Monday, April 23, 2007


Poetry Monday -- Words Like Beautiful

Robin told Rhian to declare today to be Poetry Monday (or something like that), so here's my contribution.

If I could write our story,
words like "beautiful"
wouldn't exist.

We would have all the time
we could ever want;
No fears of getting
too attached,
of needing to define the rules,
of clinging to mind games,
only to see me leave you for a new life,
a life without you
except for far-between weekend visits.

And you wouldn't tell me -
your arms around my waist,
me perched on the tops of your feet
but my chin still no higher than
the middle of your chest -
that when you look at her,
all you see is beauty.

And that's the one thing I can't offer you.
Or so you say.

If I could write our story, Mario dear,
there wouldn't be such a gap between us -
not that height matters,
not that money matters,
not that age matters,
but it's all about living.

You would understand about relationships-
that women are best when they are both
girlfriends and friends,
and that you can have the second,
without the first.

And I would understand about you -
your fragile ego,
your need to be a man, not a boy,
your thoughts,
your wants;
And all the potential that I see so clearly in you now
would be realized.

I promise you that if I could write this story,
That's how it would be.

Remember, though,
that there are things I could never change
in this fiction I long to write:
The planes and angles
that make up your face
and cause something inside me
to catch, then melt --
even though I mean it when I say
that beauty's far from everything.

There's the gentle way you kiss;
and your hands so soft and ghostlike
that after your touch,
even a whisper feels harsh;

You say I am not beautiful
but still,
you make me believe
you'd never hurt me -
that's what you promised.
Isn't it?

So if I could write our ending,
it would happen on the ice -
in the middle of a hockey game -
and you would realize this:

That we are comfortable together,
and that the beauty of our friendship
is what matters,
not how beautiful you or I appear
when we look at each other.

And one day you will realize --
I guarantee you will,
even if I don't write this story --
that this is the the kind of beauty -
the only kind -
that I will ever have to offer you.

If I could write our story,
it would be enough.

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Not much of a poetry fan but that was very nice! :)
beautifully bittersweet - amazing how many emotions it evokes.
Okay wow! I could really feel the distance between the speaker and Mario. I love it Susan!
OMG, can I ever relate to this -- it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Susan!
*sniff*, Susan. What a moving, beautiful poem. Got me teary-eyed.
Oooh very good. I enjoyed it.

I wrote a Haiku, very late in the day. I forgot it was poetry Monday.

It's a Haiku about the EVIL DAY JOB.

Not as nice as yours.
Thanks, guys! This is from my grad school days; every now and then, I've played with the idea of submitting it for publication somewhere.

From your response, maybe I should.
The hurt, the wisdom, the acceptance of reality/fate... beautiful (dare I use that word?) !!
Good grief! Any thoughts I ever had about attempting to post my efforts have just died a savage death.
I'm so enjoying being part of the poetry train. Great to read all the poems! =)
Bravo Susan! Very much better than any the poems I wrote. That was back in HS and college though.
This is really lovely!!!!
PS - thank you for your kind words about my princess/knight story, and I'll check out your shelf at mooch!!
Dude... you rock with poetry :)

As I've been telling all these poets... poetry is not something I have any real skill with :) I can still admire it though :D
Lovely poem, S.
Truly lovely.
Very touching.
Poetry Monday? Is that going to be ongoing?

Wow, I love poetry. I'm so impressed with this poem! I hope you do it again next week!

Now where are all these other Poetry Monday folks?
Follow the link in the post to Rhian's joint. She's got everyone linked there.
the poem was great!
thanks for the visit,
I am wondering if I heard of from you or another source? also have you seen "" an exchange of used books that is brilliant.

I love books.
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