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Monday Poetry Train: Wearing Pink

I'm taking a break from drawing names and matching them up with prizes from the Summer's Hidden Treasures contest. A bit too much weekend put me a bit behind schedule, so stay tuned for news of the winners. In the meantime, here's a visit with our Roadie Poet.

Wearing Pink

New girl at the sound board.
She's in pink.

Hambone says she's new.
I say she's someone's girl.
'cause crew,
We know
you don't wear pink.

Black's the roadie's color
Maybe white,
If it's a shirt for the local crew
Who'll be invisible by showtime.
Maybe white.

Near showtime,
Hambone chases me down.
I'm gaffing the last of the stage.
Shoulda been done hours ago.
Fucking local crew.

Hambone points her out.
Not in pink no more.
Wearing black.
Sitting at the sound board.

She bounces,
All excited like,
And Hambone hands me twenty.

Sure enough,
Come morning,
Another girl's in her spot.
This one's
Wearing pink, too.

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What a major fashion faux-pas!!
It actually is; a number of bands require their crew to wear black, especially if they are going to be visible during showtime.

Next time you're at a concert, pay attention.
ok. i was about to say something lambasting the fashion fascists because i have this knee-jerk thing about groups enforcing certain behaviors upon one another.

as my julia character would say: Fashion Sfashion.

but a job related requirement is a tolerable reason. barely.

but haven't we come a long way from Woodstock? and Haight Ashbury?

don't mind me. i'm feeling touchy about the issue of conformity this morning. probably because of the stuff i dredged up in my psyche while preparing my poem.

on the third or forth read through though i think i disengaged my angst enough to take in the story your poem was telling on its own merits and laughed at the realization Roadie Poet won a bet and the pink girl had been replaced nearly as soon as she'd conformed. the fella in question may be fickle re the girls but he sure is loyal to pink. hmmmm.
This sound board is a tad corrupting.
Soul destroying even.
Yeah, crew NEVER wear pink. It is ALWAYS black. I know, 'cause I used to be crew! I used to sit at the lighting board though adn sometimes I was 'on the book' :)

I have also done more than my fair share of Gaffering! LOL!

Michele sent me by to say hi!
LOL!! Roadie's indignation is perfect! I always had the same indignation when I worked at the theatre and people used to pile their coats on the edge of the stage. I always felt like, why not just pile your coats up at the altar in church, while you're at it...? The coats didn't stay there long, either.

I also love how the new girl adjusts her wardrobe in double quick time.
I likethe very bright pink image here in this poem by roadie poet!
Happy Monday. So far mine has just been one big headache.
LOL! This cracks me up. Black is the color and nothing else.

I like it!!
Hey! Happy Monday!
The story you wrote for my TT13 last week is in the top 10 - come by and vote for your favorite!!!
the bouncing was the key to the fake soundgirl goodness
I love how there's a new pink wearing girl the next day.
Ouch. Girlfriends come and go, but the Roadie Poet stays on.
cool poem, Susan.
pink!!! eeeek! hysterically funny poem this week! yeah the bouncing cracked me up too.
I can understand that, I would be like wearing white to a wedding. The crew shouldn't upstage the band. :)
Susan, you simply MUST check out Matthew Jarpe's debut novel, Radio Freefall.

If ever a rock-n-roll sci-fi book was written just for you, this is it.
I had no idea about the color requirement. Color me enlightened.
That's funny. I've never thought about it before, but I guess it's true!
Hello, Michele sent me.

Thanks for the fashion tip for crew, just in case I ever need to know.
what a lovely trio of poems you submitted to wordsmith... i have never been here before but this was so much fun i am thinking i will be back.....
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