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Thursday Thirteen #32 -- Straight from the horse's mouth

Thirteen things Trevor had to say to me over the past few days:

1. Why get so bent out of shape about something that's not true? Or is there a raw nerve in all those lies?
2. You can't accomplish shit if you're all worked up. Go chug some Pepto so you don't puke, get some sleep, and chill out.
3. No, it may NOT work out. But that's how life is. Deal.
4. Mitchell's mom says fighting for someone who can't fight for themselves is noble. I think it's just the way it's gotta be.
5. You gotta stop and think about what's hurting her the most, and fix that first. The rest'll happen on its own.
6. Most people are jerks. That's why the world needs people like me -- to balance out the jerks.
7. What do you mean I'M a jerk? Been talking to Mitchell or something?
8. Yeah, it hurts like a motherfucker when you break a bone, but it's nothing compared to when a family member breaks your heart.
9. It takes this sort of shit for you to know what you're made of. Once you figure that out, all the rest's a breeze.
10. Sometimes, facing down the shit's the hardest thing you can do. But if it's gotta get done, it's gotta get done, so suck it up and figure out how to make it happen.
11. Quitcher bitching, stop stressing, and get it done already.
12. Don't forget what you're fighting for.
13. Sometimes, what feels like a retreat is really the smartest thing you can do. It gives you time to regroup and catch them on the upswing.

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Wow, Trevor has some great insight. I especially liked #12.
For a fuck-up and a cut-up, he's a wise dude, indeed.
Very appropriate TT.
Sounds like Trevor's got some really great advice. I just love that fella!

(((((Susan)))) I'm sorry you've been having a rough time, and I'm here to talk to if you need.

Hugs and happy TT,

11. Quitcher bitching, stop stressing, and get it done already.

This is the one I should listen to and take to heart.
#12 was my favorite too! Mine is up at Special K Family
Some good words of wisdom. I appreciate both #10, and #12. Thanks for stopping by, and sure you can tag along! .. :)
I like 13, always leave them guessing, but give yourself time to think it over. Time is precious!

Thanks for the poetry train idea, just saw it in a post below and will check it out.
Loved no. 8, 9, and 10. Trevor's a smart dude!

My list is up too: 13 phobias
I'm a little worried about 8, especially in light of a comment I saw you leave somewhere else. I hope things are ok in your household, or will be ok eventually.

On a lighter note, that header is a perfect match for your blog colors!
Once I get some distance, I'll tell you about it. What matters is that the four of us are okay; it's the extended family who's causing the trouble.
All great words of advice from Trevor. #3, 8 and 10 are so true.

Sorry to hear you've been having a rough few days, Susan. *hugs*
Trevor may be young, but what matters is that his head is mostly in the right place.
Owchie. Sounds like there's a bit of stress going on. Take Care of yourself - I hope he said that too!
#2 is my new life mantra! lol
Ouch! Quite a few I can relate to either on the giving end or the receiving end. You got to admire a guy who can tell it like it is.

Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.
Yeah; I know where Trevor gets his wisdom.
Have a great thursday
for someone who comes across as so self-absorbed and impulsive most of the time, Trevor has surprizingly on target insight. i guess that music that reaches so many has to come from somewhere besides his belly button.

my tt is in honor of my husband's grandmother who passed on Tuesday. She would have been 93 July 6th
Fighting for those who can't fight is noble, but fighting for those who won't is an exercise in extreme frustration and uselessness.
I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble. Hope everything clears up soon.
Rocking list, as always. I should take some of that advice to heart myself. :o)
I really think #12 is something we all have to be reminded of all the time :)

Happy Thursday!
Trevor is a lot smarter than I thought he was. Number two and number eight resonate.
I think number 11 is the one I need to listen to the most. That and buy some Pepto and sleep!
{{{hugs}}} Listen to Trevor. He's got some great advice! #13 is always the hardest for me to remember. Thank Trevor for reminding me. :)
I would like a 8ftX10ft poster of number 11 to hang at work, please.
I desperately need to remember #2 and #10!

I just love the brazen "deal with it" attitude, really. #9 is a perfect example of the kind of strength you acquire when you get to the other side of the shit.

Trevor's got some good advice. I like #11. :-)
I love 11.

~ Anya Bast
I'd definitely follow him around with a pen in my hand.

My number one reads: “Why is it that when things slow down our thoughts like water tend to flow to the lowest level?”
I admit #13 is a good advice.
Trevor, now there's a smart guy!!! Love every TT about him, Susan.
LOL....great list:) Words to live by.
"You can't accomplish shit if you're all worked up. Go chug some Pepto so you don't puke, get some sleep, and chill out."

He should become a Zen master.
Words of wisdom. :)
Sounds like stuff I'd say LOL! None too sympathetic, sometimes.
Love #6!

I often see myself that way (not to be humble or anything) but I'm sure I'm a jerk too in other people's eyes. lol
Okay. Now I KNOW I really did date this guy in college /rofl
Sorry to hear you're having a rough time... Hang in there, sweetie! Trevor gives great advice.
My TT is about Google & me. :-)
I just love it when author/writer let reader get into the heroes head. It very interesting to see what they're thinking or what make them tick LOL....and more ever, I also love it when an authors have "conversation" with the heroes as made for entertaing read hehehe

Love Trevor, and yes, listen to him ...he given you good advice ;) Happy T13!

I was all set for him to say "suck it up and rub some dirt on it"
Great TT =)
Susan - babe! why's Trev giving you the cold hards? what's up? you trying to worry me? yup. i'm officially worried. let me know you're okay, please?
I liked number 10.
Did you have a bad week? Man, Trevor needs to have a talk with me, some weeks!

Happy TT, and I hope you have a great weekend!
Number 6 is soooooo true. Jerks...Thanks for stopping by. Happy TT
wow! that's quite a lot of insight for a rocker! i happen to really agree with #10. happy tt!
Yes, yes! Harness and leash time!

Oh, I just realized this might sound a little weird if you did not read the comment about Cooper...
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Those were quite the quotes.
Take care.
Wow, I think I may be seeing Trevor in a whole new light.

Happy TT13!
Love the banner!
Mine are up too.
Sounds like you're writin' right along and very in tune with your character!

Happy T13!
Not a truer TT 13!!
These are very comforting indeed!!
My first TT13 is up if you want to come and have a look...
Hey there... sounds like you're having 'one of those days' or several. Thinking of you...

I jumped on the TT train this week. Something came to me on my daily commute and I couldn't help myself.
Why is your husband fussing at you? I'll figure out what's going on soon enough, I hope! lol

hahahahaha - I just added my name/link to your post but realised I transposed a couple letters in my name. Tee hee. I think I've had too many G&Ts tonight. :)
"Quitcher bitching" lol
I love that phrase. Go Trevor!
Ok, I know little about the real you, but I have your back. . well, I suppose I could get someone else have your back; I would probably fall on my face trying to help, because extended family, well, been in my own fracas before, serious business that. Trevor, however, he rocks at this stuff!

Wishing well. . .
#7 is priceless. LOL

I must agree wholeheartedly with Trevor. That scares me. hehe
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