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Thursday Thirteen #34 - Earring Aftermath

So my stresses of the past few weeks haven't been totally resolved (although I managed the bun quite nicely for the dress rehearsal. Now, on to the recital!) and won't be until Friday, at the earliest.

Yet for whatever reason, my stress levels have dropped and the muse has returned.

If you were here on Monday for Rhian's Poetry Train, you read this outtake. If you haven't read it yet, please make time for it; it's now one of my all-time favorites, with Death By Cheese and Green Hair Week.

At any rate, this week's Thirteen springs from that outtake. Poor Mitchell and his newly-pierced ears...

Thirteen things Mitchell did Upon Coming To

1. Put a hand up to his ear to find out why it was throbbing.

2. Felt three earrings instead of the expected one.

3. Peeled himself off the bed where Trevor had put him when he passed out and staggered over to his mirror for a better look.

4. Puked all over the mirror and his dresser.

5. Panicked at this latest mess.

6. Proclaimed it was Trevor's to clean up. All of it.

7. Found Trevor smoking out on the back patio. Beat him almost as senseless as Hank used to, only without the psychological torture thrown in.

8. Supervised Trevor's clean up of mess in bedroom, including bloody sheets from the passed-out piercing.

9. Spent four days hiding his ears from everyone. Considered gelling his hair into place in front of his ears (both, to reduce suspicion) but the gel turned his hair an ugly shade of grey.

10. Blackmailed Amy into keeping quiet when she discovered Trevor's handiwork. (Bribes had a bad tendency to get ignored after a few days.)

11. Went shopping with Amy for new earrings to wear as soon as the lame-assed starter earrings could come out. Amy bought him the famed winged dragon that a fan took out of his ear with her teeth while video cameras were rolling. Bitch kept it, too. That clip made it into the band's first behind-the-scenes video, Take the (Back)Stage.

12. Beat Trevor up again 'cause three earrings cost way more than one, and require some finesse to pull off properly -- or so says Amy, who knows more about fashion. Or did, back in those early days, before Mitchell hired stylists and Amy spent her days in long white lab coats.

13. Finally came clean to Sonya and Patterson when they were healed and not about to close when Patterson insisted they come out. Unfortunately for all the trouble Mitchell went through, they didn't care. Mitchell suspected Amy squealed and what they cared most about was his coming clean about what Trevor had done to him. No comment was ever made by either parent about the earrings, although Sonya would buy him some from time to time if she saw some she thought he'd like.

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Happy TT day!
That is some aftermath!! Great list, and happy TT!
LOL! I had to laugh when he discovered THREE instead of one. Sounds like something I would do, hilarious! I love your characters Susan!!! Happy TT my friend.
Wow! Pretty cool list for this week!

Happy Thursday!
ouch! My TT is also posted.
Owww owww owww. Why the one earring in the first place? Owww oowwww.

Happy TT.
It's all in the outtake, Sarah.
Gosh you reminded me on one of mine greatest fears. Namely I was panicking that I'll wake up one morning (after ... well ... wild night which was something regularly during my teenage years) with tattoo(s).

I think I would handled piercing somehow but tattoo(s), I doubt.

Luckily I was keeping that for myself. Who knows what would happened if have inspired some of my wild friends ...

My TT is not nearly entertaining as yours but hey, life have dark side as well and many are waiting to see its bright side. My TT is about them.

I'd'a beat him up twice, too.

Well done, M.


Happy TT, love. Thanks for stopping by.
well I guess it could have been worse, what if it had been his nose? Would Trevor be sporting one also?
Haha... I love that M's Mom has bought him earings!
Kinda typical Sonya, actually.
Sounds like a very interesting character! Great idea for TT list.
LOVED THIS TT, just like I did the poetry train. WELCOME BACK SUSAN'S MUSE!!

I've been stressed out a bit too (am part-owner of a small business) and I took a week-long vacation and feel so darned HAPPY!!! I just needed a moment to recoup and enjoy myself, my family, and my writing. =) HOPE YOU'RE BETTER, SUSAN! I'm cheering for you all the way from here...
I'll beat you while you're sleeping!! It's a little bit of cheating, but...
I will freak out is somebody really did that to me!!

Happy TT'ing!
Some aftermath. Three earrings instead of one. You have really be living with these characters a long time.

Mine's all about contradictory proverbs this time round.
LOL that's some life.

Good follow-up thirteen, Susan! Now, if we could just get some photos of you on that bike (clothing optional, at least in Portland, Oregon).
Ha!!! I love it. Trevor just rocks (literally and figuratively ;) ) -- and what fun to read about Mitchell's EAA (Earring Aftermath Adventure)!

I'm so glad your muse has returned. It feels SO DAMNED GOOD, doesn't it, after a period of stress and grief, to have the muse flutter back (or divebomb back! :D) and sit on your shoulder and holler WRITE, darn ya! WRIIIIITE!

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog about brainstorming! You would be a great woman to brainstorm things with. I love your characters, your talent, and your kick-butt attitude!

Happy TT, my friend!
He's not nice!
Haha, great list! Quite the aftermath... :-)
Thanks for visiting my Litha TT!
LOL. Trevor reaped what he sowed this time. And Mitchel maybe grew up a bit.

but the allusion to the beatings Trevor had taken from someone in his past help explain his prickly, swaggering attitude.

my tt is about my first visit to a book store in five years.
HA! Felt the panic - and the pain, three!?! Ouch!
Hehehe! Too funny! Happy 13T's!
Too funny. Ouch! Thanks for the laugh!
A great TT!
I love no. 13.
Poor guy! Hehe I did have to giggle at the image of him waking up. Great list. :)
Thanks for the laugh ! I especially liked the ear ring's story !
"Felt three earrings instead of the expected one." LOL!

I also love "although Sonya would buy him some from time to time if she saw some she thought he'd like." (Cute!)

Glad to hear the dress rehearsal bun went okay. Onward and upward! Good luck on the other unresolved stuff.
Poor Mitchell......
Wow. That's just wrong! I'd have killed him! Hard! At least it wasn't a tattoo. Earring holes do grow back together. :D
Yowch! Ninja piercings!
LOL! This is great. And, I can so see this happening.
Ive been in the medical field 14 years and work in a hospital. I thought the stuff was pretty cool and I wanted to share it with my blogging buddies:)
I am STILL in the medical field, everyday from 7 to 3:30. I have a 15 year old thats 6'1 and weighs 230...are you kidding? It takes a fortune to feed him. Im a single Mom...I HAVE to work:)What made you think I didnt still do it???
Wow, that's a big kid -- not as tall as the Tour Manager but heavier.

As for my confusion... one of my kids has a stomach virus. What can I say? It's one of those days, it seems. *sigh*
LOL...your funny. Ive been a single Mom for a long time. It was tougher with 2 boys that ate like horses but now the military gets to worry about my oldest sons eating habit...Im 40 and will probably have to work another 25 years before I retire...either that or win the lotto. Its all keeps me out of trouble;)
Whoa, that was twisted!
LOL! I love that he had to beat Trevor up twice for it. Too fun.
LOL very cool list! And don't worry. You're always number one in my books. Wait. Did that come out right??
great 13!
Three piercings there beats what they could have done.
oh poor Mitchell and his three earring! LOL but it been riot to see Mitchell earring made me laugh ;)

Looking forward to see more characters of your, Susan :) Happy TTs! Have a good day

LOL! This is why passing out is a bad thing.
Great list. Happy Solstice!
THREE?!? And then he puked!

Poor guy...

And is it me or is Trevor showing a liking for pain lately?
Funny stuff! My boys better hide if they come home with a pierced ear! Or a tongue, my dh said he'd pull it out with a pliers if they did that, lol.
For a min. I thought #3 said he peed...
I really feel for Mitchell. And I thought a single piercing (per ear) at a Claire's Boutique was bad...
Your characters appear to live in interesting times :-)
Happy TT. Thank you for stopping by my humble blgo and commenting. Much appreciated.
Oh Susan!! I'm rolling in the aisle! This is so freaking outstanding and hilarious!! LMAO!!
Thanks ever so much for posting "the rest of the story" - walking off screen, snickering insanely....
Ouch! That would hurt! I like the irony of the ending.

I'm really glad you're feeling less stressed! Here's to a great summer!

(And a Happy TT!)
Major ouch.
I'm so late (been sick with a nasty cold). Anyway Susan, I'm so glad your muse is back :)

As for Trevor: Ouch!

Take care.
What a wuss! LOL I've had 4 piercing on both sides. Men can be such babies. *giggle*
Lol, I think 3 piercings are cooler than one anyway. Happy TT.
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