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Byline: Chelle LaFleur -- Nerdvana

Now, you all know that it's part of Chelle LaFleur's job to be a busy girl. Bands come to town, Chelle's there in the audience, reviewing the show for this here Trumpet newspaper. Bands get ready to come to town, Chelle's on the phone with them, getting interviews so her precious readers have a clue or two about the bands playing our lovely city and might actually turn out to check out something new.

Anyone who's been reading this here space for awhile knows how many different bands Chelle sees. And that being the music critic means that Chelle sometimes has to go hear bands who she wouldn't download if you paid her to. Not that they're not good. They're just not her style.

That's the case with a band just breaking into the national music scene. You say you love music? Then go check them out, but don't be expecting to run into Chelle LaFleur out and about the town inside of one of their shirts. Actually, they have a pretty good name: Nerdvana. Maybe if they want to win this city over, they can comp me the 4XL ol' Chelle needs and she'll even wear it to a ShapeShifter show. Chelle's used to sticking out in those metal crowds.

She stood out in the Nerdvana crowd, too. Turns out saying Nerdvana's the polar different from ShapeShifter's being gentle with you good readers.

They're from Baton Rouge, of all places, so you'd think they'd rock. Their name Nerdvana screams of the irony and alternative rock you Tulane types dig so much. We'll save the irony and alternative rock for another time 'cause there's nothing ironic about Nerdvana. Alternative… yeah, they're an alternative to most of what's out there, but alt radio ain't gonna be hugging these guys and making nice on them so fast.

Good thing I'm not Nerdvana's manager 'cause for the life of me, Chelle can't figure out which radio station to stick 'em on. They belong with the Golden Oldies and poodle skirts and sock hops. They got that harmonizing thing going, they're four boys with crew cuts and ears that stick out and square glasses and probably pocket protectors, too. Their guitar player holds his axe so high that Mitchell Voss gets arm cramps just looking at them, but then again, if anyone wears their guitar lower than Mitchell Voss, I'd like to meet him. Or her.

The best way Chelle can put it is that these boys croon. The old men who sang the standards before they were standard? They're up there in heaven, where all good crooners go, cheering these boys on. Seriously. You could play Nerdvana in the middle of any of those oldies and unless you listened to the words, you'd think their songs were as old as the others.

Maybe they'll turn out to be nothing more than a novelty, which is fine with Chelle LaFleur, who refuses to put on a poodle skirt 'cause that's just disrespectful to poodles everywhere. But you heard it first and you heard it here: Nerdvana's doing something different. If you can take their kind of music, make sure you look into 'em.

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I'm all mix up, because I don't know Chelle. First time I've hear you wrote about her!!
Search for her, Jill. She's been here a bunch. She's totally in love with Mitchell, among other cool points about her.
A poodle skirt cause it's disgraceful to poodles. That's hilarious.
Chelle won't like the fact that I'd probably get a big kick out of Nerdvana. What a twisty one you are, Susan! I wouldn't have expected to stumble across a band like Nerdvana at West of Mars, but now that I have, like always, I'm dying to find out more about them. Baton Rouge crooners. I hope there's a Cajun in there somewhere.
Nerdvana? That's the first I've heard that name. Very cool!
I never heard of poodle skirt. Shuld I check it out?
Nerdvana sounds like they might be kinda cool! I wouldn't want to listen to that kind of music all the time, but I've definitely got a soft spot for the late '50s/early '60s sound.

Maybe Chelle could try a telephone skirt. I hear they were just as popular as the poodle ones, and maybe more so. ;-)
"They belong with the Golden Oldies and poodle skirts and sock hops." shudder.
i'm with Chelle. covering my eyes and wincing.
Sounds like an interesting band, Susan. Maybe they'll grow on Chelle. :) Are we going to hear more about them?
OMG no. You're not going to do it, are you?
Do what, Lisa?

If you guys want some more Nerdvana, sure, I can give you more. I can see them having novel-length issues, in fact.
Ummm... I feel slightly lost. Who's this Nerdvana, and could the name irritate me any more? And why would they sing oldies? Is this a real band? Revenge of the Nerds sort of 50's do bop? Huh? Ya, I just don't get it.
Yup, all fiction, Frigga.

You don't like the name? I thought it was hysterical!
They belong with the Golden Oldies and poodle skirts and sock hops.

So do I it would seem
Nerdvana *snort*
Yes-by all means-tell us more! :)
Yeah, I'd have to vote with the poodle-skirt crowd. I'm old.
Or at least, I'm a lot older than Chelle.
"Chelle LaFleur, who refuses to put on a poodle skirt 'cause that's just disrespectful to poodles everywhere." - absolutely perfect.

Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to being online more.

Hugs, XINE
Nerdvana sounds like my kida sound. i like the crooners and the harmonizers. but my taste is verrrry eclectic.
Nerdvana? Isn't that the state of ecstasy reached when Dilbert was 'as one' with his computer? LOL! Cool name anyhoo and slick writing. I don't know what a poodle skirt actually is but I had a mental picture and I got the point.
Good one, Bob-Kat!
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