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Thursday Thirteen #26 -- Farming the Home

A few weeks back, we took a closer look at Mitchell's desk and the stuff on it. Last week, we were pondering the issue of rock stars and their names.

One thing I've always wanted my fiction to stress is the way in which my rock stars are normal people. Sure, not all of the stars in real life are normal (and not all of the stars I create here at the Meet-and-Greet or in book-length fiction will be), but it's more fun to relate to real people who are living our dreams than it is to try to relate to some diva who clubs her assistants with her cell phone -- and then makes them go buy her a new one.

When I first envisioned Kerri and Mitchell, I couldn't see them -- Mitchell especially -- living in one of those houses featured on MTV's Cribs. So I created the farm house.

Here you go. A glimpse inside (not very Cribs-style, I'm afraid, but if you really want a look inside their refrigerator, ask. It could be fun.)...

Thirteen Things About Mitchell and Kerri's Farm house

1. It used to belong to Mitchell's parents' friend Wayne.

2. Wayne sold it to Mitchell for, effectively, peanuts.

3. The house sits on 3 acres on top of a rather steep hill.

4. The land below it used to be farmed, back when Riverview was first founded. It wasn't particularly good farmland, and was more valuable for its proximity to the growing downtown.

5. The other houses on the street are owned by corporate executives and other rich types (including a few of the Riverview Otter baseball players).

6. When Mitchell bought the house, an old barn remained behind the garage. It was Kerri's idea to convert the barn into a guest wing that they'd attach to the house. One bedroom for each band member.

7. The kitchen still had a rustic feel and needed to be modernized. Val designed it, and as a wedding gift, stocked it with everything Mitchell and Kerri could possibly need -- and a lot they don't. (Like Mitchell, who hates coffee, would use an espresso machine?)

8. The attic had already been turned into living space; maid's quarters, to be exact. Mitchell converted it to studio space for Kerri and chopped holes in the roof to install skylights.

9. Wayne had fenced the property, so his dogs could run loose. Mitchell and Kerri decided that would make good fan control.

10. In what had once been a formal parlor, Kerri painted a life-size likeness of the band on the longest wall. The rest of the room is treated as a trophy room, and the room is rarely used.

11. Mitchell and Kerri had the original hardwood refinished. It is in the TV room, kitchen, and front entry.

12. Kerri hates the front entry; it's too dark and the steps are too close to the front door. Even painting the walls a bright yellow didn't help open it up.

13. Mitchell's office is part of the old-barn addition. It's his retreat and the only reason he can stand doing most of the business stuff the band demands of him.

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Fabulous idea! I love the header image... if only I could have a farm house like that?

A home is so fundamentally important to us... and how we keep our home is a direct reflection of that.

I think it's fantastic that you've put so much thought into their home. It would be a wonderful place to live!
I want that Farm House. That's a gorgeous home.

Sounds like a great place to live. *sigh* I hate living in the City.
Sounds absolutely wonderful. When I first started writing as a young teenager I spent an inordinate about of time on my characters and fleshing out all the details. I think it's much more fun than the actual writing.
I can't believe the detail you pay attention to (or should that be, create!!) Awesome!!!

But I do miss Walter...
What a beautiful farm house -- like Mitchell, I hate business stuff, but if I were in a band, I could stand to do the necessary business stuff in a lovely place like that, too. :)

Thanks for a nifty post! I so enjoy learning about your characters and their environs.

Happy TT!
Oh wow, that sounds like a dream! My heart went all pitter-patter ... I think you've just described my dream house.

Happy Thursday Thirteen, Susan!
Susan - living in your head must be utterly fascinating 24/7. You give new meaning to parallel universes. And the way you can throw open the door and let everyone walk around, conveying the richness of environment...sigh.
Susan! Glad to be back. I love this farmhouse. In my opinion, every story needs one, no matter the genre! Okay, maybe not every genre. Hey thanks for stopping by and for the referral to Yeagerspice - I'll definitely check them out! Happy TTing,
A Flyover Blog
Sounds like a great place...
I really like the part of joining the barn to the house.

Thanks for the read Mitch
I'd love to live in an old farmhouse!
That's fun! I loved the tour :)
Sounds like the farm house from "Charlotte's Web!"
Sounds like a great place to live. I love all the details you've included, like the fence to keep out crazy fangirls. :-)
I love that house. If they ever decide to sell, I'm buying! The commute might be a touch problematic though. Is it close to an airport?
But certainly Mitchell needs the espresso maker when he's playing host? He can't possibly *gasp* NOT offer coffee to people?

Lovely house, but I would have gone with something smaller...
That's one house I'd like to live in! I love my home, but it's totally different...
Thanks for visiting my TT.
I love that house you have up there. What a welcoming looking place. I'd trade it for my apartment any day!

Great list and a great way to really think about your characters and who they are.
You'd make a wonderful real estate agent for the rockers :-) Umm, I was wondering, what about the it a decadent space or not?
I only can say that the house looks nice, because I don't know the persons you are talking about, lol !
I feel for the neighbors. I bet they irritate the neighbors just for fun.
That is a gorgeous farm house, and I love how you wove it into the story. Very cool!

PS I mooched Metrogirl off you - but I asked that it be sent to my mom's addy in the US!
Sam - (Jennifer)
Wow, that DOES sound like a great place to live! What good insight into their characters, too!!
I have to agree I love the house in the header. I love hardwood floors. Can I move in with M and K? *G*
Another wonderful TT.

Yes, we do want to see what's inside the fridge! OJ and...

But, S, doesn't Kerri drink coffee? at least occasionally?
I love that Kerri tried to fix the entrance with yellow paint and that it didn't work.
Hmmmmm, interesting:)
Wow, so beautiful!
You're a great tour guide. ;)

Have a good Thursday!
I love the farmhouse. It looks like a very pleasant place for your characters to live.
Thanks for coming by my T13.
Great idea and nice TT. I really learned alout about the characters.
It sounds like a wonderful place. I always wanted an attic...
happy TT!
Wow, I want this house! You've made it so real, I can already picture myself struggling up that hill, eager to get homw...searching for the dogs, who got outdesperate for a coffee and searching in the kitchen for the espresso machine that Mitchell hid.
I'm a T13 fisrt one is up too:)
I want to live there!

Awesome freaking house, I'm drooling just looking at it!
The Farm House look great, I want to live in it *grin*. What a beautiful place

Happy TT - have a good day!
Hey- this is the best kind of therapy, and not only that, but you're getting me into writing!

And another thing...thanks for the comment on my blog. You leave the nicest messages...:)
You're definitely gonna be my 'happy' pill!
And you're right...I'm Holding My Head Up High...and Moving On!!
I am disappointed in the lack of toile
How's FIVE AND A HALF grab you, Duck? (two and a half in the main house and three in the guest wing -- one for each room)

Yeah, it'll make the resale hard, but now you know why they have a housekeeper. YOU want to clean all those toilets?
I enjoy how you really get into the characters. Whether you use it or not in the book, the background is right there, in the background, per se. You can always tell if an author hasn't envisioned background.

Happy TT!
I do enjoy the way your characters are complete. That, and I WANT A HOUSE LIKE THAT!!! Especially the kitchen already stocked.
Happy TT13!
Excellent post! Happy TT!
Well, I want that farm house, too. I guess I´ll have to share it with Mitchell, Kerri and ... the whole blogosphere =)
man, you really hash out the details on every little thing with your characters, it's awesome! love the house. happy tt! thanks for stopping by!!
Sounds preetttyyyy :)
Wow that sounds like a great house!

Happy Thursday!
Ok, your comment got me here, but this post has me marking it down to come back for a long visit. =) This looks great!

NHL, I absolutely would miss it! Here's how my family is rooting for the playoffs: Me-Devils, DH-Devils (now that TBL is out), ds#1-NYR, ds#2-Canucks, dd#1-SJS, dd#2-doesn't care...she's only 3, but sheesh, come on...get with the program girlie. lol! Who are you pulling for?
What an amazing imagination you have. So detailed. Sounds lovely!
so i'm not the only one who has to visualize my character's environments as vividly as their inner and outer persons before I can tell their story. Do you draw floor plans and maps?

thanx for visiting my TT re free online ebooks
Fantastic, Susan! OK, how about next time you let us inside their kitchen? I wanna know what they have in there and what they love to eat and drink ;)

I love farm houses!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I noticed on your profile your favorite bands. I love the same bands! Tool is coming to my town. I am so going! :o)
Have a nice weekend.
How fun! Your attention to detail is phenomenal!
I like the sound of this house... now I need to find me a real life Wayne who will sell me such a lovely place for next to nothing. Here's dreaming!
I'm like Mitchell, I don't like coffee!!!
Yup, I'm lazy and busy this week, almost forgot about TT!!
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