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Thursday Thirteen #28 -- Let's hit the Road

If you've been here during the first part of this week, you know that I wrote two interlinked outtakes in honor of a comment Rashenbo made about last week's TT, Thirteen Things in Mitchell and Kerri's kitchen.

If you haven't read the outtakes yet (and why not?) but want to read the Thirteen before you do, let's just suffice to say that they take place very early in the band's career, when they are a little more dependent on the kindness of others -- but what sometimes seems to be kindness backfires.

Anyway, since it's summer and since it ties in so nicely, here's Thirteen Things To Eat While RoadTripping

1. Mountain Dew
2. Potato Chips
3. Oreos
4. Slim Jims
5. apples
6. Peanuts
7. Twizzlers
8. popcorn
9. doughnuts
10. cheap beer (hey, road trips take pit stops!)
11. pizza
12. fast food, especially milkshakes
13. sunflower seeds

Happy trails, everyone!

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I don't think I'd last on one of their road trips, but it sounds like good eats (if I were a teenager and didn't gain weight).
Happy Thursday!
I can't believe it is already Thursday - where has this week gone?

I have a couple short road trips in the works for this summer... rereading your list I realize there's one very important thing that's missing: coffee! :D
Mt. Dew works, but you just have to pick up some coffee when you stop at Dunkin' to get your donuts.
LOLOL I love road trips...haven't done them in a while. But you certainly summed up the essentials! :D

Rhonda Stapleton
Oh how I miss sunflower seeds!
With three young monsters, road trips for us today mean a potty break every 23 miles. Every 12 miles if any drinks are allowed.
Im not really a Mountain Dew lover but I agree with the rest:) Especially the Oreo's!
mmmm - love me some twizzlers! Did i miss twinkies on the list? I thought those and Ho-ho's were mandatory band food.
I wanna know how the hell something as healthy and good-for-you as apples snuck into that list of otherwise great road trip grub. LOL
One word, Daisy: Mitchell.

Besides, he has fun throwing the cores at whoever's sitting in the back seat.
Mmmm a roadtrip might be in order after reading this list. Add in good old Canadian 'Cheezies' and this list would be complete for me.
I am enjoying your mars blog. I was looking for an old friend. The search engines are confusing. If I put in "Mars" to find this friend, your blog pops up. Glad I stopped by, though. I am enjoying visiting different blogs as I am not familiar with the 21st century and this is how I learn.


Henri de Montmorency
I haven't drank Mountain Dew or any kind of pop in about seven years (and I don't really like anything that tastes like alcohol), but most of this stuff sounds like good travel food to me. It reminds me of the stuff we ate during my college days while traveling from Nebraska to Chicago in a van stuffed to the gills with 4 girls (5 counting Willow), and 10 guys. Although I think the fruit was mostly just thrown around at unsuspecting sleepy passengers. :-)

Happy TT!
I would be as big as house if I ate like that. How can they do this ALL THE TIME???

Happy Thursday.

I have moved my blog.
Nancy, teenage boys, on the road... not eating much else BUT this... What can I say?

Henri, I hope you'll hang out with us more often -- and that you find your friend. Sorry to be hogging all the Mars search engine results, but I'm trying to take over the world, here!
Twizzlers are the best road food ever. Esp on the second day when they are slightly chewy.
Great list (minus the slim jims) - hopefully I'll be taking a road trip this summer.
My TT13 is up at
Ah yes! Hubby and I took a road trip a couple of years ago and we had all kinds of munchies: potato chips and the makings for ham and cheese sandwiches, and yes oh yes, slim jims and peanuts -- and hee hee, pizza and fast food came in there, too!

Happy TT my friend, and thanks for visiting mine. :)
I would have to stop for a potty break every hour if I drank Mountain Dew on a road trip! And I'd second the Dunkin' doughnuts--we get the munchkins in the big box.

Happy T13!
I think young musicians in concert can afford to eat whatever they want. It all gets used up onstage. It's the aging rockers that have to go for the organic veggie wraps, etc. Although I don't count The Boss in that category - he still uses up more energy in one concert than I did from ages 3 to 11.
I went on road trip once. We took along some soda drink in ice pack. And some chips. Sadly we didn't eat all of them. By the time we got to our destiny, they were not empty LOL!

I might consider taking all the stuff you listed, except for beer and Mountain Dew, because I prefer Sprite *grin* Great list! Happy T13 - hope you have a nice Mother's Day weekend!
You can't possibly have a road trip without Doritos and onion dip!
Since I'll be on a mini-road trip end of next week... I'll be picking up most the items on this list! :) I love peanut m&m's and twizzlers. Toss a couple in and then chew some licorice... it's a yummy combination, but it does NOT help my diet... course... since I don't really have a diet, I guess it's all GOOD! :D
It always seems like road trip food has to be salty so you'll retain water and have fewer pit stops!
I would add pringles. Have to get your salt in! Great list! Thank you for visiting my TT!
I was in the Pringles over here a bit ago, in fact!

You guys road trip with good eats. I ought to join you sometime!
Great list! Though I'd trade in the MD for a Coke! Maybe even a coke-float at some point during the trip...ahhhh, memories!!

Happy TTing...and thanks for visiting the blog! :)
I was all ready to hop in the vehicle and travel the world with you until you brought the peanuts along *sigh*

Ah well, maybe next time...
So let's sub out the peanuts for ...



Milk AND dark chocolate.

Great, now I'm hungry and I'm on the way to the gym. Terribly cruel of you. ;)

Great TT, those are great foods for the road trip.
And here I thought I was having a slow day on TT ;)

Change the M&M's for Smarties and I'll be there - hey, I'll even bring them. Some of the Smarties are made in a peanut free facility, which isn't an option for M&M's.

Now, what beer are we drinking at the hockey games?
No, *I* am having a slow TT day. *grin*

Smarties it is.

Beer? Umm... Molson?

(Actually, I'm a Pete's Wicked Ale girl, but a Molson will do.)
No, no, no. Anything but Molson!

Keiths, Alley Kat Amber, Moose Dry Ice, Fort Gary Dark... there are so many better beers than Molson's.

Granted, Molson is better than Bud anyday and beggars can't be choosers.

I'll swap you Smarties for TicTac Silvers. I can't get them in Canada and I don't think you can get Smarties where you are ;)
We have smarties up the wazoo here, but no TicTac Silvers. I became slightly addicted to them on a trip to Memphis a few years back and used to cart home boxes of them (along with dozens of bottles of Corky's BBQ sauce) whenever I crossed the border.

In fact, I broke a suitcase that way once ;)

Perhaps we should arrange a book swap sometime. I've got a list on bookcrossing and am always looking for something new to read. After all, I made it through 8 books this past week and will eventually run out of the new ones ;)

Hmm, that reminds me, I should update my 52 Books reading list...
People are really going to start wondering about us - but this is far more fun than simple email ;)

I don't have a wish list *gasp* I know, pretty amazing. I do have an available list on BC - just search username numindan - if you're interested in anything I have available, let me know and I'll send it your way.
Sunflower seeds! DH eats Pep-O-Mints, and I drink big vats of hot chocolate with some coffee to keep me awake. I put all the icky caramel syrup flavors in, too!

No calories on a road trip, right?
Now I rememebr why I like road trips so much. All those calory free snacks hehe

Mtn Dew and peanuts...a must! Great list!!
WOO HOO!!! I'm ready for a road trip.....minus the beer (don't drink). Great list!
Thanks for coming by my T13....I did sleep better last night (I wrote that line on Wednesday). What a relief.
Hickory Sticks. Must have them if I'm on the road.
No beer for me... but otherwise sounds great... I wonder why I gain weight on road trips?
Puleeeze! I'm trying to diet! :) A simply delicious list-to-go! Thanks for your visit.
Mmmmmmm.... OREOS!!!!!
My humans say Twizzlers are great road trip food. My mom is sad that she can't get Twizzlers in Germany.
Wylie - Hickory Sticks are the best ;)

Susan - You know me, I'm all for getting my grubby hands on as many books to read as I can ;)
Sounds good to me. There are even some healthy choices! ;-)
Thanks for visiting my food TT.
What? No beef jerky? Or did I miss it? Happy TT on Friday. I am slow. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. I am adding you as one of my Technorati faves. :)
What a great Thursday Thirteen! My husband and I are planning a road trip out to Colorado later in the summer and I can't wait!

I love to stop for snacks along the way on a road trip. It's gross, but I love those cheese sticks and beef jerky sticks that come together in a package. Mmmmm! A true Wisconsin girl here!

Here via Michele's this morning. Have a good weekend!
Those are not only for road trip!!!
Happy TT!!
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