Monday, May 28, 2007


Susan's Monday Poetry: Help!

I am being held
in my own home
by my children
I swear,
have been taught
Advanced Torture Techniques
by their friends.

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Whoa, can I ever relate to this, LOL! My youngest, especially, is already a pro at making me scream for mercy.
Holy cow! Between you and Emily I'm snorting my BLT while choking on laughter! Awesome poem!
Great poem. Thanks for the laugh.
I imagine it written on a crumpled piece of paper tossed out an attic window...
My kid's FRIENDS THEMSELVES are using the advanced torture techniques. They've been told that they may not come over til 2 weeks after my surgery. Yet they keep calling several times a day and asking my son if they can come over. DO NO OTHER PARENTS BUT ME TEACH BOUNDARIES RESPECT ANY MORE?????
Very funny!
HEE!! Love the poem.
I was going to say "But, it's not Monday yet" until I realized that it actually is. It's amazing how a long, holiday weekend can confuse you.

Anyway, great poem.
lol. sparked memories of certain babysitting jobs, memories that haunt my nightmares to this day.

this is my first ride on the Monday Poetry Train:
LOL! Considering I just spent 13 hours in the car with my children after an entire week with them in a tiny one bedroom apartment... I feel your PAIN. "Mom, she's touching me." "Mom, she's got her head on my pillow." "Mom, She ate the last fruit roll up!"

I imagine the words scratched upon the sole of a shoe and then tossed over a fence - much like an empty bottle floating in the sea... the poor shoe with its tearful message sits forlorn on the curb... *sob* It was a good shoe too.

This is the Mommy's National Anthem, or at least it should be.
I agree with Penina. It should be the Mommy's National Anthem. ;)
GOD!!! YES!!!

The three year old and 12 year old are okay--though demanding. But 8 makes me beg for mercy--or a strong drink--at least once a day.

Is summer almost over yet?

Hugs, great poem!!

The last three lines...LOL! Just don't feed them sugar, Susan, and they'll get tired in only a few days. :D

Ya, me too. Then I go to the EDJ and the Lawyers there are like children, so I get it 24 /7.
It's like 'letter in a bottle' poetry.

You're in Florida and the Kids are off school now are they?

Mine is. It's only been one day, and they've extended the holidays this year to go onto the same timetable as northern schools (starting later in Aug not early Aug).

I think I might head to the doc and get him to refill not only the wellbutrin but add in a side of Xanax.
I am being held
in my own home
by my children"

Emily Veinglory, your image of the paper tossed from the window added a whole other dimension to it!

Compact and poignant even within the humour. Keep 'em coming, Susan.
Good one! I can relate, particularly now that summer has officially started...
LOL!!! I'm late but had to comment on this awesome poem!! Great job, Susan!
I think my son has been taught that too. lol great poem!
Are my kids over there?
Oh! That is FUNNY! And so TRUE! Thanks for the great poem!
Ok, find a melody writer to put this to music so we an all sing it together to our kids -- repeatedly.
LOL. I have been there.
LMAO. I love this one.
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