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Summer's Hidden Treasures: Enter Here

No, you're not a maroon or in a time warp. This is a sticky post. Scroll on down for the fun new stuff.

Hello friends old, new, and potential, and welcome to the Summer's Hidden Treasures Reading contest. If you are here to enter the contest, please leave your name and the permalink of your book review in the Mr. Linky provided below.

If you'd like to review the rules, click here.

If you'd like more information, click here.

We'll be manually checking all of these reviews. If they:
1. Were posted before 15 July or after 15 August
2. Are a review of a best-seller
3. Are a review of a book that the author paid to have published

your review will remain posted, but you will be ineligible to win prizes from our great sponsors. (see here for list of sponsors. Please thank them. And the authors who are pitching in and helping out.)

Yes, it is this easy!
Yes, you may enter more than once!

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hi! I just posted my review of "The Blue Taxi" by N.S. Koenings at Follow the link to read all about it!

I've posted my review! :)
I'm hoping to have another one done by August 15th.
I just posted by review for "Fashionably Late!"
I've posted my Review for Sigourney's Quest.

Keep your eyes open, I have a few other books rustling for review right now as well.
I promise to check this out tonight, hon! I MISSED YA! Yes come to Frisco, puleeeeze!
It's 2 pm East Coast time!
I have been patient, very patient.
Now where is your Monday offering?
Go y'all, GO!
I have just reviewed Whiskey Sour and The Kommandant's Girl. Both great books!!!
The Link to #6 is a general link and all wrong. So sorry to screw things up
If you want, you can fix it and I'll delete the general link.
My review for Rachel Vincent's Stray is posted and I'll have one for Julia Quinn's latest in a few days.
Just posted my link to my review of The Chatham School Affair because WoM says it qualifies.
I linked to Robin Popp's The Darkening.
Just posted my review of Dave Duncan's Magic Casement--
Posted a couple of links. Thanks for the heads up Susan. I will be sure to pop in and link my reviews. Hope I am doing it right.
I post my review of "Eva" by Lucie Pagé(And I'm sorry for this one, I don't know the name of the english version!!)
Posted my review for a great book, "Protector." Forfeiting any prize, this one's just for fun and info!
Sorry I've been MIA (at least you know why).
I'll have some reviews for you before the month is through... but probably not any time soon. I am soooooo behind and being sick has not helped one bit!
oops, i thot i was on your TT post. must have scrolled too far.
Susan, I went to sign for T13, and I put it in a wrong spot. I love the contest idea and I am going to write my review and I hope to win a prize. For now, please delete my name because the link is wrong. So sorry about it.
No worries, guys. We're conditioned to sign the first Linky we see; I understand.

I'm on it -- and I hope you guys will all come back and enter the contest and help spread the word about it!
You're such a literary networking diva and a dedicated woman (and writer)! Kudos to you, Susan.
I haven't posted reviews and yet I wanted to say HI, SUSAN!!! =)
Hi there, I just posted my review on Bookcrossing - just follow the link or check my LJ. The book will be in the snail mail tomorrow, I hope you'll like it!
I read some stuff. I'm so confused. Lyric, Melody, Allegra, etc, they are characters? Michele sent me here to look like an ass ;)
Thanks for your visit Susan, and what a lovely compliment! You know, I just write about things that move me---people, my plants, nature, etc....Morris Broferson has been such an important part of my life since 1861, and I am surrounded by his work---it is everywhere in my home....And I love and admire him as a person and an Artist! I hope that comes through...!

I have been busy editing, but I will start on my review of The smile at the foot.... by Miller. I just posted a review of a hidden treasure, however, the book does not qualify (self-published) so I won't include that one here.

Nice to see the contest going.
OK I think I'll finally join one of your contest. Tough thing is that I'm not fast reader and especially when I'm reading in foreign language (i.e. English) but it seems books published in language other than English are not qualified, right?
Now I'm not sure about royalty-paying publisher thing but I'll PM you.

I just finished with my exams and I'm thirsty for reading hours!!!
Hugs! Just saying hi :)

anna j evans (dashing off...)
Posted a review of The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder on Amazon.
Hi! I just posted a review of The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn.
Hello: Thank you for visiting my site and being one of my regular readers - your kind words these past weeks have made a world of difference. I am taking baby steps back into the blogging realm and am glad to know that you're here too. The contest sounds neat; am not committing - yet - although I have been doing some really cool reading of late.
Howdy! I just posted the link to my review of "Survive My Fire" by Joely Sue Burkhart.

Joely may just be starting in the publishing world, but she is certainly destined to be one of the next big authors on the fantasy shelf. Don't miss out!
Susan, my Hidden Treasure is going to be Wifework. I'm going to link to my "Maushart" category, because of the ongoing notes-on-each-chapter thing. Here it is:
linked to the wrong post! But goodness, this contest sounds awesome!
Hi I've just posted my review of Lanmprieres Dictionary by Lawrence Norfolk. I think its a hidden treasure! The review is on my Alter Ego blog at:
I just posted two reviews the other day. Janelle ok'd them and I am going to try for at least two more. My email in case you need to get in touch with me is

This is a great contest!
My first review is of Earle Birney's Fall By Fury and my second is Irving Layton's The Tightrope Dancer.
I reviewed Phaedra Weldon's Wraith.
well thank goodness for that! I thought I was a time traveler for a moment.
Best wishes

Just posted a new review: If a Man be Mad by Walker Winslow (Howard Maine)
Posted a review for Survive My Fire...great more coming. Check out the Cataromance sites...lots of great reviews!
Just posted the review for The War Against Miss Winter. Great debut novel!!!
I posted my review of Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits by Laila Lalami
It's a good book :)

(I hope I didn't mess up something with Linky or ...)
My friend Jessica (jtanny) is "playing" (I wowed her with tales of the prizes)... the August 1st reviews were posted for this contest.
- karen
1st one from me is posted! :D
Better late than never...
I've just reviewed a poetry book - The Good Neighbour by John Burnside.
Hi! I just posted links to my reviews of Ticket to Tomorrow and The Ocean in the Closet. I have a bunch of blogs, so if you need to find me it's best to do so via the comments at Bookfoolery and Babble. Super idea. Some books just don't get the attention they deserve.
Yah for contests and prizes!! Michelle sent me.
So my second book for this is "Tsippora" by Marek Halter(I forgot to put the author in the review!!)
Cool, Jill! I read the first in that series; I'm curious to read your review now.
I'm hoping to post another review today.
- karen
Okay Susan. I linked up with The Lily Brand by Sandra Schwab. Thanks, as always, for your dedication and tireless efforts spreading the fiction love.
Have fun with this.

Why must it be from a royalty-paying publisher, though? There are many wonderful, well-written independents, and while self-publishing is seen as something you do when you can't get a "standard" publisher, it's also often a first choice.

You are, after all, asking readers to recommend something *they* like.

Mostly curious.

Btw, here's an interesting self-published book that you could possibly use:

Fern Reiss: Finding an Agent in 30 Days (may not be the exact title, but it will help you find the book).
Why did I limit the contest, Linda? That's a hard answer.

I believe that the publishing industry is broken, pure and simple. That there's not enough publicity for new writers, that writers are dropped too fast when sales aren't up to par. Advances for celebrities of all sorts are too high and never recouped. Midlist writers wind up in purgatory.

I decided I could be part of the problem, or part of the solution.

This isn't a reflection on self-publishing; I'm tempted to self-publish Trevor's Song, myself. It's a reflection on the state of royalty-paying publishing (most of the e-pubs aside).
I review the books I have read the previous month on the first of every month. I call these posts BooksFirst. The one for July that's not a best seller would be Forty Signs of Rain by Kim Stanley Robinson.
Just posted another one for If a Man Be Mad!
I just posted my review of an outstanding debut by young Uzodinma Iweala, Beasts of no Nation.
I hope you'll like it. It's my second entry (and both are "first novels") :).
I'm adding my review of Buzz.
I squeaked in, it's August 15 now! My review of Sepharad is up. Thanks for encouraging me to search out and read a great book!
One more in at the last minute!
I read Starting Out Sideways by Mary E. Mitchell. I don't think it's a best seller. At least I'm pretty sure it wasn't when I read it.
It's somewhat sad to see that your lates TT post generated about as many comments as this month-long contest. Still, it was interesting learning about unknown titles and reading the reviews.
If you have one next year, I will participate again.

Thank you Susan.
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