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Thursday Thirteen #43 -- Groupies MINE

Over the last two weeks, I've been talking about ShapeShifter groupies. I've forgotten one of the most important varieties of groupies, however.


The time seems right to proudly unveil my new graphic for you. If you'd like to display it on your own blog or website, I'd be honored. (just ... please don't hotlink!) And yes, at some unidentified point in the future, look for me to start giving away prizes to anyone with the graphic on their blog.

[ The graphic is available in both JPG and GIF formats, with either white or orange text - The Tour Manager ]

And now, on to business:

Thirteen ways to tell you're a true West of Mars Groupie

1. You check the blog repeatedly throughout the day for updates, even though you get the feed.

2. You call radio stations and ask them to play ShapeShifter's Still Life or Behold Me.

3. You try to book your vacation to Riverview, USA.

4. You bug Susan for West of Mars and ShapeShifter merchandise, and then you buy lots of it once she coughs it up.

5. You have dreams in which you get to meet Mitchell Voss or Trevor Wolff.

6. You want to go to Riverview Art Academy, like Kerri did.

7. To prove you're worthy of Riverview Art Academy, you submit art to Susan (who will post any fan art on her website and talk to you about using some for t-shirts if she likes your stuff!)

8. You ask your local guitar shop to outfit you with the same gear that ShapeShifter uses.

9. You spend hours Googling in search of ShapeShifter tabs.

10. You write fan fiction, which Susan gladly posts on her website.

11. You make all your friends stop by 'cause this is something they just can't miss out on.

12. You e-mail Susan and offer suggestions for outtakes.

13. You e-mail Susan and suggest real things that she ought to check out and incorporate into the fictional world of Riverview USA.

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There you go! Do you resemble any of these? I suspect a few (or more) of you do... Your devotion to Trevor and company, along with your unflagging support have been a source of determination and strength whenever I get down about not having a book to give you yet. Keep on making this noise and I'll either give in and self-publish or we'll find a brave agent and publisher yet. Either way, it'll get a book in your hands, and that's what our ultimate goal is.

Once again, thanks to all you groupies. You guys rock.

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Well, I am certainly a ShapeShifter groupie, and I'd like to introduce you to another! Her name is Lana Moses, and she is the subject of my Thursday Thirteen for today. Oh my goodness gracious, how she LOVES Trevor...!

Happy TT, my rockin' friend!
What a AWESOME list!
Great T13!
It is offical. I am a groupie with my 13 things posted about the band.
True or not, I'm a groupie! Love the graphic, I just discovered it on another TT. :-)
My new kitten Maia has taken over my TT to introduce herself in pictures.
I'm first! Whoa. Now what do I do? Uhmmm Susan, cam I be my own kind of groupie? You know the one that just likes to hang around and soak up the atmosphere and talk to you about what Trevor thinks? I mean, I do overlook that one word, *I can't write that with a straight face, nor can I say I know that word well....

I do stand behind you 100 percent on getting it published in spite of that word, because as you said, it is reality, PERIOD. And it is not like we are going to read it out loud to our 6 year olds.

OK, I'm taking that great button and not just for one site. Oh, I said that in a tone as if I was telling Trevor, but this is really you making an appearance. So, Susan, do you mind terribly if I post the button on two blogs?
I'm a groupie! I'm a groupie! What a great list, as always.
Another GREAT list; I'm still crossing my fingers, hoping to hear some good publishing news from you in the near future. You're building a great fanbase for your series. :) Happy TTing!
LMAO....OK....I confess, im a groupie:) Happy TT. I always love to see your posts!!
Hi Susan,
What's funny is that we used to have a Riverview here in Chicago. It was a huge amusement park similar to the Six Flags Dynasty. So when you speak of Riverview, thoughts of enormous rollercoasters and gigantic balls of cotton candy come right into my head!
Happy TT! (and of course I'm a WOM groupie!!)
You have such a gift for fulling envisioning and evoking these characters...My problem with this list is that it's so damn long since I was young enough to remember how it felt to fixate on a band, that I can only contemplate wistfully all their passion. Is being a groupie its own reward?
Marcia, my dear, it takes ALL kind to make up a pack of groupies. Besides, it'd be hypocritical of me, who takes life on my own terms, to tell you that you had to conform. Neither Trevor nor I could do it.

(In fact, Trevor's reaction is to say, "Fuck that. Let her be herself.")

Knew you'd love that.
What? You mean Riverview isn't real?


Damozel, being a groupie is ALWAYS its own reward.
I'm not really a ShapeShifter groupie. Proof: I accidentally misspelled the band's name on my BLOG.

But I am rather fond of Susan Helene Gottfried. Hence, today's post.
I think I will have to research this ShapeShifter thing, it is the first I have heard of it!!

Great list, ours is up as well if you want to stop by and have a look...
Groupies! Great TT =) Fun read!
I'm wondering if posting at 4:30am while suffering from jetlag would make me an automatic groupie. LOL
Great list. And Good Luck with the hunt for a publisher. Happy TT.
P.S. That is a cool graphic.
Judging by this list I'm not your best groupie, but I'm game for Art School. Have you seen enough of my photography to get me in? :-)
Nothing fits on me so I am not a groupie, lol !
You know I've got my graphic up. I'm a groupie through and through. Hey, can you set it up so that the image is coded as a link to your site (not that we're "borrowing" bandwidth, just so that if someone clicks on it they get right to WOM without having to look for it on the blogroll)?
Ok I have not had time to become a groupie yet but give it time lol.
I live with a baby rock star as well lol.
Happy TT day
Great list! Happy TT!
Good lord...I go away and come back to groupie mania! Shoot, I haven't even heard how your camping trip went...well, at least I know you survived :-)

Does it count that I check my feed a multitude of times a day?
I love it!

2. You call radio stations and ask them to play ShapeShifter's Still Life or Behold Me.

??? You mean they won't?? :)
Every blog I got to has the same damn people commenting to it. Is there like a big group of people with no life that sit around commenting on each other's blogs?
What a great idea--love the icon. I might have to steal me that idea. :-)

I'm shipping off your review copies today! Eeep. I didn't mean to FORGET about sending them. Sheesh.

My TT's up: 13 of my Favorite Movie Spoofs. Come on by and share your faves!
I think you should youtube one of their songs.
Nice graphic. :)
Great list, Susan!!! Lots of hugs from Red! =)
why does hotlinking sound so good though?
Can I be qualiry as groupie if I only do one of those??
You know I was going to email you a story about how on the day we went camera shopping I noticed that the Susan Helene Godfried pin on my bag was missing. And how I was really upset that some one out in Wilmette, IL was going to find it and not know what it was. But then I got home and was sitting in the middle of the livingroom floor.
i'm too bashful to do most of this but i think i'm still a groupie cause i keep thinking about Trevor and the gang and Riverview even when I'm supposed to be thinking about my own story world.

It doesn't help that Riverview was once one of the names I considered for the fictional town in my story but i settled for Westmont out of fear everyone would think I was writing about Longview, the town I was born and raised in.

as you can see by the link I left in mr linkey, I'm back at blogspot. read all about it if you dare in 13 things about my Wretched Wednesday tho i don't know why you would want to seeing how it is liable to thoroughly thrash your Thrusday. :(
Edward, you seem to have much to learn about the Thursday Thirteen phenomenon -- and, frankly, about civility.

Coming here and accusing us of having no life is downright rude. It's not welcome behavior.

Even Trevor at his worst, wouldn't insult people he's never met in such a manner.

This is your only warning. If you continue to spread such ugliness, I will ban you from West of Mars. You will be the first person to wear this dubious honor.
I wanna be a groupie too!
Added it to my blog!
This must be Shape Shifter day. Who are they? Have a great TT. :)
Hey look Susan, your plan for world domination is working. That Edward guy said so.

p.s. Sparky ... hotlinking ... hehehe. Hey, I thought it was funny, and sexy, in a strange kind of way.
Great TT Susan!!! I'm sorry this groupie was unable to post.

Big hugs!
Fantastic graphic, Susan! And I bumped into Thomma Lyn's version earlier on today where it made me go 'Squee!' Robin's linking through your graphic idea is brilliant. Hope you get some great art concepts coming your way from this TT for Shapeshifter. Tour de force TT-age!
I know I'm a groupie :) I wanted to do a T13 this week about ShapeShifter like all the others (Thomma emailed to let me know) but I have no internet access (yes, I've given up) so there's no T13 for me this week :(

I'm on dial-up and pages take a decade to load. I can't even blog.

Life sucks sometimes.

Take care!
What about using West of Mars as a talisman or charm when engaging in acts prepatory to, and in successful fulfilment of, girning onanism?
Rhet, I could stand on a dictionary and not understand what you just said.

I love you anyway, though.

And yes, ALL of you guys can be my groupies. I quite wish you would be.
I feel sooooooo out of the loop. It's what I get for going in my writing cave for so long. lol
There may be yet something I'm not an early adopter of...will have to check it out! :-) Happy TT!
I haven't had time to become a groupie. I was in edits all last week and couldn't come play like I'd wanted.

But I finished edits Sunday, started on new material Monday and will be able to put WOM on my "mental break" list when I take writing breaks.

Looking forward to catching up and learning all about you, Trevor and the ShapeShifter phenomena. :)

Love the list! Yay for groupies!
Send them my way, would ya? Didn't your mommy teach you to share?

Have a great day sweetie! I cna't say that I'm one of those who checks EVERY day but I do pop in. Never know where I'll be next!

"2. You call radio stations and ask them to play ShapeShifter's Still Life or Behold Me."

For some reason they never actually play either of them!!!

Happy TT13!
Can't imagine why, Frigga... can't imagine...

Donica, I'd be glad to share. Tell me where to send them and when!
Hmm... First time I've been to this blog, so not really a "groupie", but how cool that you have them. LOL :D

So how many people are Shapeshifter groupies today?
Okay I just sent the wrong link in last post. If you click my name I don't know where you'll go.
Simultaneously some and not enough, of course, Scoop!

How funny that we were at each other's blogs at the same second in time. Or is that scary?
I have the groupie button on my sidebar!
This Ed is astounded at The ShapeShifter following. Seems like something I should investigate. HMMM, probably sooner rather than later.

Susan, you continue to crack me up.

Edward - that's right. There's really only about 100 of us rotating commenting on each other's blogs. Well, the COOL blogs, that is...

I see a couple of things that look pretty familiar
I use West of Mars as a stimulant for masturbation.
One way to tell that I am a true groupie.

This way of saying it is just too crude. My first version above is better.
I just love your enthusiasm! You're so full of good ideas--best of luck with getting that book out there!
Yeah, Rhet, you're right. I liked the first way better.
Thank you.
We are agreed then.
I read the dictionaries and you stand on them!
Nyuck, nyuck!
I can think of worse things to read and stand on, myself...

I owe you a visit or three. I know that; I'm sorry. Been a HUGE and busy couple of days!
Thanks for stopping by and letting me know I was the featured Thirteener this week. I did not even know about it. I don't know if I am a groupie yet, but I will bookmark you and stop by more often.
Great list, Susan! You always crack me up!
I know what you mean.
I stood on the US Income Tax Act once and I needed a ladder to get down.
I stood on the sidelines once too.
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