Friday, May 18, 2007


Susan's Inside Writing: Feeling Good About Things

Check out what my friend Breeni is up to!

Click HERE.

Other odds and ends:
1. The promised outtake featuring Val and her kitchen, to tie into this week's Thursday Thirteen, is still forthcoming. But you all need to see the interview before I bury it under fiction. *grin*

2. Details on the summer reading contest are starting to come together. Be prepared to join in by the end of June.

3. I'm up to more than just a summer reading contest. Stay tuned; we'll make a small difference in the world together.

4. I did a good peanut gallery impersonation the other day and won the "most creative" award for it. Check it out.

5. It's a really cool feeling when you're standing with a small group of people and before you can break into the conversation to introduce yourself, literary agent Jenny Rappaport reads your name tag and says, "Oh, Susan! Hi!" You'd think we're old friends. Given how much we have in common, separated at birth might be more like it.

There it is, folks. The power of blogging at work.

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I saw the interview earlier today. Congrats. :D
Thanks, Sarah!
Great interview! I couldn't keep clicking on the other links because of my ancient computer with the incredibly slow processor. Every time I return to West of Mars it takes about 2 minutes for your blog to load back up. So I'll preserve my sanity on this cheery note of enjoying the look at your bookshelf and getting to know more about your history with Trevor's Song.
Power of Blogging, indeed! Congrats on all good things.
Very good interview! I wouldn't mind imagining that experience, LOL. It sure worked in Almost Famous!

Yeah, Miss Snark. Man. That's depressing.
Wonderful news on all accounts Susan!!! That last sounds so interesting and appealing to me at this precise moment, LOL!!! Best wishes and cheers to good things, may they keep coming!!
Congrats on the interview and #5 - COOL!! :)
Totally cool interview! :)
Thanks, guys.

Looking forward to hearing more about two and three.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog today from Michele's! I haven't had the pleasure of being here before, but I LOVE books so this is looking great to me. I can't wait to explore!!

(and p.s. I do actually do triathlons, not just read about them - - I responded more completely on my blog).
Here from Michele this early eevening....Much to take in! I need to go visit all those links now! Hope your weekend was a lovely one!
Congratulations! Lots of exciting stuff. And yes, power of blogging indeed -- it's awesome, isn't it? :)
Loved the interview. And what's this about a summer reading contest?
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