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Thursday Thirteen #22 -- Mitchell's Desk

While I've been busy putting together some Buy a Friend a Book Week fun for next week, I realized that I can't find the surface of my desk. It's actually been this way for some time now and I swear, everything there can't find another home somewhere else.

That made me think. What sorts of things do other people keep on their desks?

Here's one take on it, with an outtake to finish up the desk fun over the weekend. Stay tuned for that, and for the BAFAB contest.

Thirteen Things on the desk of Mitchell Voss, rock star:

1. Guitar picks

2. remote control to the sound system, empty CD cases, and some newish, trendy stuff that keeps getting overlooked in favor of the old favorites.

3. papers JR's been waiting on for weeks

4. papers Daniel's been waiting on for weeks

5. love drawings, instead of love notes, from Kerri and a sketch of hers that he stole and framed. Conveniently, she's never noticed it.

6. scraps of paper with random, so-far unused song lyrics scribbled on them

7. the first guitar string he broke onstage

8. bulk quantities of black Sharpies

9. three desk lamps to act as spotlights on strategic piles of papers

10. new lightbulbs for the lamps

11. two years' worth of music industry trade magazines he intends to read -- next time he gets the chance

12. a hairbrush that hasn't been cleaned since it arrived on the desk even though it gets semi-frequent use

13. an origami dragon folded by one of the crew during ShapeShifter's last tour

Anything interesting on your desk?

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My desk is the couch, so right now an empty bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and little head bean bag Dr. Evil that when you slam him he says "Five Million Dollars."

Happy TT, great list!
There is not hope for me, since even your characters have messy desk!!
And, I could have win this week too, but I'm being lazy!!!!
But, yé!! I might be the inspiration for a character!!!
Intersting things on Mitchell's desk. Nothing interesting on mine, especially since I just cleaned it. Best thing is the new printer. Yea, it works! Other than that, I have an empty water bottle, my sons Leapster L-Max and the roster for my younger sons Mom and Tot class. Happy Thursday :)
Woe is me, my desk is boring! The closest thing to exciting is the small set of speakers that I hook up to my ipod each day. Without music, I would go crazy!
Maybe that should be a list for me some time- the 13 boring things on my desk...LOL
I like your character's desk better!
Without music, I'd go nuts, too, Jenny. Happy TT!
On my desk at work there is a rubber Dimetrodon from my son's collection. It makes me smile every time I see it. Other than that, it's pretty standard desk fare.
Hee! I enjoyed your list. Your character has a nicely cluttered desk that's nonetheless quite revealing of who and what he is. :)

My desk? Well, it's a hell of a lot cleaner than it used to be. It used to be unspeakable. Now? Not bad. I finally couldn't stand the clutter and went cleaner-berserker. :)

Happy TT to you!
um...#12: YUCK!!!
On my desk is a creature I made at camp some 30 years ago.

I still remember being given a chance to pick two rocks from a bucket, and I saw an odd one, almost triangle-shaped, with a long protruding end like a beak. Naturally I grabbed it.

I glued it to an oval shaped rock, added a pair of googly eyes above the "beak" and made a cap out of a fuzzy blue pipe cleaner. A wispy tail went onto the back of the oval-shaped rock, and voila!

The amazing thing isn't so much that my mom kept it all these years and finally gave it to me, but that it held up so well! The cap is faded, but other than that, it looks like it might've been made yesterday! :-)
My desk...haven't seen the surface in a while. My paperwork is done for over spring break I should be able to find the top of it!!!! lol Happy TT!
Interesting desk things.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š
Hold the phone. Mitchell actually has a desk!?!?
If God is in the details, then you've got one hell of a story, here. Happy TT!
Do you really want to know?
My brown satin bra has been sitting on my hutch for almost 6 months. I took it off while writing one day because the lacy parts were scratch and it somehow has never been put away (or worn!)
Hey,... you asked! :)
His desk sounds nice and tidy compared to mine. Everything seems to make its way here and the piles are alive.
I have so much stuff on my desk that I'm lucky there's room for the computer!
My desk is a random mess of everything you can imagine. I used to have a sign that read, "A clean desk is the sign of a disturbed mind," but I lost it under the clutter.
Oh my, that's quite a list. My desk is covered with things....hmm, maybe I should clean it off!
Mitchell has more interesting things on his desk than I do. There's not much room for anything more on my tiny desk than the computer and the all-important camera.
It is also highly possible (because I seem to live with two yellow fur factories) that there are a few stray pieces dog fur settled somewhere on the desk surface that I missed the last time I dusted.
Happy TT. :-)
Sounds like my desk. I'm now using my laptop, sitting in a seat in the Den. :)

Check out my TT
Bizzarely, my desk is the same as Amy Ruttan's, except my Cadbury Eggs are the full-sized deal, yo.
A very intriguing list! I actually cleaned off my desk earlier this week so it's pretty boring at the moment (unless that tube of Calgon Hawaiian Ginger lotion counts). :-) Thx for your visit and Happy TT!
#5 sounds very romantic, go Mitchell.

As for my desk [an erotic romance author's desk] there's a clock with three time zones - one for us and one for each side of the family, loads of sticky notes with nonesense scribbles on them, Continental vouchers for booze and the new Take That CD :-)
Just had to smile - I did things on my desk too! Stopped to see other Thursday Thirteens and there you were!
I work at home, with my desk being either my kitchen island or my dining room table. At any given moment it's got my laptop, assorted cords, various books, mail, small toys, kids' art projects, cd's, dishes and goodness knows what else.

I love your list, you really brought the scene to life. Happy TT :).
glad to know my last tt posting brings me to a writer!

I am adopting the minimalist approach. I hate keeping too many things on my desk, but it is inevitable. so far, I've managed to have a few papers, a watch, a coffee cup (large size) and a pen. Sounds crowded. It is for the little computer desk I'm typing on!
What desk??? We have one desk in the house. Technically it's hubby's. The computer sits on it, which means I spend a lot of time there with mountains of papers and bits and knick knacks around me. Every so often he yells because he can't find a bill and I swear I never touched it. LOL! I soooo want my own space.

Happy TT Day. I'm up with Thirteen Reasons Spring is in the Air.
Oh, this is very cool!

My desk has books, and books and printed-out chapters of books, and a new mouse that I really need to install, and books, and a bottle of San Benedetto Frizzante, a pile of Dresden Files buttons, books, a roll of packing tape, and a package of notecards from Will Paint for Food. And books.
just one sharpie on my desk. happy tt, thanks for stopping by!
My desk is always full of things: books, notes, date book, magazines, and lots more. I want to add another desk, so I have one for my computer and one for other stuff like crafting or writing.
My TT is about posts without comments.
My History Book Club calendar - On this date during the War of the Roses, Edward of York defeats Queen Margaret to become Edward IV of England.

Now wasn't that useful? :-)
i don't have a desk. unless that's what you would call the 20x12x2 inch cardboard box that my laptop sits on. there is room for a short stack of books on one end if the laptop is flush with the other. there is a tray under the laptop tho and it is two inches wider than the computer and a quarter of an inch deep. in that space i currently find: the watch that stopped working yesterday, ear buds for using with the laptop when my husband is sleeping, earplugs for using when I am reading or writing when my husband is watching TV or snoring, the ear piece to my reading glasses, twist-ties that i was using to try to keep that ear peice attaghed, paperclips, fingernail clippers, coughdrop, coughdrop wrappers, a wadded up paper cover for a drinking straw from a drink my husbrand brought me two weeks ago, a hair clip, some pennies, a spare eraser for a 'clicker' pencil, and an assortment of bookmarks...hmmm maybe its better i don't have a desk.

meanwhile i'm still obsessing on the library closure:
my #26 is 13 of the items vying for my attention in the last nine days before our library’s doors close indefinitly. 4 NF books, 4 novels and 4 DVDS plus #13 which is a bit of a cheat. I can only hope to complete two novels, help me decide which one to commit to
My desk is the one everyone dumps their un wanted print outs on....
The only semi-interesting thing on my desk today is the roll of paper towels I saved from the shredder, aka the cat.

I really ought to bring it upstairs but y'all and your TTs are being WAY too entertaining today.
My desk...well, nothing too strange except for a ceramic snail which I'm pretty sure is supposed to be a toothbrush holder. :)

But I was cleaning off my kitchen table yesterday (I never sit there to eat!) and at one point it had a can of odorless paint thinner, a can of linseed oil, a hanger, and a sweater on it.

Thanks for stopping by my 13!
That's awesome! I'll have remember this meme for some week.
i need an archeological team to find anything identifiable on my desk - everything is buried so deep. Sticky note hell, i tell you. And pile management most glorious.
The question should be what ISN'T on my desk! :)

Happy TT!
sharpies, gotta love 'em.
I wish I had a bulk supply of black Sharpies!

Very interesting TT, nothing real special on my desk at the moment...just a lot of junk that needs going through and pitched.
I haven't seen the surface of my desk in months. and don't even ask me about the floor of my car.
Great list!
Another great TT!

I have three desks, two at work, one at home. The only one that has much of any available surface space is the one at home and that's only because hubby cleaned recently.
Oooh... guitar picks! I used to collect them since I played electric guitar.
Looking at my desk in shame at the moment! I have an old light bulb on my desk.
I bet my hair brush is a lot worse, i normally have to cut the hair out of it, then there is enough to make a few dozen merkins!lol!
Some random things on my desks:
- a picture of my best friend and I age 4 in Halloween costumes (work #2)
- a pile of books I need to do something with (home)
- the Nancy Pearl Deluxe Action Figure (work #1)
- a Joan of Arc statue (home)
- my Sigg water bottle (work #2 at the moment)
- boxes of Plastiklips (work #1, work #2)
I have a little leather, snap-shut pouch on my keychain that is shaped like and made for keeping guitar picks in. I always have guitar picks with me. Never know when I'll encounter a guitar, ya know?

I'm at work so my desk has a couple of Hotwheels on it. Boys never really grow up.

I think Mitchell is someone I could get along great with.
I've been trying so hard to keep my desk organized as of late because I just got all new desk top accessories (and they're fancy).

Currently I have a stack of papers that need to be filed, my radio (walkie talkie style), my iPod in its dock w/remote, water bottle and starbuck's coffee (mmmm... cinnamon dolce latte).
The most interesting thing on my desk is my digital picture frame. People are forever commenting on how much they like it and asking me where they can get one.
My desk is dominated by Girl Scout cookie paperwork. Oh, I do have a box from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab with a couple of scents in it I haven't put away yet.
My desk is a well organized mess. :) LOL

Rock star and owner of a very big desk to keep all that stuff on it and have space to do anything else.
Well, there´s my notebook on the desk and me in front of it... not too interesting. All the more I enjoy having a look at Mitchell´s desk =)
Right now the most interesting thing on my desk is my lunch! I'm so hungry. Otherwise, I think my Siamese fighting fish are unusual desk accoutrements. :D

Happy TT!
ooh time to clean out that brush!!! i have long hair and that's one of the things that grosses me out the most! haha! oh, and i actually can't see the surface of my desk. it holds junk mail. happy tt!
Oh desk is just cluttered with papers. haha. Though I do have a coupon for 50 cents off Hot Pockets brand Croissants. yum. :D
My entire cube is like a greenhouse, so that's kinda interesting :-)
I played too :-)
Hmmm, your desk collection is more eclectic than mine.

Lets see, I three pictures of my brother. I scanned them a couple fo weeks ago and haven't put them back in their frames. A baseball Christmas tree ornament. I've been meaning to print out a picture to put in it. Some cd's I need my girls to burn for me, cause I don't know how. A celtic petwer candle holder with a lavender, vanilla scented candle. Yep, it's burning. a clock pencil holder. Nope, the clock no longer works. Well, that does it.

Guess I need to clean mine up.
Hope you have a blessed Thursday!
The most interesting thing on my desk is probably...a giant Christmas tree lollipop :)
Interesting assortment of...things. Nothing too out of the ordinary on mine: books and magazines, pens, stationary, box of Kleenex, desk calendar, glass paper weight, bottle of water... Hmmm, okay maybe the three cemetery books would be considered unusual by some, but they prove such rich resources at times. ;)
yeaaa!! its not just me with tons and tons of scraps, though I would have thought there would be empty cigarette packs
Happy TT!
Chocolate is a staple on top of the desk as well as tucked away in a drawer. Aside from that, tons of paper scraps with exceedingly important notes about vitally crucial stuff that I'm supposed to remember that I end up forgetting about anyway because I can't find the papers in all the mess! LOL

Great TT, Susan!
Hey, where have you been? I always found a comment from you on my TT post :(

Didn't think Mitchell had a desk :)

Anyway, you don't want to see my desk now. I loved # 7.
On my desk is a pencil with the eraser end chewed by Prince Charming, a lamp, a set of headphones, some Canadian Tire money and scraps of paper belonging to Prince Charming.
He will never read those magazines. Time to throw them out! He needs to spring clean ;)
So... what does he do with all those Sharpies?

:) How you doing Susan? Looks like you had a great turn out this Thursday. It was the first Thursday I missed since I started... at least I think it was the first.
Hi Susan! *wave!*

My desk is actually in pretty decent shape right now. I got tired of using a snowshovel to move all of the crap that WAS there. lol

I'm looking forward to your BAFAB activities!!
Well, you can NEVER have too many Sharpies!
Ain't THAT the truth!
Holy mamoly; you guys got some serious thirteenage going on around here this week.
hmm.... on my desk I have a candle and some matches... some sugar snap peas to plant... cd's... an empty beer glass...scissors.
That sounds like a pretty interesting desk...
My desk is a bit like yours, can't find the top of it amongst all the papers.
Michele sent me tonight.
I have a orgami giraffe that some BCer sent me a few years ago. It's pretty darn cool. They even used this pretty yellow paper with orange dots.
Three lamps to act as spotlights for strategic. . . . gotta love that he is calling attention to it rather than hiding it... or is it that he is merely diverting attention from other items?

I have no desk, therefore have made every surface my desk, today, the bed suffices, phones and remote controls, and soon lunch will decorate it.
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