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Thursday Thirteen #39 -- The Hatchet

If you haven't heard, I'm at Cub Scout Camp with half of the Opening Act, so the Tour Manager's in charge around here. Because the power's going to his head, he probably won't honor you with a return visit. I'll have to do that when I get back, so look for a visit from me late into the weekend or early next week. Be sure to sign Mr. Linky even if you don't leave a comment, so I know to visit you!

As for this week's Thirteen... if you were here on Monday for Rhian's poetry train, you'll understand. For those of you who weren't, Deadly Metal Hatchet is an up-and-coming band who have this gimmick: a Hatchet. Their fans are into them more because of the antics of the Hatchet than for the band's music, and for good reason.

Really. Go read the outtake and then come on back. You'll appreciate this all the more.

Thirteen places The Deadly Metal Hatchet's been found

1. Lots of hearts. Deadly Metal Hatchet's not quite the love-song type.

2. A lung (stop back for more about this!)

3. A full stomach, with contents in full detail, some of which a perceptive fan can make out but the rest of which make for unending discussion in fandom

4. A leg

5. In the breast of an otherwise curvy, attractive blonde whose come-hither face has been replaced by a scream of horror

6. Sticking out of the head of lead guitarist Fozzy, who is the only known survivor of a Hatchet attack.

7. Right smack in the middle of Scott's bass drum.

8. A tour case. Rumor has it that the band has put the names of bands they don't overly like on this case, but the truth is that the Hatchet went after one of its own band's cases.

9. A beer keg. All involved agreed it was a terrible waste.

10. The driver of the band's tour bus. This was actually a bit of an inside joke, as they had this driver who almost deserved his date with the Hatchet. He should have been in the Book of World Records for his complaining habit.

11. What appeared to be a CD put out by a boy band. Or a vanilla, generic girl who gyrated more than sang. Or both.

12. The logo for Treble TV, the hot music video channel that refused to play DMH videos.

13. A cover of Rolling Stone magazine. And this was before the magazine's reviewers panned the DMH's first three releases.

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I wasn't here Monday, so this is all new to me. I understand the gimmick part, but not the whys as to where you will find them. I am guessing this will evolve over time. This is my first TT. Have a great TT. :)
The best list I've read.
My T13 is up too.
Mitchell is great! I just LOVE his attitude (guess because I could relate myself with him :whistle:). Of course this is comment about Fiction Outtake (then why am I posting it here???)
I'm new to T-13. Wow! There's some interesting stuff going on on the web. I'll have to check out that band you're talking about.
Very interesting! Happy T13!

Air Force Wife out for the hatchet!! Happy TT.
Great list!

Please visit my TT this week. Its 13 prizes (and more) that you can win in a contest that benefits a very special little boy named Parker.

Happy TT!
Heh, Deadly Metal Hatchet -- I love it! You had me laughing out loud here.

Happy TT, my friend, and I hope you're having fun at Cub Scout Camp!
#9, alcohol abuse, a travesty! Happy TT and have fun at camp!
Oh, Tour Manager, she grossed me out - and I hold you responsible for posting it! But I have to give it to her number 11 was a pretty clever place for the said hatchet to wind up!
I love the "hatchet in inanimate object" ones, but the bloody gory stuff creeps me out. I'm way to squeemish to become a Hatchet groupie. I'm sticking with Trev and the boys.
aw. #9. Alcohol abuse. That's very sad.
Too funny, I can totally see all those happening.
Verra grizzly, I like it
Wow, this hatchet sounds kinda dangerous. LOL!
I can’t wait to see where #2 is going… or should I say, how it got there?
Great TT I'll keep an eye/and ear, out for it. Have fun at camp.
between this and Rhian's TT I'm beginning to wonder if Halloween snuck up on me while I was busy sweating for Sven.

but there's the sound of the ice-cream van... now there's a good place for the hatchet! well not the ice-cream. just the dang music machine. *shudder*
A lung, oh my. How about a bladder?
In the middle of the bass drum is my favorite. Hope you're having fun at camp. Cheers to the Tour Manager for getting your TT up!
I pooped on the TT this week...

You have one heck of an imagination!!
All I can think of to say is... Yikes! Great list!
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