Monday, March 12, 2007


Susan Speaks: What Set Chelle Off

I read a very nice blog via my feedreader. It posts all sorts of cool (and not so cool) jobs for freelance writers. And while I'm not a freelance writer, it's still neat to read and see what's out there. You never know where the road we're on will wind up, I figure. Besides, even if it's not something I need personally, you never know when a character or two might.

The list of job postings that went up on Sunday sorta horrified me, which is why you're not getting a direct link. The typos. Oy, the typos! I've been reading this blog long enough to have an idea that they didn't come from Denise, who runs the site. But come on now, folks... why would any self-respecting writer want to work for you if you can't tell the difference between you're and your. Heroin and heroine. Breath and breathe.

If you've been following the exploits of Chelle LaFleur, you've seen her harp on this sort of thing in the past. Namely when I messed up as I wrote a piece for her, and all you groupies caught it for me. (thank you for that, too)

So it seemed natural to let Chelle loose on the subject again. And while I'd have ranted more about how important it is for potential employers (and literary agents) to represent themselves more... well, Chelle may be fictional, but she's her own woman.

If you need to catch up on her exploits, search my tags for Chelle. And anyone who can tell me how to make an index -- or who wants to do it for me, just for the link love and bragging rights -- please, speak up.

Oh, and check to make sure your feed's turned on, will ya? I'm talking RSS or Atom, not Feedburner. I'm a Google Reader sort of girl. (why does that make me feel all flirty and like I should be kicking up my heels and batting my eyelashes?)

Talk at you soon...

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Something I never hear people mention, but see all the freakin' time, is the confusion of 'than' and 'then'--and too consistently to be typos (you know better than that, not better then that). Inexplicable.

I'm not allowed to rant anymore--Susan and Chelle, what have you done to me?
Why aren't you allowed to rant anymore?
Chelle groupie that I am, I can pull together an index for you ;)
Ugh! I swear I posted here. Stupid Blogger swallowed my reply. :(

I still have trouble with knowing when to use then and than. *blush*

Susan,I'm subscribed to you via Google Reader. ;) I'm subscribed to several other groupies too.
Look at Kanrei! All ninja w/the indexing! Wowsa.

Cheesey Giraffe--

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pick on anybody. We all have our linguistic pitfalls.


I'm not allowed to rant. I have been forbidden by S and several other good friends, on the grounds that I get waaayyy to interested in things like the misuse of quotation marks.

I've seen professionally printed signs that read like so:

"NO" Skateboarding!


DO NOT park your Bicycle's "here"

...and I will rant for a full half hour.

Oh, I don't need Chelle to rant about quotation marks... (and my own use of elipses, too, for that matter)

Okay, no ranting, then. We shall declare this space a no-ranting zone. Unless you're Chelle.
You tell 'em, Chelle! hee hee

Thanks for the link, Susan. ;)
Hopefully, next time, Denise, it won't be because I'm making fun of the potential employers you're listing!
I'll have to take a closer look at Google Reader. I have only tinkered with it so far.
Ooh, I'm totally addicted. I'll add blogs at random to my reader, just to see if I'd like to read them permanently or not.

And since it's rarely empty of things to read, I'm really neglecting some very good blogs. So turn your feeds on, everyone! Atom or RSS, or that nifty "add to Google" button. Whichever, just so long as it works with Google Reader!!!!
i have to look into this google reader. I use my live bookmarks from Mozilla.

As for Typos, I am happy with my mispellings
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