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Thursday Thirteen #30 -- Take a Tour of Trevor's ... uhh.. kitchen?

Thirteen things resembling food -- sort of -- in Trevor's kitchen

1. Mold that even Sonya Voss can't remove during her periodic cleaning sessions.

2. an empty pack of cigarettes

3. overflowing ashtrays

4. a beer or two in the fridge for company

5. ketchup for take-out fries

6. A mountain of napkins from take-out places including Big Buck's Best Barbecue, Harry's Hoagies, and the ice cream stand on the way to Daniel's house and the band's practice space.

7. matchbooks from the bar below his apartment, Moon Shadows, and All Access.

8. Hostess Cupcakes

9. empty pizza boxes, one of which contains a really old, half-finished piece of pizza. Trevor had considered auctioning it off at a show, but Mitchell refused. It's been here so long, it's like a mascot.

10. A backup carburetor for the Vincent that he built himself and may or may not blow up if he tries to use it.

11. A jar of chunky peanut butter with a knife sticking out of it. The knife makes it easier to grab a mouthful on the way out the door.

12. Rolling papers

13. Coupons to Lyric's shop.

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LMAO -- whatta great list! I love Trevor. He reminds me of my little Siamese boykitty bratcat: a mess, mischievous, and utterly adorable!

I particularly loved #9 -- whatta mascot!

Happy TT, my friend!
I’ve got goose-bumps (is that the word?) only reading about his kitchen ...
OK I'm guy but my kitchen is like pharmacy (and yes, I'm using it everyday!)

Happy TT!
Of course you use it every day; you're not a full-of-himself rock star -- Really, Thomma got it right.
Looks like the kitchen of some men I've known...
Oh my, sounds like quite a charming kitchen, hehe. If my kitchen belonged to my husband alone, it would probably look pretty similar.
So THAT's where my Hostess Cupcakes went. Happy TT!
I've seen some kitchens like that.
LOL!! I think I dated this guy in college...
He doesn't have a pet ferret does he?
Totally scary!
LOL! Trevor's kitchen sounds kinda gross, like most of the guys' kitchens I've ever been in... right down to the ancient piece of pizza that has become a staple of the decor.
His kitchen is his domain. Loved the hostess twinkies. Hmmm. Now I have a hankering for sweets.

My TT is up too - more photos from my last trip to Greece.
I swear I dated this guy in college ;-)
Mmm, Hostess cupcakes. I think I'll go buy some right now. I'll walk to the store, eat them, then walk home.

Who am I kidding? There's no way a mile hike is going to burn off a whole box of those things!! :D

My Thursday Thirteen

The Splintered Mind - Overcoming Neurological Disabilities With Lots Of Humor And Attitude
A perfect ten on creativity. This is such a great list. I love the knife in the peanut butter. The mold, though, eeew.

Happy TT.
Eewww, 3 is disgudting! Not my kind of kitchen... Very lively description though, great list!
My TT is a co-production with Google. :-)
LMAO!!! this is great and exactly what i expected!! loved the Hostess Cupcakes - the irony tickles my funny bone.
How old is Trevor??? Do rock start ever grow up? Icky kitchen!
Wow, I'm shocked at 4, don't his friends know you never show up at a friends house emty handed? Let the man drink his beer and visitors can have water if they don't bring more :-)
HAHAHAHAHA great list. I knew GIRLS who were like this...
he he he... Trev's kitchen.

All I can say is thank goodness it's Thursday... this ha just been one of those weeks!
Holy cow! If you consider that resembling food in anyway, I'd really hate to see the contents of your belly! :)

Eat well!
Mold ewwww!!!!!
What a revealing list! I think I'm going to have to take a closer look inside the fridges of my characters from now on. Kitchens are telling things!

Anna J. Evans
LOL...thats all Ive got to say:)
Well it's good to be prepared! You never know when you're going to need a mouthful of peanut butter. LOL
Wow that looks like my brothers apt. I have to run in and run out fast lol
Awesome! You can really get a feel about a person by looking at their kitchen and what's in their fridge. I need to start thinking about my characters like this. :)
I have two men living in my house and this is exactly how it would look if I allowed it. Men! Always love your Thursday Thirteens.
I don't understand. Why a knife? Why not a spoon? With a spoon, you'd get much much more peanut butter.

Also, why peanut butter? Nutella combines the goodness of chocolate and nuts! Oh wait, Trevor's a guy.
I laughed, then looked around quickly to make sure no one can see my stack of pizza boxes...

This is a perfect list! Really authentic and filled with images of Trevor swiping peanutbutter,
looking for a spot in the overflowing ashtray to butt out, adding more napkins to the pile, etc. Almost 3-D.
Love the tour to Trevor's kitchen! Very interesting list of items he got in there *grin*....he can ketchup me with fries anytime - I love french fries LOL!

Happy T 13! Have a great day!

Goodness! I thought mine was in a mess this morning, but his has mine beat by a long shot! But, you might have found pizza in my refrig, had you looked a few days ago!

My Thursday Thirteen is finally up.
OMG! This is scary!! Happy TT!
I want some Hostess Cupcakes. NOW.

Get rid of that old pizza, Trevor!
Beer! Sorry that just sounds yummy!
Happy TT =)
Yuck, I would not want to hang out in Trevor's kitchen!
Cool TT.

Hey, while I'm here: sorry, but I did reject your comment on my TT (I did ask people not to put the movie names in the replies!) Please feel free to drop by and leave another, this time without mentioning what movie(s) you think the quotes might be from.

BTW, you're right. One of the quotes was from that movie.
I came home to a kitchen like this after spending six weeks helping my sister with her newborn.

Once upon a time, I would have thought that men with kitchens like this just needed the blessed touch of a woman in their life. A woman like me of course. I am older and wiser now. :)

my TT is 13 memories of my Dad and me. In honor of his Bday Tuesday and Memorial Day.
Ew, mold!
I always thought Trevor was more a HoHo kinda guy.
OMG. This is going to be my son's kitchen in a couple of years. Well, hopefully minus the ashtrays.

As always, I love the peek into these characters' lives.
Is that lowfat? I didn't think so! LOL!! But Trevor seems pretty easy going so I really like him. =)
Sounds a little like my kitchen in college.... (not my fault, though!) :) Mmmm....peanut butter!
I agree with Anne! Looks like the kitchen of a lot of guys I knew when I was in my early 20's! LOL
Ok I expect that from a man's kitchen. Great TT, happy TT my friend.
God, remind me never to visit Trevor until the maid's been thru... (grin)
Ha! I feel sooooo much better about my own kitchen now.

Here via Michele today
Yeah, that's definitely a guy's kitchen! Then again, I know some teenage girls who have kitchens like that. The peanut butter jar...there's an image for you!
Fun to read list!
LOL too funny!! Such a bachelor type kitchen. If prince charming were still a bachelor his kitchen would be much this way! LOL, but you gotta love him anyway, right?
I am going to visit my two bachelor sons next week and I expect that will be somewhat like their place only times two when I get there unless they have raced around trying to pick up.
There is something wrom in this picture!! I'm first this week, on a Sunday, and away from home!!!Is there something wrong with you???I'm worry!!
Maybe it would be time for your charaters to do a clean up!!
Happy TT!!
LOve the list.

TAg your it and you’ve been tagged for a meme to uncover all your secrets! Just go to my blog and copy the directions.

Now I know why I never got it on with a rock star -- besides the fact I never met one. . . that kitchen, horrid, and I always thought of myself as a rocker at heart.
Comments repare... I must have misclick the no comment thing...Sorry!!! I know, I'm playing unfair!!!
Marcia, read back through Mitchell and Kerri's and Daniel and Val's kitchens; you'll feel better.

Is the pic showing what Trevor's kitchen would look like? If so it's not moldy enough. Not for the line that you have.I've seen worse. But that aside ewww that kitchen that you describe is pretty disgusting
Nope, that's just supposed to be a representative of a dirty kitchen. I wasn't about to let mine get moldy just for a picture. (besides, mine's too big to be Trevor's.)
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