Saturday, August 11, 2007


Susan's Inside Writing: Creating a Text

Check this out to learn a bit more about me.

Also, the Tour Manager and I are off to a 22-mile (round trip) bike ride today. Uphill both ways, from the sound of it. We'll be riding from Ohiopyle to Confluence, PA. So if I'm not around, you know why.

And speaking of that part of the state, it's not far from where I took #1 to Cub Scout Camp. Last week, a Boy Scout camping in a different location on the same camp burned himself badly -- over 50% of his body suffered second and third degree burns. We don't know much else, but from all of us here, we wish him speedy healing and limited pain.

Talk to you guys later.


That poor boy...

Enjoy your bike ride, Ohiopyle's some lovely country.
I'm very impressed with your bikedness. Still waiting for Susan+bike photo.
We took the mountain bikes yesterday. Crushed limestone trails demanded it.

Maybe next time I fall off the Pilot, I'll have the Tour Manager snap a pic or two before he picks me back up. Maybe.
Happy trails Susan!

Michele said to tell you good morning....

Hello, Michele sent me! Nice blog - it's good to see someone who treasures reading! Your bike ride sounds great! Sorry to hear about that boy who was burned. That's sad.

Have a nice week-end.
How did the ride go?
Fabulous!! I can't wait to start doing longer rides.

I need to get over my hill issues, though. :(
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