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Thursday Thirteen #41 -- True fans

Last week, I listed stereotypes of ShapeShifter fans. Many of you identified in one way or another with the list; it's pretty universal.

This week, it gets more challenging. Are you a true fan if you don't fit any of these thirteen things? Absolutely.

Thirteen truths about ShapeShifter fans

1. They are surprisingly different -- from the stereotypes and from each other.

2. A number of them are intelligent and/or highly successful in careers you might not expect right off the bat.

3. Many of them listen to a large variety of music -- not only hard rock, metal, or whatever you'd like to call it this week.

4. The die-hards are as devoted to ShapeShifter as a pit bull is to its master.

5. Many of them feel that they don't fit in anywhere but here.

6. Many of them come from abusive or otherwise hurt backgrounds.

7. Not all the girls come around because the ShapeShifter guys are cute. Some of them are into the music, plain and simple.

8. They're not defined by their physical appearance (refer to last week's list to see what I mean).

9. Many of them draw their inner strength from the music. The tales of how and when they did this make for frequent backstage appearance stories.

10. Many of them feel that Mitchell's lyrics were written just for them. They wonder how he got it so right.

11. Many will go into debt and/or bankrupt themselves in order to see ShapeShifter perform all over the world. What an excuse to travel!

12. Many of them feel instant affinities toward each other, as though they are fellow members of an otherwise secret club. Relationships are forged, weddings are celebrated all because of ShapeShifter.

13. Mitchell, Daniel, Trevor, and Eric are popular names for the children of ShapeShifter fans. Go figure.

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Neat idea for a Thursday 13!
Another great list, Susan!

And you know what, I fit several of those criteria myself -- and yup, you betcha I'm a true ShapeShifter fan! :) Number 3 is huge for me in particular -- my musical tastes are all over the map.

Happy TT, my friend!
If I had any doubts from last week now I'm sure I'm fan :)

Happy T13!
Great list!
Happy TT!
Okay, I am weird, but I really do not know what is a shapeshifter. I am going to look it up right now!
Man, too bad we only had girls--I could have used their names!
I am with chelle y, I don't know who they are either!!

So I am off to google them as well.

Ours is up as well if you want to stop by. This weeks rendition is from L!
Love the cross over idea from last week! Happy TT .. :)
Thanks for stopping by! :)
aacck! I'm hopelessly East of Mars on this one - I'm with the Google crowd.
I guess this is about music? A band? I've never heard of ShapeShifter... There you have it. Have a great TT. :)
I find myself fitting into a lot of those categories for music I love. I'm thinking I'm probably a bit ShapeShifter fan then! But I've known that for a while now. :)
#11 - "Many will go into debt and/or bankrupt themselves in order to see ShapeShifter perform all over the world."

Hey - you only live once! At least in this current form and at the same time as Shapeshifter.
That's true. And I know people who've taken this attitude to heart!
They sound like some very cool people:) Happy TT.
You definitely have the characters of the fans defined. I've seen pit bulls, though that weren't very devoted!
Cool list. Happy TT.
Hello: I'm back! Thanks for visiting me while I took a break to get my work/life balance sorted out . . .

I am definitely a shape-shifter . . . I can relate to numbers 1, 3, 5 and 8.

Looking forward to reading/learning more . . .

Hugs, XINE
I must be a Shapeshifter fan! hehe
Happy TT!
Yep, I can identify with quite a few of these, so I guess that makes me a true fan. :-)
Hey Susan, thanks for the Poetry Train suggestion. I found Rhian's site (although your link to her site is broken). At least the Poetry Train is a productive way for me to procrastinate. Haha.
Your ideas are always so clever, considering you're from West of Mars. I'm joking of course about the West of Mars but not your unique 13's.

My music tastes are all over the map as well. Admittedly, I've only read a couple of the shapeshifter books, but I liked them.
One of the benefits of T13 is finding out how many things are going on that I know nothing at all about and that other people feel passionate about. Pretty cool that people get so excited about a fictional must be very intensely written.
...though in the real world I don't think I'd be that into a band that did Broadway. I'm sort of a Pearl Jam/Shins sort of person myself. :)

Interesting idea---to envision this so clearly.
That was a great post.
Thanks for the visit.
See this just proves it - I AM a hard-core ShapeShifter fan!
#3 works for me. My musical likes are all over the place.

Great list!
i am such a bundle of contradictions. Last week i went down the list and said uh-huh, uh-huh, check, yet, maybe, etc.
This week SAME thing. Except for that whole not being into the cute guys thing - forget it - i'm a total Trevor 'Ho now. Your fault.
I knew it - you knew it... I´m a Shapeshifter fan ;)

Happy TT!
I am not doing my own TT list this week, but I thought I could at least do the rounds again.
Love your list, as always. ;o)
Funnily enough, these descriptions seem to fit to pretty much any fandom I know of. It certainly describes the only one I would count myself belonging to, which is obviously the Browncoats (a.k.a. Firefly-fans).
Love the list this week! Happy T13!
I may be a dork, but don't know about shapeshifter. I will learn something new today. That's the beauty of T13!

have a great day!
Kristee :)
As always, I'm so impressed with your creativity!

Happy T13!
hmm, no mention of a guy in a blue duck costume.
I fit several of those especially #3 cause I like lots of music. Would I go into to debt or go bankrupt to follow a band around the world. No I wouldn't, but still I fit into some of those.

Great TT.
I'm definitely a number 3, too!
Grrrr… Blogger must have eaten the comment I left last night (It was kinda being wonky, but sometimes it will still slip through). Anyway… Yep, I can relate to quite a few of these, so I guess that makes me a true fan too. :-)
I used to hate shifters, but Patricia Briggs and Nalini Singh have finally won me over.
You are going to laugh - I thought you meant the magical variety!!! I've never heard of them and will keep an ear out from now on. What a hoot.
It sounds like they would fit in at the RALLY.

Thanks for stopping by.
That was fun. I am thinking it is time for me to become a shapeshifter fan!
Sounds like a bunch of cool people to me!

Hey, Susan, you're a winner! Drop me a line and tell me what format you want.
Cool. I did identify with plenty of these so, in short. Yep. I'm a fan. LOL!!! =) Hugs!
Well, I won't fit in the #13 category, because I don't like more than that those names!!
Happy TT!!
Are they anything like Indigo Children?

I used to be a shape shifter, but then I got stuck.
I'm not quite sure what they are.. LOL
Diversity is great; it'll keep ya in business longer. Happy TT Susan!
I'm definitely a fan ;)
I'm a fan and I haven't heard my first song yet :-)

Happy TT13!
Great fan profiles this week and last! Wishing you much luck on getting a book deal! :) Thanks for stopping by my place, and Happy TTing!
I'm a 3 and... Fun list as always.
as someone who loves Beethoven, Enya, Leonard Skinard, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Mozart, Natalie Merchant, REM, Queen, Angelo Badalamenti, Bach, and Lucinda Williams what are the chances I'd be a Shapeshifter fan?
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