Friday, February 02, 2007



Be sure to visit Working Stiffs today -- and click on ALL the links (well, you can ignore the one that leads you here and the one to that lousy rock band. Just not the rest!).

In case you ever wondered how my little brain works, there it is, in all its glory.

Bodacious, I tell you!

(remember, ALL the links!)

More over the weekend with a Debut a Debut update.

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That's a lot of sauce :P

Happy Friday!
Isn't it?

I really AM thinking of having a Bodacious Sauce Cook-Off. I'll have to talk to the Tour Manager about it, but it could be a lot of fun.

Happy Friday to you, too!
I was just thinking that a taste test is definitely in order.
Great minds think alike! :D
Cool site! I will definitely check out some of the books. I read about the IHOP one in Entertainment Weekly.

Cool site. I love the list of books. I will be checking out some of them, I have heard of a few of those.

Hey, guys, look! It's my friend Laurel! She lives near me; she's Near West of Mars. *grin*
I would love to help test taste Bodacious bbq sauces. I grew up in Kansas City where they are known for their BBQ. Now I'm hungry. LOL
Bodacious just makes me think of Bill and Ted ... I don't even think I'd like it, but the name makes me want to test it out. Mmm ...

Drove three hours there and back to the closest 'big' bookstore to be able to buy one of my Deb-a-Deb authors today.

Success! Looking forward to reading it, and I would never have heard of it if not for the contest!

Hope it was a pretty drive and that the book is good, birdie. Can't wait to read your review!
more words to write down in the margins... one of these days I'm gonna buy meself a dictionary.
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