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Thursday Thirteen #36 -- Thirteen Thirteens

Carol at Thursday Thirteen asked us to help celebrate 100 weeks of thirteening by listing our favorite Thirteens.

Last weekend, I asked you guys which you liked best. Taking that into account, here's my list of the best Thirteens that concern ShapeShifter. And let me tell you, I think the only thing harder than going back over 35 Thirteens to find a limited number would be picking out my favorite outtakes. Please don't make me do that next.

1. Green Hair Week.
I loved this one not just because of what's in it, but because this was the first multi-day story arc.

2. Tour of Riverview
I still refer back to this one a lot, but that's because it's an important one! Not as funny as most, but important nonetheless.

3. Mitchell and Kerri's Farm house
Many of you guys responded to this one. I'm not sure why, unless you really dug the fact that these rock stars live as normally as the rest of us.

4. Trevor's Kitchen
'Nuff said.

5. Halloween.
I think many, if not most of you, came on board after this inaugural Thirteen was posted. You're missing a good one.

6. Loving and Hating the Holidays

Some good, some bad, a lot of fun...

7. The Special Hanukkah Edition

The ladies of Riverview rip it up.

8. The Balancing Meme
The guys show why ShapeShifter rules the Earth. Or at least a journalist or two.

9. Mitchell's Desk
Many of you connected to this one. It's a spot whose mental image is particularly clear to me.

10. Valentine's Day
The boys get their say.

11. The Aftermath of the Earring Debacle
I know the picture wasn't great, but couldn't you ooh and ahh over my earrings?

12. St. Patrick's Day Adventures


And lastly...
13. Mabel
How can you resist a guitar with this sort of history?

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The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

Have you picked out your book(s) for the Summer's Hidden Treasure contest?

Happy Fourth, everyone! I will be late with rounds; we are sleeping out at the Science Center tonight. Let's hope it doesn't rain on our fireworks.

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Green hair week! LOL! And you do awesome with multi story arcs! You rock. Happy 4th of July as well!

Happy TT my friend.
Carol at Thursday Thirteen asked us to help celebrate 100 weeks of thirteening by listing our favorite Thirteens.

I want to celebrate y'all normalizing the word "thirteening".
Hey, that took some thinking, you know, birdie!
I loved the farmhouse one! I'll have to go check out the Halloween list (after I finish the packing I'm procrastinating and avoiding right now that is).
Hee, those are all great -- and ya know what, I included ShapeShifter's Balancing Meme on my list of favorite Thirteens!

Happy TT, and Happy Independence Day, my friend!
I'll have to come back, and give these all a read! Happy TT & 4th of July!
I'm going to go check out the one you said was important.
I've only hit my 13th TT, so I couldn't do a list like this, which is a Tony the Tiger Grrreat!! I love your banner with all the 13s and your encouragement to lose one's fear of 13. LOL!
These Thirteens must give you some writing inspirations for your story, they are so creative.
All of your 13s have a story to tell! Stop by mine when you have a chance...little surprise! Happy 4th!
I remember some of those! It's going to be fun visiting everyone's offerings this week.
Mine is up!
Stopping by to say hello....

Although I have never participated in a Thursday Thirteen, I certainly do enjoy reading some of the participants posts. I followed your Mitchell's Desk link and now as I look around my desk I feel so very boring. There is nothing at all of interest on my desk. Oh wait, there is that love letter sitting in the corner , okay I feel better now.

Please continue to have a glorious day!
Looks like a good list - I'll have to go see if I've read those.

Happy TT!
Great list. Have a happy 4th and enjoy the fireworks.
Great list & Thanks for visiting mine! Happy Fourth!

Air Force Wife
Check out my contest!
Wow ! that must have been quite a lot of work !
Trevor's Kitchen is my favorite! Happy TT!
I'm with littlebird. I love the language that's evolving all around us.

I'm not sure which list is my favorite, though. The earring hootenanny or St. Patty's Day.

Anyway, happy TT!
I loved the green hair week :)

Happy Thursday!
Happy 100th - and happy (belated) 4th! Hope you enjoyed your day. Love the TTs you´ve posted.

Yes, the fact that the rockstars Mitchell and Kerri live as normal as the rest of us helps me to please one of my childhood dreams: LilSanni the rockstar! Hey, I live like a rockstar, deep inside I am a rockstar *LOL*
Loved #8! Happy 100th Celebration!
Trevor's Kitchen and Mitchell's Desk are my favourites of those, but all your TT's are interesting!
Mine is about handfasting this week.
I think I liked Trevor's Kitchen the best. It made me feel a bit sick, but I liked it. :)

~ Anya
Yay! my favorite one - the earring incident made the list!
Oh, yes, Mabel.
That was a great one!

Happy TT!
Green hair week... reminds me of my punk years. Hehehe!
I completely missed this!! It would've made my TT so much!

Carol at Thursday Thirteen asked us to help celebrate 100 weeks of thirteening by listing our favorite Thirteens.
Love the list. Going to start visiting a few of them more regularly. Thanks!
Some of these happened before I became a regular WoM visitor, so I'll have to catch up, but I did really like #5, 8, 9, and 11. :-)
Very cool....happy TT.
You were right the Halloween one was good!
The earring and green hair week were stellar.
I have to say I think Trevor's kitchen was my favorite!
I'm bookmarking as I go today for some great weekend reads! Happy TT!
Green hair week is priceless and loved the farmhouse one too. Great 13!

Anna J. Evans
Now, Susan, my novel has a lovely woman named Mabel, but she does not like being left behind or being smashed - or jumping into Naked Twister; well, it would probably cause her to blanche (or swoon). I left comments at a couple of your original thirteens. Love your choices.!
The Earring Debacle is definitely my favorite! I love getting to know Trevor and the gang a little better!

Happy TT!
This week's theme was a great idea, but now I have to remember to check out all of these other great TT'ers! I can't possibly spend my entire afternoon reading so many lists! Thanks for the recommendations, though. I'll definitely be back to check them out!
Happy TT Susan! I'll have to come back and check these all out. I'm becoming addicted here, and it's all your fault. ;)
Thanks for stopping by my TT! Yep, I think Harry will survive and I think there may be some surprises as far as Dumbeldore is concerned as well. Gonna have to push this weekend to get the last books read, but I'll manage.
Once again, I'm cheating, my TT is not posted yet!! I'll have to play fair with you!!
Happy TT!!
I remember so many of these. I still love the earring one LOL! and the green hair one is great too. :)
I'm only a couple of months into this and I've missed most of these. I've bookmarked it and I'll be back to read them :)
Its always fun to go back and read old posts. Happy Th 13

Mama Kelly
Green hair was my choice.
Whoa, it's cool to see all you guys here, reminiscing with me. Thanks!
Trevor's kitchen and the earring debacle were great. I came late to the party so I'm going to have to check out the posts I missed.

Btw, hope it didn't rain your parade. :-) Sleeping out at the science center sounds very cool. Hope you had a blast.
I totally didn't have time to do the T13 like the instructions said...but yours is great! And today, "hi, Michele sent me!"
I can't choose! I can't choose! They're all special and fun in their OWN way! :)
You've got a lot of good ones--and still going strong, right?

Happy T13!
Thanks for stopping by my T13 again this week (and for commenting!)

You have become my most dedicated visitor on Thursdays!
Thank you for your comments on my 13. I am feeling better each week when I view and get comments from other writers. I had left a really great bunch of people in my writers group before I moved here and there's been this huge void until now.
What a great list! It sounds like you had fun picking them out.

Thanks for visiting my list too!
My TT is done, Susan!!
i remember some of these with great fondness. mitchel's desk. mitchel and kerri's farm house. Trevor's kitchen (or is that mold farm?). and trevor's comeupance after the earring ambush. i'll have to check out the ones i missed from before I became a regular at WOM

sorry it took me so long to return your visit. the room project consumed me last week. i think it is on simmer now. but i just jumped into the Sweating for 70 challenge... What was I thinking?
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