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Thursday Thirteen #40 -- Fans

Nope, not the type that keep you cool, although I could use some of those right now. More to the point, ShapeShifter fans and the false impressions we make about them, at least on the surface.

Think about it. You know people like this. And you know people like me, who you'd never peg as a ShapeShifter fan until we open our mouths.

Thirteen stereotypes of the ShapeShifter fan

1. (the boys) Long-haired (but not necessarily dirty)

2. denim-jacket wearing

3. super tight jeans

4. dirty white basketball shoes that are perpetually unlaced

5. stoned and/or drunk

6. entranced by themes of skulls, death, and dying

7. (the girls): hot, horny, and willing

8. short, tight skirts

9. Hair not necessarily big (that's too glam for ShapeShifter) but long and mane-like

10. bitchy to each other

11. (all): smokers

12. dysfunctional, anti-social, depressed

13. not real smart

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Gosh I'm a fan!
OK not typical since I'd like to believe I'm smart and not tight jeans because ... um ... well just not tight jeans ... *shit*
Careful, Milan. I've got some groupies with some wild imaginations...
Amen to super tight jeans! *winks* Aside: I saw something about "Trevor" today -- I can't even remember what/where, but it was real world -- and I immediately thought of you!!
Cool! Very soon now, Trevor Wolff will take over the world. Hopefully, he'll bring me along with him.
Cool list. After visiting some more T-13s, I'm going to google the topic.
Generalisations or stereotypes never really work eh! There is always someone to break the mould or the perceived one .. :)

Happy TT and thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!
Tight jeans on anybody just makes me think how can they breathe wearing those(the other is who helped them put those things on). But then, I'm not one willing to suffer for fashion.
LMAO...great list and I still love #1. Guys with long hair are a turn on;) Happy TT.
not a fan of tight jeans....but the rest, well.....the rest is great!

thanks for visiting my TT
"the girls: bitchy to each other"

LOL! I bet some are even friends.
Yep, definitely all stereotypical rock band fan qualities!
I've never fit any stereotype well - although, I have been known to be a bit anti-social from time to time. ;-)
Great List!
LOL, well, I'm a Shapeshifter fan, and I fit #2 (sometimes), and #9 (my hair is rather manelike).

Great list! Give Trevor smooches from me. :)
I picture the jeans as ripped more than tight.

And oh how I wish long hair on guys would come back in again. Yum!
Great list. Tight jeans are ok as long as they're not cutting off MY circulation ;)
Stoned and drunk... Does this qualify me as a fan??? I´ll do my very best tonight... ;)
They were all good, then I hit 13 and laughed! The boys can't have everything :-)
I want to be a fan! I'll even wear tight jeans...though you may beg me to take them off.
I'll let Trevor do the begging, Christine!

You guys are all fans, and for that we all thank you. Hang tight for next week... it's a continuation thing.
dysfunctional, anti-social, and depressed ... sounds like me, sometimes. LOL

enjoyed the list!
I'm not allowed to wear anything tight on Doctors orders...
Hey! I resent those stereotypes! I'm working hard at getting my bighair tamed. Ummmm - so what if about 2/3rds of those apply to me - I AM NOT A STEREOTYPE just because I want to steal Trev all for meself. What are doing promising him to Christine btw? Don't think I didn't see that!
LOL! This is so funny. When I tell people I am a heavy metal fan they can't believe it. I look too nice. But, they never saw me dress for a Poison concert. Did I just write that? Aquanet and I were best friends on concert nights. *giggle*

Can you believe that I rarely use hairspray anymore?
wow... 80's flashback.... ;o)
I don't fit the profile at all. Always good to be different! ;-)
Thanks for visiting my geography TT. Any chance Shapeshifter will play in my country?
Hw can you tell anymore since the skinny jean came back into style? Although the hair could be a dead give away.
LOL! I think that's how I always pictured them. Tight jeans and dirty white sneakers, I remember those days.

HAppy TT!!
Okay. Now I know I'd never go to a Shapeshifter show, no matter how entertaining they are in fiction form. I already lived (barely) through the 80s once.
Loved this list. I'm a fan of the long hair, if it's not in the style of a mullet. Mullets are just bad.
I can't say which ones could fit me, but I do love somem men with long hair, if squeaky clean...

Hope your trip was interesting.
Hi Susan --
Sounds like my work environment...
Great TT--and thanks for stopping by. Glad to see you're back!
Sounds like my college roommates.

thanks for the read Mitch
Where were you last week?? I gave you a couple of day to post on my tt, but I never saw you!! And you are the winner this week!!
Stereotypes??? Some of those might descrive you or me!!
I guess there's something to be said for the preboomer generation.
Great idea for a 13 =)
Hey girl! I wasn't sure you were kidding or not so if you are wanting to toss about some taglines drop me a line

Long hair, mens jeans molded around a perfect a$$. Oh yeah! I could so go for that.

I miss my youth.

Donica C
Okay, I'm laughing at the list, but I wouldn't want to be on it. Super tight jeans? Pass.

Though I was thinking of getting a mullet.
I have no idea who the ShapeShifters are but this sounds like it could describe fans of any rock bands.

Or it could also describe Britney Spears. :p
You know, since the advent of stretch jeans, tight jeans are not nearly as frightening a concept. hehe You can have them painted on and still be able to take a breath. Ah, the joys of spandex. (or whatever it is they mix in with the cotton)
Very interesting...I've gotta admit, I've never given this much thought. I'm not to well versed in shape-shifters themselves.
Ohhhh! We all know the type!! Hee!!! Soooo funny!
Thanks for visiting my TT on Markeroni!

And there you have it: the problem with stereotyping, in 13 steps.

I guess it's one of the reasons why I used to ride with a Hello kitty backpack (until it disintegrated.)

I have two TTs (13 experiences I'd never have had without a motorcycle)
13 reasons to tell everyone about Markeroni
Hmm, you've got me wondering what MY groupies might look like.

I imagine librarian types - simple on the outside, but somewhat more complex on the inside.

Michele sent me to say you're once again got me thinking, Susan. Thanks!
I think they'd look like me, Carmi. *wink*
The Crux - watch out, TT's are addicting.

Never been a fan of tight jeans on guys. Isn't that supposed to be bad for, you know, sperm count? But if they're "not too smart" perhaps it's better they don't reproduce... haha.

And you do mean "stereotype" like that's what parents *think* about them, right?
Great list! I am a big fan of tight jeans... as long as the occupant has the body for it LOL Thanks for stopping by my place this week. (Yeah, I'm just now making the rounds!) Hope you have a fabulous week!
yeah, this about matches what i was raised to believe about rock music tho topping the list was devil worshiping. stereotyping is an ugly side of human nature. it is a byproduct of the way our minds organize info as we take it in. the only defense against it is constant vigilance over our assumptions.

thanx for visiting my Natalie Merchant TT glad you enjoyed it
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