Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Susan Speaks: Some Writing Thoughts

After finding my groove yesterday for the first time in what felt like forever, I wrote six or seven pages of the WIP, which I'm thinking will be the follow-up to Trevor's Song. Although it's nothing like what I used to be able to do in the days before small distractions who like to call me such odd things as "Mom," it felt good.

I finally shut the computer in time to pick up a book and wait for James to win Best in Show at Westminster. I'll have to rave about this book once Debut a Debut is over (why haven't you entered yet?), but for now, let's just say that its sensibility is so similar to Trevor's that I've embarked on an information-gathering expedition about the author's agent. Interesting that the books I've been encountering lately that seem to mesh with Trevor are all represented by agents who do a lot, if not all, YA lit. What does that say about literature right now?

What does that say about my getting Trevor's Song into print?

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Happy Valentine's Day. Glad you found your groove. I'm afaid I'm not going to make Debut a Debut in time. I'm really sorry because I honestly wanted to participate.
Well, babe, we'll do a different contest in the summer, and bring back Debut a Debut next year.

You go write really well and make that contest deadline!!! (I miss you, so you'd better win whatever it is you're entering!)
Oooo six or seven pages in one sitting! I'm green with envy! I've got to get some good movement... half a page or a page at a time is a snails pace!!!

Oh yeah!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!
It sounds like a lucky find with that agent.

Happy Valentine's Day!
We shall see...
Happy St. Valentine's Day to you Susan. I hope you have more days writing like that in the near future. :)
Congratulations on the writing. May you bask in the glow of those pages for many days to come!

Re: Debut a Debut, I'm afraid I won't make it either. :( I'm only on chapter five and my free time seems to have mystically shrunk, so I don't envision finishing for a couple of weeks. I'll still review, though!
What a great groove--I love it when that happens! I'm still slogging--doesn't help that I'm sick today. Hope that agent pans out. I haven't had much luck yet this time around.
Breeni, I forwarded it to Erica. No problems.

Joely, you and me both! (to everything you said!)
Progress in the right direction! Keep up the good work... I know you'll find the perfect agent eventually ;)
Hi Susan. I followed your link home from Michele's, and I'm glad I did. It's always nice to meet a thoughtful writer. It's even nicer when that writer takes the time to build a strong community with the goal of helping other writers grow.

That's pretty inspiring.
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