Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Summer Hidden Treasures Author Spotlight

Yeah, I know I raved about Jennifer Estep and her debut, Karma Girl, before. And yeah, you'll be hearing more from me about Ms. Estep, especially next winter, when Debut a Debut returns.

BUT since I can't get enough, if you head over to Front Street Reviews and click on Interviews, you'll see a short conversation the lady and I had. It blew me away how similar our thought processes are; I hope to one day be able to sit and compare notes with the lovely Jennifer Estep.

Be sure to check out my review of Karma Girl, too, while you're there. And if you missed yesterday's outtake as part of the Poetry Train, make sure you scroll down (or click through and then scroll down, you feed readers). Definitely one of my favorites.

And on a personal note, I mastered the bun! It was actually quite easy. Now, getting all that gel and spray out may be a different story, but getting it together turned into a no-brainer breeze. I'll take it.

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It sounds like a good book - and it must be if you're recommending it. Right? Honestly you got me with the line, "In Carmen Cole, Estep has created a woman similar to so many of us -- brave in the face of our insecurities."
If I can get ahold of a copy sometime soon, maybe I'll even participate in your contest. :-)

And congrats on the bun! I can do one easily on myself, but it's much more difficult for me to do with someone else's hair.
Sounds cool.
Picture of bun? I wanna see!!!
No promises, my friend.
I have already purchased Karma Girl, and its in my queue to read over at Fantasy Debut. I read the first chapter on her website and it sounds great. She also seems like a very friendly person!
And on a personal note, I mastered the bun!

LOL. This cracked me up.

I'll have to check out Ms Estep pronto...
Where have I seen that author and book before? LOL You must have really enjoyed it. ;) I'll have to check it out. :)
You're making me blush ... but I really appreciate all the raves! :-)
Hey, Jennifer, these guys will tell you: I only rave like this about the best. You earned it.

Nice to see you around; I hope you'll hang with us more often!
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