Friday, February 23, 2007


Susan Speaks: Outtake Imminent

I've got a ton of stuff to share with you, but the apparent demise -- and, as of Friday night (that's now), the apparent rescue -- of Thursday Thirteen has inspired Trevor to speak up.

I'm busy making sure I'm channelling my favorite bass player properly, so I hope to post it tomorrow (that'd be Saturday).

Warning: Trevor's cranky, the band's drunk, and this upcoming outtake is rated PG-13 for language and references to sexual activity. Not to mention people who are drunk and stoned. But what else do you expect when a rock band made up of guys in their early twenties throws a party?

One last note: Apologies to those of you trying to access the website today or get mail to me. We switched DSL providers and ... they screwed up. If you haven't heard back from me, please try again.

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Hi Susan -
No jest about it - I want to figure out how to get my ratings up and get more traffic to my blog. Currently I have 3 friends that view it regularly - and I'd like to meet some new people.
I tried using the Mr. Link widget thing - no success - the post wouldn't allow it - something was wrong with the "html".
I also signed up for Technorati - and would like to figure out how to use the tags - but as of yet - no success. I sit at your feet to learn the wonders of serious blogdom!
Oh yeah!!! I'm so happy TT will be back. The idea of not being able to discover new bloggers was more than a little sad. Thanks for the update!
Phew... the outtake isn't up yet. I was feeling kinda guilty about not checking in to the blog today (crazy day!)...

Can't wait to "see" Trev tomorrow!
I'm probably an idiot, but I was waiting for my groupies to check in and say they were ready...

My hit counter missed you today. But I have hamantashen boxed up for you. Some are for Lauren, so play nice!
Won't we be able to add a technorati tag so that we can still find one anothers' T13?

Sure, we can, but ... TT has been sold and resurrected! We can continue as we had been before. Yippee!!
Hey i am back, just put up some new hiking photos, i don't think you could bike up number 4 but number 3 would be perfect for cycling (no pictures on that one though!)
It's great about TT!
Who or what is 'trev'
Toodle Pip!
Ha! spotted trevor link in above post, i am off to investigate!
TT is back?? I had NO IDEA? Why wasn't this on CNN??
Oh oh,... now I've got to scramble for some new ideas.

Love the excerpt in your above post. The imagery of the salami throwing was so vivid! I could see the grease marks on the wall.
Yup, Wylie, we're back!

And thanks for the compliment on the outtake. I don't usually do that much description in my outtakes, but I couldn't resist the Salami Sisters.
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