Monday, February 19, 2007


And the Winners are...

First off, congratulations to everyone who played along, thought about playing along, or tried but got derailed (Cheesy, I still love you!). I'd have to say our first Debut a Debut contest was a smashing success.

So. Without further ado, here are the winners and their prizes.

Janelle -- 5 points from

Little bird blue -- $20.00 gift card from Borders

cherie pie -- Tina Bendoni's Argus: In Dreams

Karen -- Suzanne Adair's Paper Woman and Sela Carsen's Not Quite Dead

Andrew -- Shane Gericke's pack, including Blown Away, his debut

world in a satin bag -- Racy Li's Ninja

Confessions of a literary persuasion -- Lila Shaara's audio of Every Secret Thing

breeni -- Sela Carsen's The Virgin Courtesan

mark baker -- Lila Shaara's Every Secret Thing (hardcover)

sahbu -- Thomma Lyn's Thy Eternal Summer

she -- $20.00 Border's gift certificate & Rhonda Stapleton's Stripped

megan -- Dawno's You Pick

prester john -- Michael FitzGerald's Radiant Days

scooper -- Matt Curran's The Secret War

la lady lisa westerfield -- RG Willems's Targets of Affection

A few last housekeeping notes...
1. I'll keep the list of suggested authors and the prize list up at my main website. Hope you'll refer to it often and find yourself some good books.

2. Erica posted a great interview with Joshua Palmatier at Writing Aspirations. We're talking to Joshua about having him be involved in our summer contest, so the next few months would be an excellent time to pick up his first -- and second! -- book, The Skewed Throne and The Cracked Throne.

3. You may be looking at the fact that prolific reviewer Antheras only won five points from BookMooch and wondering what's up with that. That's because she refused anything more and will be joining the Debut a Debut team. Thanks to Janelle for doing that; with her knowledge, Debut a Debut (and our upcoming summer contest) will get bigger and better. You cool people will be able to say you knew us when!!

4. Lastly, thanks to all of you who were part of this in any way, large or small. We hope you'll keep spreading the word of the joint West of Mars and Writing Aspirations contests; there WILL be more (did I say summer contest?), so check in at our blogs for updates about all of that.

In the meantime, enjoy the fun stuff that Erica and I bring you on a semi-daily basis. We appreciate the fact that you guys are our readers. We hope we've exposed you to new bloggers and book reviewers and more neat sites for us bibliophiles (didn't know your favorite metal head knew those big words, huh?), and we hope you'll make at least some of them new favorites. Just... don't forget us. We'll miss you.

I'm out of here for the night... off to my couch and what else but a good book!

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I'll have to look into this debut-a-debut thing sometime when I'm not overwhelmed by being busy and stressed out. Thanks so much for stopping by my Thursday Thirteen again. I appreciate your comments :)
Can't wait till the next debut a debut. Congrats. to all the other winners.
Thanks for all your hard work. You've done debut and wanna-be- debut authors everywhere a great service. Keep up the good stuff!

--Camille @ Littlebird Blue
Can't wait for next year!
I read several of the reviews and they sounded like such interesting books! And the reviews themselves were very thoughtful. Y'all had a great idea!
Congrats to all of the winners and everyone else that participated!!
Thanks, everyone! Especially you and the other authors, Sela, who brought prizes and a tangible incentive to the fun.

If it takes a village to raise a kid, it sure takes a road crew to run this joint and its contests! I love my roadies!!!
Gah, my computer crashed last time I tried to post here. Evidently it didn't go through, soooo:

Congratulations to everyone involved; big boxes of chocolate to Susan and Erica for doing this; nothing to the people who won, because they got prizes already; and a stern look for me, because I still haven't scrounged enough time to finish the book I picked. :S Next year I'll do better. Honest.
I'm going to hold you to that, Linds!
Thanks for hosting this fun contest and congrats to my fellow winners.

One question, do you need my address to send me my prize or have I already given it to you?
Better send it, Mark. If you sent it previously, it's not where it's supposed to be, which makes me think you hadn't sent it yet.

Thanks again for playing along! Stay tuned for summer contest fun.
Congrats to all. This contest as a winner all round :)
Congrats everyone!
You've got mail.
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