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Thursday Thirteen #27 -- What's in the kitchen?

Last week, I created Mitchell and Kerri's farmhouse for you, but didn't do it totally Cribs style, by showing you what's in their refrigerator. By popular demand... not just their fridge, but foods found in their pantry, as well.

Here you go.

Thirteen mostly food-type things in Mitchell and Kerri's kitchen

1. orange juice, beer, and Mountain Dew (Mitchell's drinks of choice, in order of preference, by and large)

2. pancake mix (This is important in the opening chapter of Trevor's Song.)

3. coffee (Yeah, Kerri goes for it when M's not around.)

4. brownie mix, as seen here

5. apples, oranges, grapes, and pears

6. Dragon Food -- a box of catfood that Kerri recovered and that she uses to threaten him with when he shapeshifts from his usual, mild-mannered self into the dragon his fans know and love.

7. jarred mushrooms, as seen here

8. Salad fixings -- varieties of lettuce, bell peppers, cucumber, carrots, broccoli, celery, cauliflower. Most of these make convenient snack foods, too.

9. bread that Val made by hand (no bread machine for her) and gave Kerri, who'd just finished the loaf she'd put in her bread machine. (You think an artist has time to knead dough?)

10. six kinds of balsamic vinegar, as seen here

11. random sketch pads and pencils that Kerri leaves places -- the pantry, the kitchen table, the counters

12. potato chips (ever notice how Mitchell's always eating them? They also have a part in the current WIP.)

13. ice cream, chocolate sauce, and other things that leave the sheets a disaster but are darn fun at the time.

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Always interesting to see what's in someones kitchen. It tells a lot about people. 13... woohoo!

My TT lists the 13 goals of a witch, with my thoughts on them.
Again with the AMAZING attention to detail! Your characters are becoming 'realer' than most of my friends!
coffee AND pancakes *yum*

So, when can I crash for breakfast?
Yeah, Wylie, well... umm... you see, I have no life and therefore must spend hours and days on this sort of thing in order to keep myself amused...
I saw that brownie mix and immediately wanted chocolate! I am so hungry now.
Thank you for stopping by, and your welcome to TT! That sure is a lot of vinegar! .. :) And yes, we do share a pretty cool name .. ;)
We always have pancake mix and chips around my place. I can really relate to your characters. :)

And now I'm hungry!
It's fascinating to see how fleshed out your characters are.
Sounds like an awesome kitchen! I could deal with it :-)
I know that the brownie mix is dark chocolate. ;)
OMG, do you remember that?

I finally found dark chocolate cocoa. I need to make brownies with it.
Wow, oh, wow. But where's the soy sauce? Giggles.
Well, you knew THAT was there. Why repeat myself?
LOL! I love 13.....

I forget that these are not real people. Well, they are real to you.
Sounds like a tasty place! Can't beat Mountain Dew, pancake mix, jarred mushrooms and ice cream.

Not all together, of course. ;-D

Happy TT!
at least some of it is healthy! wish i could say the same for myself!!! happy tt! thanks for coming by!!
What do jarred mushrooms taste like? I'm spoiled, we get to buy them fresh all the time!
I love the brownie outtake. It makes me want chocolate too. But #13 has to be my favorite of the list. :-)
Happy TT!
What a fun way to get people hooked on your book, and I agree--awesome detail!

Happy T13!
My dream kitchen would have a separate freezer full of Ben and Jerry's.
that lots of food in the kitchen. I have non of them beside coffee. :p
Love the Dragon Food idea, and I cracked up when I got to number 8.

Happy TT!
mmm..... all this TTing about food and I was already hungry.

This pair sound ok to me!
Ummm, jarred muchrooms? I'm passing those by for the ice cream and chocolate sauce :-)
So much fun, as always. And a great excuse to go back and read some previous scenes, too. :)
Brownies, yummy!p
NICE--this is really such a good character-building exercise!!!

Plus, you made me hungry, so thanks a lot. LOL
WOW, their kitchen is better stocked than mine!!! You should have her drink Venezuelan is THE best!!! Of course, she will have to GO to Venezuela to get it.
Thanks for coming by my T13, have a great day.
Great list! We have a lot of that in our pantry too. Especially the chips and that's a problem for me. I have no will power.
I wondered about the signing for voting under another e-mail address. Hmmm, interesting....
mmmmm brownies.

Darn you -- I have brownie mix in my own cupboard and now it's all I can think about.
I love #11, the sketch pads and pencils Kerri leaves behind like Hansel & Gretel's bread crumb trail.
Happy Thursday!
Another fun TT. Glad to see Kerri's showing her colors (at least where coffee's concerned :P). Love the Dragon Food and how you've referenced your outtakes.
Mountain Dew is the bomb. But what kind of coffee, chips and ice cream
Salad, coffee and Pancakes and a notepad and pencils.... hmmmm sounds like a plan.
What a great idea for a TT! I'll have to do that for my July release.
We could not go without the salad makings! My husband could not do without tomatoes or ice cream! Good list!

Check out my TT today.
Jarred mushrooms? Really?

That sounds horrible. Of course, I'm not a fan of mushrooms...
I had to laugh when I read your wonderful kitchen list, Susan, because it so clearly reveals how we writers get thoroughly wrapped up in the lives of the characters we create. LOL I know for me it’s like they’re real, living, breathing individuals. And I can see it’s the same for you. ;-)
Yes yes... but what kind of potato chips? Salt and Vinegar? Sour Cream and Onion? BBQ? :)
Plain tater chips, of course. Kerri won't kiss him when he has sour cream and onion breath. Well, she WILL. She just gives him grief about it.
Plain? Does he at least get some queso or bean dip :) Then people can harass him about his need for beano :D

Oh, saw a blog post I thought you might get a kick out of reading:
Well, I haven´t had a Montain Dew for ages, but a beer a few minutes ago *blushing* - it´s 09:50 pm in my part of the world.

You´ll always find coffee, orange juice, various kinds of balsamic vinegar (4 at present), different kinds of salad and potatoe chips (for Frank) in my kitchen. So Mitchell and Kerri´s kitchen is stuffed perfectly for me - another great reason to move into the farm house =)
no chips here. pancake mix, though.
Happy TT13!!
It interesting to take peek at what in people kitchen *grin*..

Thanks for inviting us to see your character was fun! Coffee and pancake...yummmm
Mmm! Most of that stuff is quite delicious!

But wow, how do you keep track of all the food items you've used in the story and outtakes? I'm guessing you have a really good memory. :)
I keep VERY careful notes.
Pretty much what my kitchen has...except the dragon food. Where can i get that?
Lots of yummy stuff in your kitchen :)

Coffee...give me lots of coffee...LOL!

Happy Thursday :)
Your posts are so much fun that I'm gonna go try and track you down in that awful Bloggers Choice and vote for you! I wish it was easy and if you clicked on the link to vote, you'd just find your person to vote for...but no!!! Whoever created this design should be spanked! Oh, that's my other blog--Blog-Blond. I guess there was a brief possession! :-)
Hi Helen...thanx for visiting me earlier on. Love your site and I am very jealous of that kitchen..It's a great mix of ingredients and goodies!!!
Contents sound very familiar. Fun idea to list.

Michele says hello!
# 4, 6 and 13 are things I really love too. Thought I'd get out of my mood and read your T13 list which is oh so yummy (I asked for a peek in their kitchen last time ;)

Take care.
#9 is making me hungry, and #13 made me smile! i love the attention to detail!

thanks for stopping by!
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