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Summer Hidden Treasures Contest!

A lot of you have said you're interested in joining us for our summer contest (I'll get to "us" in a minute). I know a lot of you are already doing summer reading challenges or other contests. Too bad; here's one more. Read on; you'll dig it.

It's time for the West of Mars, Breeni Books, Morsie Reads, Eclectic Closet, Writing Aspirations Summer Reading Contest!

The rules are simple:

1. Find a book that's a Hidden Treasure. That means a book that hasn't made it to a best-seller list anywhere that you can find. A suggested reading list is available at Feel free to find your own treasure, though.

2. The book MUST be from a royalty-paying publisher. If in doubt, ask.

3. Read it.

4. Post a review somewhere on the Internet between July 15 and August 15.

5. Sign the Mr. Linky at West of Mars. Include the permalink for your review. (yeah, that link brings you back here.)

6. Yes, you can use a Hidden Treasure book that fulfills another contest or reading challenge.

7. Yes, you can review more than one book.

8. If, for some reason, you don't want to win a prize, let Susan know.

9. If you have suggestions for the Hidden Treasures Suggested Reading List, or a prize for the winners, drop Susan an e-mail. You can also contact Janelle; she's giving me a LOT of help (so be sure to surf over and thank her).

10. Prizes will be awarded August 20. Winners will be contacted and winning list will be posted no later than 22 August; be sure to have a way for us to contact you!

So, there you go. Got a prize to offer? Got a favorite book that you want more people to know about?

Leave a comment or e-mail me. I'm a bit slow lately, but I'm still here.

Kudos to friends for helping spread the word: Nimrodiel,

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Susan- just stumbled on your blog and been reading thru. Nice job! I'm enjoying it. Stop by and say hi sometime.
Alright I'm looking through the list!

When did you get a new logo over at West of Mars??
Sounds good! Any excuse to READ READ READ and I'm there.
If you're looking for suggestions, I can offer up my all-time fave book....Wild Swans by Jung Chang.

Michele sent me to see what you're up to, Susan....

Thanks, cq! I'll tell The Tour Manager to add this to our list.

And Lauren, I did the logo awhile ago. I think you commented on it, too...
I love this, Susan. I'll get my brain thinking as soon as I'm finished connecting the Wii to our wireless network. Yeah, the joys of new-technology parenthood!

Got your comment re. your D50. I came THIS close to buying one last year. Although I ended up with the D80, my contention has always been that the camera matters far less than the person carrying it. I've seen so many people buy D80s - or the latest and greatest of ANY vendor - and they take mediocre pictures because they believe the camera takes the shot.

Not quite.

I'm especially proud of the mondo images I've brought home with my wife's supposedly lowly Kodak point-and-shoot. Thankfully, the D50 is waaaaay more flexible than my poor Kodak! David Pogue, the New York Times tech columnist, agrees with me: he shoots with a D50, and his work is unbelievable.
I'll post to my blog later today.
Should this be a book still in print or available for purchase new?
Up to you, birdie! Just find something that you've never heard of and you're pretty sure no one else has, either, and have some fun!
sounds like great fun! i will have to pass since i will be gone from july 4 to aug 14 but will check on the results when i return. michele says hi
from michele today , but will need to return to check this out
Sounds great! I'll definitely be participating.
Not sure I'd be able to join :( Lots of stuff going on here, so I'll see about that.

Anyway, this is a great contest and a well done job, Susan.

Tagged you on my blog so stop by soon :)
I love the contests y'all run. It's a great way to promote authors and reading. I don't know what I'm gonna read for the contest yet, but I'll drop by the suggested reading list and see what's there.

Keep up the good work!
Sounds like most of the books I read will qualify for this contest. I have a few questions:

1) Do I have to get the list approved before the contest begins?

2) By "royalty paying" I guess you mean books that are currently in print. So out of print books wouldn't work?

3) Is there a publication date range of books I should stick to?
Hello, Sarah!! Glad you'll be playing along.

Let's see here...
1. Nope, no need to get the book approved unless you're unsure of the publisher.

2. Out-of-print books are absolutely fine. It makes it harder for anyone who sees your review and wants to get the book themselves, of course, but with a little digging, pretty much anything can be unearthed.

By "royalty-paying publisher," I mean no subsidy or vanity press where the author has to pay to be published. iuniverse, lulu, publishamerica all come immediately to mind.

There's nothing wrong with those presses; they all serve purposes. But we are trying to focus on the traditional model of publishing, as that's what's most commonly discussed when we talk about authors, careers, and sagging book sales.

3. Nope, no date range of publication needs to be adhered to. Just find a book and let the world know about it!
Ok, I'm off to check out your suggested reading. Sadly, I'm too lazy to seek out a book on my own. Please, Internets, tell me what to read.
I wanted you to know I posted it to my blogspot, my livejournal, and to my myspace blog. ;)
I hope that helps. *smooch*
Get me the links, Cheesy! I'll give you proper thanks at the website, where we are keeping track of all these things.
I'm in. I chose a book off of the New York list, Sepharad, by Antonio Munoz Molina. I'll let you know when I read it! :)
Nice to meet you, J! Glad you'll be playing along, and happy reading!
I'm in! I'll work on a book (does Scalzi count as unknown?)
I'd say so.

So long as there's no best-seller attached to the guy, discover him and share him with the world! Or... at least the Internet.
I wanted to participate but I can't find any books that match your criteria that are at my local library. I don't have money to buy a book. I search lulu publications and tried to find books that looked interesting at my library with no luck. :(
Hope I am not late for it, susan.
What do you mean by royalty paying thing?? I might have found a hiddent treasure, but I,m not sure if it did meet all the criteria!!(did the critic, but still need to translate it in english)
Aha. I was a little unclear on the concept. I might try to write up a book review before the 15th. Work, blogging and getting ready to move into my new home are taking oodles of time, though.

But I don't want you thinking no one likes your contest, so I'll do my best! :-)
Thanks for the comment on my site, Susan. I'm in!
Erin, I think I'm a goober and just left you ANOTHER comment, inviting you to join...

Yeah. Anyone seen my HEAD lately???
Hello! I can't find where you replied again--but to answer--that makes perfect sense to me! It's not about "self-pub = bad" so much as about "conventional publishing is a needlessly throwaway industry" and this is a way of supporting the books that never made it because publishers never promoted them.

So, cool!
I don't remember it, either, Linda. Must've been in the Enter Here entry.
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