Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Susan's Book Talk: Wanderings

I've decided to do a Web Wanderer type of thing and highlight some of the books that I come across through my own wanderings. Check 'em out; there are debuts in here that you can put aside for this winter's Debut a Debut, and there are hidden treasures in here that you may want to fill up the time between now and Debut a Debut with.

The Department of Lost and Found

Bookgasm looks at Dark Gold, now out in paperback -- and includes a hot excerpt...

Critical Mass leans a bit more literary than my tastes do, but these might be good.

Ace and Hoser are at it again, with A Gathering Light.

Another one from Critical Mass, looking at stealth best-sellers. How many of us authors dream of having this happen to us? Not only would I love to see it happen to me and Trevor's Song, I'd love to help you guys make it happen, too.

A non-book note. Yesterday was #1's first day of second grade. It was the last day in which he'd be six (yes, today's his birthday), and it was also the day in which he lost his first tooth. Talk about a day of firsts and lasts!!

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One day I might actually get around to reading fiction.
I am still working my way through university textbooks.
Rhet, you're hanging around an awful lot of fiction writers. I suspect "one day" is coming soon.
Happy birthday to your son. Yesterday was mine. :)
Happy Birthday!

Noooooo, not more books to read. What will I do?
Congratulations #1, what a big day!
Yesterday was #1's first day of second grade...

Squeee! So cute!
Hehe - I've updated my links, so now I can "see" you everyday, not just Thursdays!
I know!
How was that possible?
A nice Ivory Tower Geek like myself awash in a sea of fictional characters. And then there is that Trevor guy! The very reason I am unable to find adequate romatic diversions of late.

I write satire and humour by the way, mostly fiction as it were. I do not promulgate the termination of anyone in fact, but sometimes in fiction.
Happy birthday to the little man! And a new tooth on it's way too! I miss finding money under my pillow but really can't spare any teeth these days. LOL!
Aw, #1 is a little virgo like me! Happy birthday to him.
That stealth best-seller article was very interesting. I know I was a Shadow of the Wind promoter. Amazing book!
Dewey, BOTH my kids are Virgos!
Wow, Happy Birthday to #1 and congrats on all his firsts!!
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