Friday, August 17, 2007


Susan's Book Talk: Monogamy and contests

First off, entries for the Summer's Hidden Treasures contest are now closed! Thanks to everyone who read a hidden treasure; sounds like you guys found good stuff out there.

Secondly, this week's Booking Through Thursday asks us about monogamy. You regulars around here should know how vehemently Trevor hates monogamy, and that should be the end of it, since Trevor is a creature of my own construct.

However, the nice thing about fiction is that you get to create characters who are different from yourself. Thus, I'm all about monogamy ... where the Tour Manager's concerned. (Once you meet him, you'll agree. And envy me. He's the best.)

That's a marriage, though. The until-death-do-us-part type.

Reading a book is a marriage of a different sort. It's the sort that lets you enter and exit the book's world at a second's notice, yet at the same time, the best ones suck you in and demand full attention.

However, that doesn't mean you should be devoted exclusively to one world at a time. I usually have at least two books going: one upstairs by my bed and one downstairs, in the family room. I'm never searching for my book, only to realize it's midnight, I'm in pajamas that are a bit too revealing for the glass front entry I'll have to pass through, and I'm too tired to drag myself up and down the steps again today. And yes, I've been there. And yes, I've strolled through the front entry in my jammies and given thanks for living on a quiet street with early birds.

Back soon with a final update on the Summer's Hidden Treasures contest. If you can't wait, visit it at my website.

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the list is impressive :)

Was The City of Ember a bestseller? I missed it on the final cut.
"...I'm in pajamas that are a bit too revealing for the glass front entry I'll have to pass through..."


I knew you'd like that, Rhet!!

As for photographs, nope. I'm usually the one behind the camera, not in front of it. Which is probably a good thing.
Nim, I'm not sure, but I'd say you're safe.
I read one at the gym, one by my bed, one in the bathtub, and usually have one in the car.

When I really want to actually finish a book, I start carrying it around with my everywhere, LOL. I didn't used to be so busy!
This was like a breath of fresh air to read...were you feeling fresh air when you were wandering around?
Am I that transparent?
I always knew I was opaque and possibly even translucent, but fully transparent?

I think you should let us decide as to your photgenicity.
A little bit, and no freaking way.
Ya wouldn't say that if you knew what Rhian and I have been kicking around...
Hey sweetie! Missing you too very much, Susan. =) I'll be back as soon as I can - I promise!
I have never read more than one book at a time, I think it's part of the self-diagnosed OCD thing I have going with my hobbies. But then I read so fast that books don't sit long around here.

Hey, I awarded you a "nice award", why? Because you are a nice supportive blogger who always comments. Check out my blog for more info.
I nominated you for something, and ya Hidden Treasures looks interesting. Let's see what everyone came up with.

I'm still waiting for my email. ;)
errr - Susan, you do realize photos of you WILL be required?
LMAO at Susan being called a prude. ooooh - too funny!!!!!
Yeah, Rhian, but THOSE photos will have something else as their focal point. I'll just be underneath.

Thus, I'll at least feel as though my cloak of invisibility is still present.
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