Sunday, March 04, 2007


Me, me, all about me

More about me than you'd ever want to know... Right Spanking Here

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Great interview! I'm an Ohioan, and we just have small hills. Still, I don't think I could live without my hills and trees, either!
Ohioan? We might need to meet up somewhere you know!
I'm not far for Pennsylvania or Ohio, I'm right across the Erie.

I've been to Pittsburgh and I love Pennsylvania, I think it's beautiful. The first glimpse I had of it was landing and seeing the hills and the houses scattered all over the place. It was beautiful.
We're totally gonna have to party, guys! Maybe we'll find a way to have a Bodacious Sauce tasting event...
oooooh - love Rusted Root. I may have passed thru Pittsburgh as a kid enroute to who the hell knows - i think i remember seeing lots of factories. But, as much as we traveled, i could be getting my cities confused.

There was alot of "I am here... now I'm not" in the blink of an eye.
Terrific article! And it's nice to know that you're terminally nice :)

I've only had one experience with PA, summed up in four little words: King of Prussia Mall.
I lived on a mall-less island for so many years, and let me tell you, the KoPM was/is a vacation destination for Bermudians! Hills? What hills? I only saw the sales... LOL!
King of Prussia's on the wrong side of the state, Wylie. That's why you didn't see the hills, only the ... Bermudians? (who knew? Not me!)
Anything with 'Pitt' in is good! what's my last name?
Anything with hills is even better.
Good one, Claire!
Speaking of flat land. Have you been to Kansas? I grew up in the land of endless plains. LOL
Now that I live in Alabama I appreciate the trees and hills. :)
Terminally nice, eh? And you said you were evil! Shocking revelation ... :D
Actually, my next-door-neighbor put it best: People in Pittsburgh take you at face value. So I'm always surprised when things deviate from that face-value-ness.
You're not that far from my neck of the woods. Look at me, waving from my perch in Ontario.

I love Ohio. Any place that's home to the US Air Force Museum and the first guy to walk on the moon is a totally amazing state.
Uhh... Carmi? I left Ohio years ago. Pittsburgh's in Pennsylvania, love!
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