Saturday, March 10, 2007


new red?

You repeat offenders (aka groupies) might have noticed something different around here. We're trying to match the red on my website.

How's it looking?

Are you seeing the sidebar okay?

And does anyone want to take on the completion of the project, just for the challenge and public kudos?

(btw, this isn't the only cosmetic change afoot... stay tuned...)

You've got a nice website - were you looking to match your blog to it?
Yep. I think we exhausted our home-grown talents over here.

Hey, the Tour Manager's also a hardware engineer! I'm the artsy one here, but code's beyond me.
Everything is looking good to me. :)

JM aka FictionScribe
Thanks, JM!
I can see everything, I think.
Everything looks great. I like and I can see the sidebar.

I have so much blog catching up to do, that darn JD took me away from the blogosphere for nearly a week. Yikes!!!
Yes I noticed that this morning. I like it but then I'm partial to red. ;)
Thanks, guys!

when I look at my sidebar, the "links to post" aren't breaking into two lines of text for some reason, so they're being shoved down to the end of the page. But it's only on MY computer; it's fine on the other three in the house that we've tried.

Thus, my concern.
Everything looks fine to me.
I made changes to my blog template again today too. :-)
Looking good! It's very clear and easy to read.
Michele sent me over to see you, Susan. The color on your header seems like a good match. Of course you'll never be able to match the depth you have on your main website which uses a JPG to achieve that sense of richness.

Riverview is a city for misfits, huh? That does sound interesting.
Ahh, utenzi, that helps beyond belief! Thank you!

Yes, Riverview is a city for misfits. Come join in the fun; I'm working on what will be at least a week-long story arc right now, in fact.
Looks very good to me and i can see the sidebar fine.
looking forward to seeing the other cosmetic changes whatever they are.
Everything looks and works fine from my end, Susan. I loaded it in Firefox 2.0, IE6 and IE7, and everything rendered as it should.

Yeah, I'm geeky that way.

Red totally works for me. It's a color of passion and creativity.
Aww, Carmi, thanks for geeking out on my behalf (just don't tell the Tour Manager; he'll be jealous, of course, that he's not the geekiest out there).

Red is MY color, always has been. Last summer, we'd talked about changing the website to a cool blue, but in the end... I've realized I'm married to this red my friend cooked up for me.
Looks great to me -- I like the red! It's downright Martian. :)
Reds match perfectly!

Here from Michele's. :+)
Looks great, Susan. I think it matches your website nicely. :) Can't wait to see the additional changes. :)
Looking great! If you want help making your blog look like part of your website, just let me know!
Once I get the new graphics and stuff, I'll holler if I get stuck, spy. Believe me!!!
Looks good, S!
Ewww CSS!!!! :p

I like the red!
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