, that is one good-looking man. Trust me. The book was right here beside me while I worked on the review and ... yummy.
Here's a direct link to the review:
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