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The ultra gorgeous Sanni at Coffee2Go tagged me last week with the music meme: what seven songs are you currently into?



What are you, nuts???

You really expect me, music-lover extraordinaire, to pick seven songs?

That's like asking my fictional character of Trevor Wolff to pick his favorite seven women he's slept with. Or asking my fictional character of Mitchell Voss to pick his favorite guitar. Or asking my fictional character of Chelle LaFleur to pick the seven best shows she's been to in her lifetime. (If you don't know or are too lazy to follow the link back to her bio, Chelle's a music journalist and goes to lots of shows.)

In a sense, it's like asking someone to pick their favorite author based on single books. Yeah, I loved Lalita Tademy's Cane River, but does that mean I'll love everything she wrote? (and no, I haven't gotten my hands on Red River yet. But hey, it's Buy a Friend a Book Week, isn't it?)

Besides, my favorite song changes based on what's playing at the moment. Really. Truly.

Thus, I'll compromise with you guys, who are probably rolling your eyes at the way I've managed to tie books and music together yet again. Here are my seven hot bands of the moment:

1. Metallica
2. Disturbed

Okay, those two are probably always and forever choices. Too bad if you don't like it. More for me. (Anyone seen the great bike jerseys in the Metallica store? I've got a birthday this month, you know... Wear a medium...)

3. Flyleaf
4. Linkin Park (new stuff May 15! Single just out!)
5. Godsmack

Those are really good, solid bands. I have high hopes for the future of Flyleaf, especially, and I'm hating life because I won't be able to see them when they're in town next week. I really like how Godsmack's songwriting is maturing with them. You can tell they learned a lot from their recent tour with... guess who (see #1 if you're not sure).

And then two bands who I always flip to when I see them playing on my XM Online:
6. Iron Maiden
7. Queensryche

Just some classic rock and roll with an attitude. Speaking of Iron Maiden and books, I never managed to get my hands on Bruce Dickinson's fictional attempt from the early 90s. One of my record label reps at the time (back during my radio days) told me he did NOT want me to see it. He wouldn't give me a reason, and I always honored his ... uhh... directive. But now, Jim won't return my e-mails to see how the hell he's doing, so bring on The Adventures of Lord Iffy Fairbarn, or whatever the frell it was called...

As for who to tag next, go for it, folks. Talk music to me and amongst yourselves.

Back in a few to answer Rashenbo's latest tag, all about balance.

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LOL I could never pick just seven songs either.

And new Linkin Park soon?! Gonna have to check it out. :-)
Thanks for playing! I love the way you tied the books and music together. You truely have an excellent taste in music. I canĀ“t wait to listen to the new LinkinĀ“ Park stuff =)


San, the ultra gorgeous (tee-hee), but nuts German bookworm =)
Focusing on seven songs is hard, even for those of us who don't fall into the "music-lover extraordinaire" category
I just got tagged on that same meme.
(Ash hates meme's. with fire of a two thousand suns. hatesssssss)

Great list BTW.
sorry, Linkin Park is so so so overrated
Ducky, you're probably right, but I like Linkin 'cause I like their music. I've never been one to follow hype or trends (which is why I'm not published yet!).

My jury's still out on the new single, to be honest.
Only 7?!?!? Now Way! I could never choose just 7. 7 artists/bands, maybe, but that's stretching it, too!

Thanks for visiting my blog, come back any time...I'll be back here, for sure! :)
Ack! Songs? Songs! You're right - can't pick just seven, but I think I could do the bands/artists. Maybe.

BTW, did you see this article today? (Let's see if my HTML skills are still existent.) My first thought was, "That's so rock & roll!" Then again, I think Keith's pretty much in a world of his own.

Seven songs/bands/artists, eh? I'm thinking... Other than Bruce?
Eew. That is just gross.

I don't think Trevor would do that. But I'll file it away for a future character! *grin*
I love Disturbed! Their cover of Land of Confusion is awesome!
I love Linkin Park. I don't think I could pick seven, it was bad enough narrowing down to thirteen last week.
mmmm Queensryche.

I don't know whether to faint that I've found another fan out there or boot up the Mindcrime mp3s.

Probably should go with the latter, eh?
Definitely do the latter. It's hard to listen when you're passed out.

I wouldn't know what to pick. I think you chose a good middle ground for this meme. *pssst* I like it when you tie music and books.
So, do you rock out around your house when you're home alone?
The house, the car, my headphones at the gym... you name it, I'm rocking. It's rare that music's not playing around here.
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