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Thursday Thirteen #42 -- The Creativity Award

Ya know, I keep track of my awards here at home. I've got a small part of my website devoted to them, but that's still a work-in-progress. Who has time to prettify that page when you guys keep handing them out to me?

ShapeShifter wins awards, too, you know. Mitchell and Eric often duke it out for best guitarist, and Daniel gets noticed for his drumming. There's been great songwriting, fan selections, and even a vocalist award or two for the frontman himself, The Great Mitchell Voss. Or so Trevor likes to call him.

Thus, for this week's Thursday Thirteen, I bring you my latest award: PJ at The Urban Recluse was kind enough to award me the Creative Blogger Award.

Thirteen . . ., well, just read on.

1. Trevor: You know, more and more people are getting this place of ours. I like it.
Mitchell: It's like a band. You start small and get a few fanatics who'll be with you through pretty much anything. They help you get the word out and before you know it, the ink's drying on the deal.

2. Trevor: Except there is no deal for Susan.
Eric: It's a matter of time.
Mitchell: Yeah. People can only ignore things for so long, and then they wake up one morning and decide that no matter much it doesn't fit into their neat little world, they can't ignore it. Power of the people and all that.
Daniel: I wish there was something more we could do to help out. I mean, this isn't just about Susan. It's about us, too.

3. Trevor: It's about me, you mean.
Daniel: No, it's about all of us.
Trevor: The book's called Trevor's Song. TREVOR. That's me.

4. Mitchell: But the blog's about all four of us.
Eric: And some bonus friends.
Trevor: Bonus friends?
Eric: I wouldn't say it like that around Mitchell. One of them's Kerri.
Trevor: Like I'd touch that woman if you paid me to.

5. Daniel: The book may be about you. Mostly. But the blog's about all of us.
Mitchell: And the award was for the blog, not the book. See the difference?

6. Trevor: Like I know? I'm a bass player, for fuck's sake, not a writer.
Mitchell: Figures. Can't put up when we need you to.
Trevor opens his mouth to answer, but Mitchell interrupts.

7. Mitchell: The book's done. The blog's got some fans. Why aren't there more?
Eric: Exactly! Look at the gold mine here that no one's tapping.
Trevor: Mines cave in. Checked the news lately, Drummer boy? Does the state of Utah ring any bells?
Eric: Those poor people. Their poor families.
Trevor: You gonna pray for them?
Eric: I know you'll never admit it, but you are.
Trevor rolls his eyes but doesn't answer.

8. Mitchell: So far, Susan's been given three Thinking Blogger Awards, Three Rockin' Chick/Wench blogger awards, a Schmoozing Blogger award --
Trevor: Think Susan'll ever publish that post she wrote about it?
Eric: In time, Trevor. Everything comes in time.

9. Daniel: Including a book deal for Susan?
Eric: We can hope.

10. Mitchell: I just don't get it.
Daniel: Get what?
Mitchell: Why more people aren't jumping on this train.
Trevor: Trains wreck.

11. Daniel: Books aren't like demo tapes, that you can put out and circulate around and watch your popularity grow.
Trevor: Why not?
Eric: Books cost more to print. And we have this blog. Maybe we should be pushing it and let the book follow.
Trevor: The book has to follow. The blog's already here.
Eric: So we need to build the buzz higher and louder.
Daniel: How?

12. Trevor: More of me, of course.
Daniel: Less is more.
Trevor: Not when we're talking about Trevor Fucking Wolff, it's not.
Mitchell: We're supposed to be talking about Susan's awards.

13. Trevor: Why? I'm way more fun to talk about. That's why the focus of Susan's blog isn't Susan. It's me.
Daniel: It's all of us.
Trevor: You know, you sound like a broken record.
Eric: There's a lot to be learned from broken records, Trev.

Thanks again to PJ for the much-appreciated recognition!

And now, in keeping with meme rules, I'd like to pass it on to these people:
Rhian, whose creativity knows no bounds
Robin, who earned it this week.
and L^2, whose creative skill with a camera is mind-blowing.
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Congrats on the award, you most definitely deserve it! Great TT too.
My TT has 13 things about BED.
Yes! You do deserve every award you get Susan. You have a wonderful imagination. I'm sure that book deal won't be too far off. :)
Good job on all the awards,happy Thursday.
(Something have happened so I'll write again)

This was great TT and little spooky!
It was kind of Sophie's World or Travels in the Scriptorium
Great job dear and congratulations on the award!
Congratulations Susan on your award -- you certainly deserve it! Great TT too!
Grats on the award, love.

Let me just...borrow Trev for a minute, would you?

He's willing to come, but you might have to fight Rhian for him...
LOL....good ole' Trevor:) I like that guy!! Happy TT.
Congrats on the award.
Great TT!
Congrats Susan! You definitely deserve this award.

And thank you too!!! I’m honored.

I guess I should have visited you earler before I posted my list; if I’d known about this I might have done the photo T13 I was considering. :-)
Great award, congrats and all the best in your writing.
Tell your boys to be patient-- their award will come in time.
This is kinda fun! :)

Congratulations on the award -- it is super well-deserved!

As always, Trevor cracks me up. :-D And a certain groupie I know simply can't WAIT to wax rhapsodic about him.... ;-D

Happy TT, my friend!
These they ever stop conversing in your head??

Great dialogue and gee your boys can barely stand to share your spotlight!
This award fits you! I enjoyed your entries.
Great list: very imaginative.
A very deserved award, SHG!!!
That Trevor... he never disappoints :)
Congratulations on your Creativity Award. I loved how you rolled so much into this post. That's the ticket. Have a great TT. :)
Yay for the award! *applaudes*
You never fail to crack me up! Good lucks on landing that book deal! Congrats on your award.
Well of course you got that award, it is totally you. Great TT!
Oh, you SO deserve that Creative Blogger award, Susan! Congrats! Your TTs are always so interesting and imaginative.

This week I've posted 13 mini excerpts from my books. :-)
Hilarious. Congrats on all the awards.

My TT is about my Summer travels.
Congrats on the award! Definitely a deserved one - as you just proved yet again with this TT list. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll get that book deal soon.

3. Trevor: It's about me, you mean.
Daniel: No, it's about all of us.
Trevor: The book's called Trevor's Song. TREVOR. That's me.

And THAT is just so Trevor! It still has me giggling. LOL
Damn right you're going to get that deal. And we'll be right here snapping up autographed copies and saying "I knew her when".

Thanks for the hat tip my friend, and just let me know when you want me to kick it all into action ;-).
Okay, I know I haven't gotten a lot of sleep, but that was HI-Larious.

Congrats on the award. ;)

I have to come back and read more about Trevor after sleep.

They are so funny.

Congrats on your awards.

I am sure you will get the book deal soon.
Love this TT! :)
You are a grassroots movement woman. Maybe you just need to think broader publisher wise. of course, i am an idiot.
Congrats on the award. If this T13 is anything to go by, you completely deserve it.

(And yes, good luck with the book deal. It will come eventually.)
Aw great post! And I agree - it's all about Trevor. I'm biased like that. Thanks for the Creativity Award Sus! Can you arrange for Trev to come present it in person? I could use a little Trevor one on one right about now. heh.
(ps - Emma, darling, sweetie - don't make me lay the smackdown on you over Trev.)
You're doing a great job of marketing Trevor's Song. Nice TT.
Now THAT was freakin' awesome!!! I wish you so much love and luck :-)
Congrats to...uh... Trevor on the award. :)

At this point, I really don't think one book would be enough. Maybe if it's a really, really, really long book.
Congrats on your award, and happy TT!
Fantastic, Susan! Congrats!

(hmmm...Is this what the voices insude your head sound like?)
Congrats on the award!
Congrats again on your latest award. I really enjoyed all the post-awards banter with the band.
"10. Mitchell: I just don't get it.
Daniel: Get what?
Mitchell: Why more people aren't jumping on this train.
Trevor: Trains wreck."
LOL! Bass players have a wicked sense of humor.
Mazel tov! It's good to be loved and appreciated.

Happy TT!
It would be really cool if you could have it like a live interview!! Would be great to hear those talk!!
I agree you are a well deserved award winner..... I love Trev's outlook on life... Amusing TT
lol...I love the post today, Susan. Congrats on your award as well.
Your list definitely exhibits your creativity! I'm new to TT, but I'm enjoying it so far. Happy Thursday!

*g* I like the comebacks.
To use ONE of Trevor's words, not that he owns it, though he probably thinks he does, (I would argue the point): This was f'ing brilliant! (You don't really think I would ruin my image by writing all the letters do you. I don't have Trevor's charm to get people to ignore it, not in a band either.)

Now on to the other side of you, Congrats on your award! You are creative!
Congrats on all your awards. Good to see it hasn't all gone to Trevor's head ;-0
I'd buy Trevor's Song, that's for sure! He cracks me up. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

Happy TT!
i've been going thru some of the same angst lately and i haven't been at the promo thing for half as long as you have.

congrats on the awards. well deserved

my TT is for Harry Potter fans: 13 things about Dolores Umbridge with which I take umbrage
Great post. Congrats on the awards. Happy TT.
Yes...congrats! Happy TT! Mine is about Elvis today...also running an Elvis contest!
Congratulations on the award. I have visited a few times and it's well deserved :)

Michele sent me to say hi!
You are very deserving of your awards you and Shapeshifter rock!!
Happy T13, Susan! :)
Hi! Thanks for the comment on my TT. DD11 and DS12 definitely refers to their age. I also have a DD14. Thankfully, only 3 children, not 14! :)
Huh. I'd say you're doing something right, check out your numbers today. ;)

And let me kick Trevor. Just a little.
Yeah, Lisa, it was a goofy, crazy day and I loved every second of it. Here, that is. Can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us...

And no, you may NOT kick Trevor. He doesn't like it.
glaring at Lisa.... no kicking of the Trevor allowed.
going to do it yourself, Rhi?
Trevor Fucking Wolff?

Is that like:

Jesus H. Christ where the H stands for 'Holy'?
Or for 'Hucking' if your teeth have fallen out?
Sort of, Rhet.
You're very welcome SHG, and thanks for visiting my TT.

I'm a little late this week.

And coming down with a cold. Even so, you made me laugh. Thanks!
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