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Susan's Book Talk: Are you a Sfardic?

In Jewish communities, a Sephardic Jew is one who hails, roughly, from Spain. That's how I always remember it: Sephardic, Spain. S, S. You get the idea, even though the geographical area is actually a bit bigger than the one country.

So what's a Sfardic?

My term for a fan of Joann Sfar, a (incidentally Jewish) fabulous graphic novelist. I first encountered him via The Rabbi's Cat and have since picked up Vampire Loves and a few of the Dungeon books. I can't get enough. In fact, I've taken a few out of my local library and somehow have wound up with two copies of The Rabbi's Cat. I mean, how can you argue with a cat who gains the power of speech (in a way that's simply brilliant) and demands a Bar Mitzvah?

To say I've flipped over this talented, creative, insightful, wise, and funny as hell artist/storyteller/what-have-you is an understatement. And now, with a new release on the shelves, you don't have an excuse to stay away.


Ha ha, a cat demanding a bar mitzvah. I always figure my cat worships Bast. Seems like as a crazy cat lady, it's my duty to check these books out!
Michele sent me today...This man is an interesting "artist"...! I'm not a reader of these kinds of books but I can certainly appreciate the talent that goes into these drawings.
Wow what a compelling recommendation! I'll definately have to check him out next time I'm trawling my favourite book shop. Thank you.

Here via Michele today
My son has read the Rabbi's Cat, but I didn't realize there were more in the series. I'll have to look for more Sfar books when I'm in my bookshop tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.

Here via Michele
I'll have to check her out - thanks for stopping by my place last week, Michele sent me again this week!
Well, you really do learn something new everyday! A new author to check out AND a new term.
Thanks for stopping by my joint today. Sorry it took me so long to get back. Would you believe...I was writing?

Can you recommend a great POD publisher? I've got Another Blog that I'm about ready to publish on paper. Only a few copies at a time.
I read The Source by Michener years ago and remember that Ashkenazi/Sephardim thing now that you mention it.
Ooh...looks like I am logged in.

As usually milady, you have stumbled on a treasure, and I thank you for sharing the information.
If that second copy is looking for a new home.... wink
Wow, Michelle! The Source. I read that EONS ago; my dad gave it to me and it was the thickest thing I'd ever seen in my life. I think I started it six times but never finished it...
I will add that one to the long list of book recs I get from all the nice people here in blogdom. I just did a book review last week. Have you read "Honeymoon in Purdah? I recommend that one!

Michele sent me.
Good morning! Michele sent me.
I think this is the second book I've read about here that I've made a mental note to get- I have a good friend who is Jewish and it's something I'd like to know more about so I'm sure I'll find this interesting.
Thanks Susan! Always gald to be here:)
Is anyone having trouble getting into Michele's blog?
S - this post made me smile. After the events of the past 24 hours, that's a good thing.

I rushed to my library's website (as fast as my mouse and fingers would go) to see if they had The Rabbi's Cat. Lo and behold - they did! So it's been requested and I suppose I should be getting a call in the next couple days. Sounds like just the sort of book I could use right now.

Thanks for the rec... :)
Ok, definitely going on the wishlist.

However... what are you going to do with that second copy of The Rabbi's Cat? :whistle:
I'm an Ashkenazi, alas. Eastern European through and through, with a bit of Israeli mixed in for good measure.

I'd pay money to see a cat praying.
What a fabulous book - uh, graphic novel. I requested from the library and picked it up last Friday. I read it Saturday night/Sunday morning and loved most of it.

I think Mark would like it... if he gave it a chance. Alas, he's poo-poo'ed the idea, so back to the library it goes.

So, this non-Jew enjoyed it, although I think some of it's very Jewish-centric and perhaps went over my head.

Thanks for the rec, S. You did well again.
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