Sunday, August 12, 2007


Poetry Train: Write About Me

This may appeal more to the regulars than you-who-aren't-so-regular-YET, but that's okay. Search for any of my characters and you'll get some of their backstories. Or follow the links back to the main website -- especially if you haven't been there in awhile. Think you know what it says? You might be surprised...

Write About Me

Write about biking,
The Tour Manager said.
Yesterday's 22-mile trek
Along the River Yough.

Write about me,
Chelle said.
Two new bands I've found.
They need to hear it first, and they need to hear it from me.

Write about me,
Roadie Poet said.
There's a new chick at the soundboard
Whose story I need to tell.

Write about me,
Pam said with a pout.
No one pays attention to me.
And now I've got that Rhian girl to worry about.
But if she takes Trevor,
I can have Mitchell all to myself.
Oh, Rhian…

Write about me, write about me,
All my characters said to me this morn.
Mitchell's got clothing problems.
Kerri's watching her husband shave.
Daniel's glued to CNN.
Val's buying yet more soy sauce.
Maybe some chocolate, too.

One character missing,
The astute of you will note.

Trevor's kicked back,
Cigarette dangling from his lip,
Greasy part of his Vincent in one hand.
"Quit writing so much and actually
Submit something somewhere," he says to me
And bends back to his bike.

Write about me, write about me.
Oh, you journalists and bloggers.
Write about me.

Any of you groupies who Thirteen -- or any of you who don't -- who'd like to join me in a Trevor-sized bit of fun, please e-mail me for directions. Don't be surprised if I contact you but really, get a jump on things. Get involved early. You will NOT regret it.

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**evil grin**
Pam SHOULD worry. mmmm - i do love me some Trev.
Love it! You know you can count me in for Trevor fun!
Cleverness becomes this poet. There, I just wrote about you. (grin)
Cool poem. I can relate that all of your characters are clammering for attention. Mine seem to take turns these days (i know-quite weird).
This was great. Demanding aren't they?
Write about he/she?

Well I wrote a poem on potty!
oh, i can relate. my characters keep jostling for attention like jealous siblings and they switch back and fourth between petulant and profound. and then there's the days they turn their backs and shun me
ROFL, nothing like kicking your own ass via poetry :) Love Trevor's little reminder
Love this!
I love this, Susan! All the writers can relate - for me it's like the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe, a mob of characters roaming about my consciousness wanting their turn. I like how you combined yourself as the writer in amongst your characters. Gives your story as a writer the same weight as their fictional stories.
You're so lucky, Susan -- my characters are reclusive and I practically have to drag them into the spotlight. :D Fun poem!
Just when I'm getting into the deep thinking mode because of this poem, I run across gautami's comment! Yup, that put things back into perspective. :)
Cute, Susan. Melancholy cute, which is the best kind.
Greasy part of his Vincent in one hand.

Rhet, a Vincent is a circa-WWII motorcycle. VERY rare, very much a collector's item. Unless you're Trevor and you find a banged-up body in a junk yard and set about finding the parts.

I think they're ugly as hell, but for Trevor, that's part of the attraction.
Very awesome poem Susan. Migraines gone, Rhet told me an orgasm would get rid of it ... hmmmm I'll have to try that next time. ;)
Amazing poem, Susan :) I love it how your characters demand attention ;)
And what about me Susan??(Still haven't heard about that character that remember people by song!!)
Was there a fight involve in that poem??
I forgot, if you want to hear that song, it is "Plaisir" by "Les Respectables".
Ha. Loved this.
great idea, but hell i barely write about myself
Susan, I just tagged you for this:


A great excuse to go through more of your archives for us to read.
I emailed you already, and if you don't email me soon, I'm headed to bed and I won't be able to do whatever's sooooo important Susan!
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