Saturday, April 14, 2007


Susan's Too Overwhelmed to Speak: More Blogger Choice

My site was nominated for The Blogitzer!

Wow. Every time I check in at the Blogger's Choice Awards, I see that some smartass has nominated me for more. Best blog design? Hottest Mommy Blogger?

My site was nominated for Best Blog Design!

My site was nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger!

Well, *I* may not think I belong there, but you guys apparently do, and I'm not going to argue. No way, nuh-uh, for-get it.

My site was nominated for Best Blog of All Time!

Instead, I'm going to say thanks and to let you in on a secret: I'm working on something that I think you guys will really dig. Yeah, okay, there's an outtake in the works that'll have you Mitchell lovers going nuts. Anyone who laughs until they cries will get a special award from me, even.

But there's more. So stay tuned. Tell your friends to stop by and visit. And most of all, keep voting! I'll admit it: if I can't win, I at least want to be on the first page, for maximum exposure. Let's flood this joint with groupies.

Trevor will be a very happy boy.

And a big thanks to our blogging/author goddess, Colleen Gleason. I won a copy of The Rest Falls Away and not only did it arrive yesterday, Colleen's got a way with an inscription. Wow!


You'll have to send out an alert to tell us when you're ready.
Best wishes
Congrats, Susan! That's so exciting! And I'm sure Trevor would love the idea of groupies. :-D
Congrats dear, but why the surprise? Your blog is great, Susan :-)
Thanks, guys. Yes, Thomma, Trevor LOVES groupies. A lot.

But even more, he loves what they do for him.
I guess you'll just have to graciously accept all the adulation. If people enjoy your blog, you'll just have to believe them.
Congrats on all the nominations and votes, Susan! You are ROCKIN' on the front page of... everything!
Thanks, Wylie! Front page of everything, or just your heart? *grin*

Oh, don't choke to death on my sappiness, okay??? *bigger grin*
Wow! That is totally awesome! Congratulations, Susan!
Wow! Congrats on all the nominations! That is so cool. When do they announce the winners? (And how are you going to celebrate?)
Voting closes on 22 May, and the winners will be announced on 2 June, at their big convention.

As for celebrating, I'm going to bring you guys better and better stuff. Seems like the best way to thank you for all your support.
SWEET!!! That's way awesome. Ok, I've gone and voted for ya!!!
*woot* Rock the Vote!
'S nice to have friends.
Isn't it?
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