Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Susan Speaks: No Time Like the Present

Is your link not on my sidebar?

Think it should be? Or maybe you just want it there?

Say so. Now's your chance.

My link is not on the sidebar.
I can't find it anywhere!
And my mom is of no help either.

"Where did you leave it last?"

Shite if I knew that I wouldn't have asked her if she knew where it was in the first place. Now would I?
Yours has been on mine for several months, but I don't believe in sidebar bullies: you shouldn't have to reciprocate if you don't want to. I'm just glad to have you swing through and wave once in awhile.

[P.S.: DYEYOURHAIRBLUESUSANHELENEGOTTFRIED!!! MY hairdresser says you'd look fantastic with just a single streak down one side...]
I want all you guys on my sidebar; you deserve all the love I can throw your way 'cause you throw so much my way.

A blue streak? What does your hairdresser know? She's never met me! I do kinda miss the pink; it was fun to look at people and say, "What do you expect? I have PINK HAIR!"
NONE of my blogs is on your sidebar!

I guess I can't blame you, though. I somehow overlooked linking to YOU!

Problem corrected. Please reciprocate with any of my blogs that strikes your fancy. :-)
I'm there, but you honestly think I know what I'm talking about (muwhahahahaha I've fooled you all!!!) Whoops, where did that come from.

Seriously, I'm flattered and glad to know you and Trevor ;)
I wouldn't dye a blue streak, but sure can curse one...

Delusions of Eloquence
Seeley deBorn

if you'll have me ;)
Love this post! hehe!
Thanks, Training.

I figure I'll save my word count for the fiction, ya know?
Hey! If you're bored, come and play the Hump Day Hunk match game! ;)
"...I figure I'll save my word count for the fiction, ya know?..."

You mean this post wasn't?
I love being on people's blogrolls. It feels like such an honor! Thanks for stopping by - I wish I could have been gutsy and just walked out of that interview!!
Awww, that's nice of you to ask, Susan! I don't think the link to TN Text Wrestling is on your sidebar, but I would feel honored if it were there. :)

Unless you'd rather link to one of my kitty blogs! :-D
Well, since you're asking *grin*
You guys all asked. You guys all received. (and a lot of you should have received earlier!)
sniffle. blinking woefully.
not feeling the love.
shuffling back off to my hole in the wall.....
You are now, Rhi!

This is why I made that post. I know I'm missing people and I need to rectify that.

Which your issue has now been. Rectified, that is.
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