Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Susan's Book Talk: More Wanderings

No somber moments on this sixth anniversary today. Every time I think of it, I have somber moments. Thus, some neat stuff to share with you guys today!

Bookgasm, which is a site I'm starting to dig more and more, talks up a collection from a biannually published Zine's ten-year history. What a cool idea.

Check out this news from writer Holly Kennedy. Wow!!

Didja see this editor's creed? Made me both stop and think and excited for my own chance to go through the editing process. (yes, I'm THAT much of a geek!)

Kudos to Suzanne Adair, who was involved with our first Debut a Debut contest. Her second book, The Blacksmith's Daughter, was released on September first. Accompanying the announcement was the exciting news that her first book, Paper Woman (the winner of the Patrick D. Smith Literature Award), has gone back to the printer for a second edition.

The Swivet has collected some nice tributes to author Madeline L'Engel. While losing her is a terrible thing, at least we have amazing, amazing fiction with which to remember her.

Leigh, who is a regular at Michele's, opened a Cafe Press shop. I'm loving that fish on the black shirt... where's the heavy duty tees, though?

Booknut is looking for all you book bloggers. Speak up! I did; what are YOU waiting for?

More to come this week -- the Five Best Nights meme, a few awards, and the book cover meme -- done by the band, of course. I swear, you guys like them more than me.


I'll check these links out. Also send my blog link to Booknut.
Wow, thanks for the neat-o links!
I'm going to check these out, honey!! And Susan, check out my moooovie, tell me what you think? LOL!
Thank you, Susan. I particularly enjoyed the Editor's Creed.
thanks for stopping by the blog

Lots of blogs for me to visit here :)
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