Friday, July 13, 2007


Susan's Travelogue!

For those of you missing a visit from me after yesterday's Thursday Thirteen fun, or for those of you just plain curious, head on over to Working Stiffs, where my recent absence is explained fully. Be sure to read the comments...

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You're so right about taking your kids! I still love the memories I have from travel as a kid.
oh, i've always wanted to see Niagra falls in person!

I got to go to Canada at age 11 but that was Saskatchewan. Very different tho gorgeous in its own right. I remember the contrast between the mountains in Montana and the wide open grain fields surrounding Rockglen, Sask.

i'm sure you all are having a wonderful memory-making time.

i came by to let you know that i posted a snippet from one of my stories as you exppressed eagerness to see one.

and i joined the Friday Snippet meme! so this will be regular for awhile--until my good drafts run out. :)
Good ..
Hey You can view my Blog its also Good
Thanks for the invite, Guarav. I'm a bit behind, though; I'm sure my reader is full with over 300 things to read...

Joy Renee, you're one of those things in my reader. Have no fear; I'll sniff out your snippet!
You changed the date on the post!
That's my trick!
Joy Renee - Rockglen, Sask.?
Poor, poor child!
Enjoy Canada! I moved from Ontario to Pittsburgh some months ago (several hundred months ago, to be more precise) and found it wonderful to be able to drive back for a visit so easily....

Susan, nope -- no longer in Pittsburgh, though I often wish I was. Lots to miss about that place....
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