Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Susan's Fashion File: Accessorizing

Levi's at Costco: $16.99

Way Cool Belt at Roberta Weissburg Leathers: $88

Keeping your pants from puddling at your knees: Priceless.

Best of all, the jeans in question are a size too small. Explain that.

I am so very rock and roll, aren't I?


I love clothing, but I would rather spend $495 on some Minolo Blahnik's than $88 on a belt. I'm not into belts.

Ok, I'm so tired I can't think straight today.
I'm usually not into belts, either, but man, I was tired of hiking my pants back up!
LOLOL ... Susan, you crack me up! :-)
Holy cow! $88 on a belt? Why can't you get a cheaper one? :P
I'm way cheaper can't you tell? hehe
Ever been in the grocery store and feel your pants sliding over your hips? It sucks! Once over the hip bump, they're just a strait fall to the ground.
LOL! I would never spend $88 on a belt, but lately I could definitely use one and/or some new smaller jeans.
Scoop, oh, how well you know!

It's REALLY bad when the jeans you're trying to grab and keep up are zipped inside a ski jacket... one that covers your hips (so at least if the pants go, you're still covered).

Yeah, guys, I'd have preferred to spend less. But man, this is a BELT. I love it, and that alone makes it a bargain.
I can understand the price though, those belt shown on the web site are fantastic.

You are very lucky to have such a talanted artist nearby :)
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