Friday, April 13, 2007


Susan Speaks: Lots to Party about!

First off, come hang with me today at Working Stiffs. I sort of like it there; hope you do, too. (but not more than here! How dare you?)

My site was nominated for The Blogitzer!

Secondly, my buddy Claire nominated me for a Blogger's Choice Award. Please go vote for me.

That's it for now, but isn't that party-worthy? No? Then try this on for size: Penguins. Sid the Kid and the Wonder Twins in the post-season for the first time.

And some really great confections from my favorite baker to go along with them. Let's go Pens!

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Love the penguins! (the edible ones)

I don't follow hockey at all, but it has come to my attention that the Sabres are in the post-season. (he he he)

Off to Working Stiffs now...
Oh, btw, I did go vote for the blog and left a comment ;)
Hello Sunshine! Finally found the game on the radio [internet] and look who won - DEVIL'S! Yippee! I'll eat your penguin treat and enjoy every ounce of sugar with pleasure :-)

Voted for you, of course. Have fun today.
Oh, Tilly... them's fighting words...

And I'd like to see you eat an entire penguin in one sitting (why does everything I say to you urge me to raise and lower my eyebrows in a leer?) -- apparently, it's sort of like sticking an entire Cadbury Creme Egg into your mouth and getting it down before you spit it out.

(and there I go again with the leers!)

Thanks for the votes, everyone!
Those penguin pastries are ADORABLE.

I don't really follow hockey, but send positive vibes to your team! :)

Oh yes, and hello from Michele's!
those penguins are so cute! i wish someone would make shark cupcakes!

michele sent me!

Go Sharks Go!!!
Can't argue about the Sharks; I've long been a Sharks fan (sorry Karen).

I believe the Tour Manager has embarked on a plan to obtain penguins... We shall see; Stay tuned for actual pictures (perhaps with me in one?)!

And vote for me, people!
Hey -- Congrats and I'm going over to vote for you right now.
btw - I asked you a question over on my blog so please go answer :)
WOO-HOO! I´m off to vote right now, Miss Blogitzer!
Good luck!. I tried to vote but my log-in was invalidated!
Michele says good luck also.
Ok, I'm off to vote!!!
I can handle the problem :-) As for the leering, eyebrows wiggling, hmmm, I may have an answer for that on Wednesday! I'm inspired so you'd best watch out.
How did I miss this? Off to look over at Working Stiffs. :)
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